Shastri Sisters 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karishma talking to Astha. Astha tells her plan to Karishma, and says what if Anu disappears then. Karishna worries. Astha says don’t doubt my plan, you are marrying Rajat whom you loved till now, and its all because of me. Karishma says no, but how will we leave from here at this time, Maa will not agree. Astha says what if the bridal dress gets damaged then… Karishma says no. Astha says but your dad will agree. They laugh. Alka comes to her room and thinks whom was Karishma talking, with Anu? I will call Anu and ask. The glass breaks and Alka worries thinking it might be bad sign. She stops Rohan and asks him to wait till she clear the glass. He gets worried for her and holds her.

She moves his hand off her. He gets annoyed and goes to step on it. She pulls him back and holds her. She clears his annoyance and he reminds the pandit ji’s words that something bad will happen if they come close, but they get hurt when they go far from each other. He asks her to feel their togetherness, does it look any bad sign in this, I come home to get relieved of my worries. She says but pandit… He asks did the world end in 2012 what they told us. He says how they lie to sell the new items. She smiles. He says you should not believe that pandit Astha got, love is the best sign and no need to go to any pandit. Alka hugs him.

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Karishma cries and tells her dad that she wants new dress. Astha says this dress has stain, only Alka went in her room. Karishma says she is going market to get new dress. Lalit says now? Karishma says yes, but mum won’t agree. Astha asks Lalit to permit her, and she will go along, they will come soon. Lalit agrees and says don’t tell your mum. Karishma hugs and thanks him. Karishma says the guards will come with me where I m going and not question. Karishma and Astha smile. Astha says do as I told you, you know what you have to do. Karishma says don’t worry and leaves.

Devyaani tells Anu that Rajat is not agreeing, we told him everything. Anu says fine, I think we should fail Karishma by her plan, I will get solid proof. Neil says do anything but fast, three hours left now. Devyaani says she can’t let her go alone, Karishma may trap her again in any other case. Anu asks her not to worry, as the people who backstab does not attack openly. She leaves to meet Karishma. Minty cries and tells Sareen that she had many dreams for Rajat’s wedding, and she is doing any arrangements, as if its not marriage, but like stealing anything. She says Lord is playing game with me, as I was playing with Rajat’s life, Lord might be laughing on me, he is punishing Rajat for my mistake. Sareen asks her to start arrangements now.

She puts lemon chilli to keep Shastri’s bad sight far. Sareen asks her not to believe all this. She says let me do what I m doing. Anushka comes to meet Karishma and asks what she wants to say. Karishma says you know everything right? Anu says yes, you did it by planning. Anu starts recording Karishma’s confession. Anu asks why did she do this with Rajat. Karishma says you will know new thing tomorrow. Anu says Rajat will know it, you are not so clever. I have all proof, you put the CD in my cupboard as utensil seller. Karishma says not bad and tells her that she kept the CD and went to Rajat’s room in her getup, one day before to take the CD. Anu asks why did she do this. She asks why did she snatch Rajat his career from him, he was marrying her.

Karishma says don’t worry, he will marry me and love me more than before. Anu says no, he will just hate you now. She shows the phone and says she has recorded everything in it. Karishma is shocked. She says everyone will know it, that Rajat and I were not responsible for this, you snatched his smile which I will return him today. Karishma cries and falls in her feet asking her not to do this, her marriage will stop. Anu is puzzled. Karishma laughs and says I m so sorry, I could not cry more, fine you can show this to Rajat, go if you want. Anu turns and is stopped by the guards. They kidnap her by making her unconscious. Karishma smiles and recalls Astha’s plan to stop Anu from taking any action. Karishma gets the phone and deletes the video. Anu faints.

Karishma says you will wake up in few hours, but something will happen that you can’t wake up. She asks the guards to see no one uses the car. Rohan takes the car and is shocked. He calls out Karishma. She is shocked as he sees something in the car.

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  1. I’m sure rohan didn’t see anything. oh god what next?

  2. Common yaar!!!
    move the show

  3. oh god stop this drama and bring the truth fast yaar.we r really fedup with this drama.

  4. Faltu episode Khali Pili Aage Badha Rha He.

  5. Anyways… Finally Anu marry Raj.. If The mrg happens in simple manner there will be no any memories yaar… These twists makes something interesting… So enjoy it

  6. I want the truth come out and I want to see rajat and anu together

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