Shastri Sisters 17th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 17th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone being shocked seeing Shastri ji fall down by the heart attack. Rajat calls the ambulance. The girls cry and rush him to the hospital. Shastri ji gets treated. They recall Shastri ji’s words and cry. Rajat pacifies Anu and Rohan pacifies Alka. They ask the doctor how is dad. He says patient got heart attack. Rajat asks will he get fine soon. The doctor says 24 hours are critical for him. Sareen says don’t worry for money, nothing should happen to my friend, use good medicines. The doctor says he wants to meet Anu. Anu says he is my dad. The doctor says he is insisting a lot, and I request you not to give him any stress.

Minty worries at home. She says the night passed and no one called, don’t know how is Shastri ji, is he fine or not, if I had idea that this will happen, I would have not opened my mouth, if anything happens to him, Sareen and Rajat will not leave me. She prays to Lord. She asks Lord to think about the girls and save Shastri ji. She gets a call and asks how is Shastri ji. She is shocked to know its Astha. Astha taunts her for yesterday’s dialogues, we should learn how to kill people by words. Minty ends the call. Astha says maybe she did not like my words.

Anu sees Shastri ji and cries. Rajat holds her. He says you are uncle’s strongest daughter, uncle needs you today, don’t cry infront of him and keep smiling, he should not feel he is ill, he will get fine soon Anu asks will he get fine. Rajat says yes, you are so good, Lord can’t do this with you. Neil comes and sees Minty worried. He gives her milk. She asks him about Shastri ji, does he feel I m responsible for this state. Neil says no, if you knew Shastri uncle will get ill, you would have not done this. She says yes, your dad and Rajat will take his side. She asks does he doubt that she does not love Rajat, if he was marrying against my wish, my anger is justified right, if I said Rajat is better than Anu, did I say wrong. Neil says no.

She says what wrong I said, Shastri ji taunted me, I did a mistake being in Nikki’s words, and he told it to everyone. She says if I talk about their upbringing, he gets angry and he pointed on my upbringing. Neil says yes. She says no one is on my side, are you on my side. She says the girls will try to get you on their side, but I m alone, don’t go to them, promise me. Neil recalls Devyaani’s rejection and promises Minty that he will always be on her side. Minty cries and he hugs her.

Anu meets Shastri ji and says you will be fine. He says when you got ill, I used to say this to you, I gave you good values. He says he fears to break the promise given to her mum. She asks which promise. She promises she will do as he says, and asks him to take rest. He says promise me you won’t go in that house as bahu. She is shocked and looks at Rajat. He signs her to talk to Shastri ji. Shastri ji asks Anu to say yes. Anu cries. Rajat asks her to smile and everything will be fine. Shastri ji says I know Rajat and you love each other a lot, and even then families get related in marriage, and Minty will not accept you and not keep you happy. He says you have promised and can’t say no now. Any says I promised and can’t refuse, fine, I will do as you say. He blesses her. The nurse asks her to go out. Anu comes out. Rajat asks her what did uncle say. Anu cries and hugs him. Saajna……………plays………….

Minty tells Sareen to say her once and she will leave from his life. Sareen asks her to get out and die. She is shocked and tries committing suicide. Sareen and Neil try breaking the door as she tries to hang herself to the fan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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