Shastri Sisters 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji scolding Minty, and everyone shockingly seeing them argue. He says everyone made their children take my daughter’s example in Kanpur. Minty says then go there, what are you doing here, I wish to give poison to them, and don’t talk about my smartness, point on your daughter’s character. Rajat holds Anu’s hands. Sareen shouts Minty, and says at nonsense are you saying about your bahu. She says stop this torture, kill me, but I don’t accept Anu as my bahu. He says I accept her as my bahu. She says Rajat is my son, I gave him birth and did his upbringing. Shastri ji says yes, a mother has full rights on a son, and you are ruining your son’s life. You know Rajat loved Anu and planned it with Nikki and wanted to get him engaged to Devyaani, so that the sisters fight and break the family.

Sareen asks did he know this. Shastri ji asks how can she not care about her son, this mum does not have any right to question on my upbringing. He says if you loves them once, they would have given their life to you, as they did not see mother’s love. He says I was a fool that you could not become your son’s, then what could you do for us. Minty says I did thhis or my son, it was Devyaani’s mistake. He says no. Sareen asks them to calm down. Shastri ji gets angry. Alka asks him to calm down, as his BP will rise. He says don’t stop me today, I can’t see this. Minty argues and Sareen scolds her. Shastri ji says I can’t see my daughters beings blamed like this. Minty taunts him. Rajat shouts mum. Shastri ji scolds her. He says Rajat was after Anushka. He asks Sareen did he not tell Minty. Minty asks Sareen why did he sell the house to Shastri ji. She cries. Sareen scolds her.

Sareen asks Shastri ji to not decide anything wrong, we will regret and our children have to bear the pain. Shastri ji says I can’t send my daughter there, I break this relation today. Anu and Rajat and everyone are shocked. Anu cries.

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He defends and praises Anu and says she has supported Rajat and proved him innocent, does your son has stars. He says Sareen, a girl’s proposal is by her inlaws also. Not just the guy, I m sorry your family does not deserve my daughter. He says he will find such a family who deserves my daughter. He vows that he will make Anu marry infront of them, and in a better family and more qualified guy than Rajat.

Sareen says but Rajat and Anu are married. Shastri ji says no, how can it be marriage if they did not get parents’ blessings, its not marriage which points on my daughter’s character. He asks Minty to remember that he will do Anu’s bidaai soon, but not come to her house. Rajat and Anu are shocked. The girls cry.

Devyaani says dad don’t say this, Rajat and Anushka love each other a lot. Shastri ji thinks about Minty’s tauunts and gets a heart attack. He falls. The girls are shocked and run to him. Anu leaves Rajat’s hand and rushes to her dad. They all cry.

Shastri ji asks Anu to promise that she won’t say no. She says fine dad, I promise, now tell me. He says I don’t want you to become Sareen’s bahu. Anu looks at Rajat being shocked.

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