Shastri Sisters 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alka telling everyone that she has caught Santo spoiling the Chole. Santo gets tensed. Vrinda scolds Santo and asks her why did she do this, when she is a part of this family, why did she try to insult them infront of the guests. Santo says Alka is lying, I did not do this. Rohan says I will not forgive you, you are lying, tell me why did you do this. Santo looks at Astha. Astha gets worried and slaps Santo. She scolds her and supports Alka. She asks Santo to apologize. Santo apologizes and Alka forgives her. Everyone go. Alka thinks did Santo did it or did anyone tell her to do this.

Astha scolds Santo for not doing the work properly, Alka was lucky to get saved today, but one day she will be caught. Devyaani is tired. Rajat comes. Main pareshan………………plays……….. She slips and he holds her. She smiles seeing him. He says this pain is because of wrong technique. He gives her tips and says he got something for her. He gives her new sports shoes. She says this for me? You could not see my pain, who am I to you. Rajat says cadet and I can’t see any cadet’s pain, if she is bright like you. He holds her and she smiles. He asks her to use ice bags and warm up before race. He says take care and leaves.

Devyaani says she will wear this shoes and win the race. Peeya says are you fine now. Devyaani says Rajat worries for me so much. Anushka comes and Devyaani shows the shoes and says Rajat gifted this to me. Anushka says we can’t take this costly gift, return it. Anushka sees the price and gives the money to Rajat. Music plays……………….. He asks for what. She says for shoes. He says it’s a gift. She says we don’t take gifts. He smiles and says I knew this, your boyfriend would have not given you gifts. She calls him a stranger and he says I m yours and I gifted Devyaani as I could have gifted to any cadet.

Anushka keeps the money. He says he does what he wants. He says people say like this for me too. She leaves. He thinks I felt she is very sweet when I saw in marriage, and every time I got many opinions, but now I feel she is a fightercock and very strange. Devyaani touches Shastri ji’s feet and says unconditionally bless me today. He asks why, I always bless you. She thanks him. Anushka tells Devyaani that she is going against Papa. Devyaani says wish me. Anushka says she won’t, don’t expect. Devyaani says fine, if I lose in the race, I will not leave you.

Neil comes out of the house early morning and thinks if mum see me, she will beat me. He thinks to gift shoes to Devyaani. He says if she makes fun of me, that I got gift for her. He says he will show her the shoes. He says what will I tell her, I will say Rajat gifted her, but why will she take gift from him. Devyaani sees him and asks what is he doing here. He sees her wearing new shoes. She asks what did he bring. He says nothing, not for you. She says don’t bring anything to shock me. He says I m going to college, will you come. She says why, you want to make me fall. She shows her new shoes.

He says Rajat Sir gifted me. Neil is shocked and thinks why did he gift her, strange. Neil and Anushka wish her all the best. Anushka makes her have the curd. Neil ad Devyaani come to college. Anushka too joins them later. Devyaani warms up. Neil thinks he can’t support Devyaani infront of Anushka. Devyaani sees Rajat and smiles. The race begins. Devyaani runs fast but is behind on second number. Anushka cheers for Devyaani. Devyaani gets stuck in the wire mesh. Her tshirt stucks and she tries to free herself. Everyone get worried. Rajat looks on. Devyaani gets to the last number. Anushka prays for her.

Rajeev comes to meet Alka in disguise of electrician. Alka is shocked seeing him. Rajeev threatens her again. Astha walks towards them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The soap is getting interesting now. I like how Neil tries to help devyani now. But it will soon get into a mess since rajat likes anushka. Devyani likes rajat. Neil likes devyani. Minty Aunty is against the shastri girls.

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