Shastri Sisters 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty scolding Astha for not telling her. Astha says how, I called you and switched off the phone. Minty asks why did she not message, she has many hopes that she will expose Anu and Veer, and see what happened, why do these Shastri Sisters win always in the end. Astha says we will add more plans to make them lose, and we are together, this is just practice match, get ready for the finals. They shake hands and smile. Alka stands behind and looks on, and says I did not hear anything well, but if they are together, they will plan something against us.

Neil comes to Devyaani and asks whats the matter. She says you are behaving like this, we are friends and fights happen. He says he loves her more than friends, I love you, I know you don’t think so, we think different, its good if we stay away. Devyaani asks how does he know she wants to be away, even she wants to be close to him as much he wants. Neil smiles seeing her and asks really. She says yes. Neil walks to her and holds her. They get closer and kiss. Someone watches them. They hear some footsteps and move back.

Neil says wait and looks at the stairs. He sees no one and smiles. Devyaani asks who is it. He says no one, relax. She says I heard some footsteps and felt like someone is watching us. He asks is she shy. She says yes it was my life’s first kiss, and it will be special, and asks was this first one for him too. He says no, its special with you. She asks will he tell everyone that they are GF BF. He says yes. She says we should go downstairs, else Minty aunty will not leave us and Rajat’s happy birthday will become bad.

Sareen brings gifts for everyone. He asks did they cut cake in his absence. Rajat says no. Sareen says lets cut now, and asks Neil to get it. Rajat cuts the cake and makes Anu have it first. Alka takes Anu and talks to her about Minty and Astha talking. She says I could not hear what they were talking, but I doubt it was about you. Anu says I feel you are saying right, as I also heard Minty saying Rajat, I m ashamed to tell you, don’t know how will Veer feel knowing this, Minty was trying to show Rajat that Veer and I have something. Alka says what. Anu says I think my fear was true. Alka asks why is Minty doing this, this can’t be just Minty’s plan, its Astha involved too. They see Minty and Astha talking.

Devyaani comes to them and sees her sisters worried. Anu asks what will we do now. Alka says we have to think. Devyaani asks why are they worried, whats the problem. Anu says Minty is planning against me. Devyaani says so I thought how did she get ready for marriage, its not her mistake, its our mistake to trust her. Anu says now its time we Shastri Sisters have to get together. Alka says bad happens with people who do wrong with others. Devyaani says yes, I will see Minty. They join hands and look at Minty.

Devyaani bumps into Veer and says sorry, go and wash it, else Anu will scold me. He jokes on her and she asks him not to go to guest room, and go to Rajat’s room. Devyaani goes to Minty and says I m so sorry, I did not something without asking you, Veer had to go bathroom, I have sent him to Rajat’s room as guest room was already busy. Minty says we have many favor from Veer, we can allow him. Devyaani says so sweet and Minty asks her to go. She thinks she is getting many signs, its sign from Lord that Anu and Veer’s affair will be exposed.

Minty sees Anu in the party and brings a handwash. She asks Anu to give the handwash to Veer, in their room’s washroom. Anu says fine and takes it. Alka and Devyaani look on. Anu goes and Minty looks for Rajat now. Alka asks Minty how is she, and compliments her on her dress and makeup. Anu comes out of the room and Alka makes Minty busy. Alka asks her diet and Minty says her. Anu looks on. Devyaani says she got vanilla icecream for her, as Sareen told her she likes. Minty says she gets unwell by it. She makes Minty have it. Anu goes to Rajat and asks him to meet in lawn. He asks now? But there are many guests here. She says there are many guests here, can’t you do this for me, I planned this party for you, I will wait, come soon.

Minty says Rajat and he goes. Minty says where is he going, it was good time to show Rajat about Anu and Veer. Anu practices some sweet lines holding the flowers. Rajat comes to her and she asks when did he come. He asks what is she talking to herself. She says I was doing practice. He asks for what. She says I wanted to say what you are for me, and gives the flowers. She says you are the dream, which I could not, the happiness which my hope could not expect, I did not know love can be like this, when I got you now, I don’t know which Lord to thank, I did not have fate to find you.

He asks did she call him to say this, the guests are there, say if there is anything imp, else lets go. She says I wanted to say how much I love you, this is most imp for me, and asks does she not have right to be with him. he says yes but. She says fine, you go, I will wait here and see my husband loves me more or the guests. She feels cold. He says you are feeling cold, why do you want to stay here. He removes his coat and covers her. He says fine, I m here, say now. She smiles and thanks him. She says she is feeling cold, can he get coffee for her, then they will sit and talk. He says sure and goes. She smiles. Minty comes there and Rajat is bringing coffee for him and Anu. Minty sees someone in white coat.

Minty tells that person that Anu and Veer are in his bedroom,, talk to them once they come. She says Rajat and is shocked seeing its Anu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    now its interesting to watch

  2. Now interesting. Comon girls rock it..

  3. mashup kuriyan

    Wow nice epi especially devil scene and now shastri sisters will surely win

  4. Omg …… Any in the white coat……such a great plan ????

  5. I think anu give a single warning to minty and leave her because rajat jis tarah behave kar raha hai mujhe nai lagta ki woh minty ke jagah anu par believe karaga they need a strong proof minty guilt … And this astha someone plz pack her in an box and get away very very far of them all

  6. Ur probably right sanjeev

  7. And wht wabout astha ?

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