Shastri Sisters 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal seeing Anu leave from her room, and checks her cupboard. Astha gets divorce notice from Sunil and is shocked. Rohan asks who is it. She says no one. She pays the courier guy and asks him to come after 5mins infront of head of the family. Sareen asks Neil to become responsible towards Kajal now. He asks him to do some job. Leela comes and flirts with Sareen. Anu thinks once it gets confirmed, they stayed in Karnal, I can go to find out there. Sareen likes the parathas. Anu says thanks, I learnt it from my friend who stays in Karnal. Sareen says its nearby, its one or two hours away, you can go there.

Leela says she will take her, she knows everything about Karnal, she used to stay there before coming here. Anu smiles as Leela confirmed it. Rohan comes and calls out Alka. Astha waits for the courier. She looks at the door. The door bell rings. The courier guy comes and she takes the envelope. She sends him and Rohan asks who was it. She says courier one, don’t know whose letter it is. She opens it and starts crying, saying this can’t happen. Rohan asks what happened and checks it. He is shocked seeing divorce notice.

He gets worried and consoles her. He holds her and she looks at him. He says don’t worry, I m there. She hugs him and fake cries, saying she is alone. She smiles. Anu gets the roxy studio address in Karnal by phone and goes. Sareen tells Minty that Leela gives much importance to me, don’t you feel weird. He says he is handsome. Minty smiles and asks who has flirted last time. Sareen says you were dying for me and I married you. She says its nothing like that. He asks am I not good looking. She says yes, but… Anu says she is going out for Devyaani’s work, she told Rajat. Sareen asks her to go and take care. Kajal looks on and tells Leela to find where did Anu go.

Leela says she went for Devyaani’s work. Kajal says no, she is not so straight, look for some proof. They try to find there and see a phone ringing. Kajal checks Anu’s phone and gets the message of Roxy studio address. She gets worried. Devyaani comes to office. Alka compliments her. Devyaani says you all have complimented me, don’t like, can’t you see this big scar on my face. Alka says she likes her new look. The other girls also compliment Devyaani and her new hairstyle. Alka asks her to say now, did I make them tell this. Devyaani asks is she sure. Alka says no. Devyaani smiles.

Alka asks he to come and work. Anu is on the way and reaches Karnal. She says she will call Devyaani and ask her to say Rajat that I m with her. She says I forgot my phone at home and worries. Kajal tells Leela that Anu went Karnal, if she finds out about us, I will lose Neil and you will lose Sareen. Leela says what to do now. Kajal says she will make us leave this house. Leela says don’t worry, I will manage. Minty comes and asks Kajal to come in kitchen. Leela asks Kajal to go.

Anu asks some man about Roxy studio and he guides her. She reaches the studio. She shows Kajal’s pic and asks does he know her. The man says whats Kajal’s pic doing with you, do you know her, can she say where is she. She says yes. He says Karnal is finding her, as she has taken loan from everyone, and Ajay is finding her. She asks why. He says they had affair. Anu asks for Ajay’s address. The man writes down the address. She says thanks and goes to Ajay’s house. She sees its locked and asks a lady. The lady says he was here in morning, he got a call and went. Anu says where will he go and who can call him, did Kajal call him. Kajal hides and leaves from home. She goes to a park and hugs a guy.

Anu scolds Kajal for creating problems and asks her about Ajay. Kajal is tensed. Anu asks her to count days, as she will leave soon from their house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Well done anu. .

  2. God Astha is very Cheap…
    Well done Anu
    Hope Minty will soon cone to know who is good n who is bad

  3. oh god wat s tis divorce drama, is it true or it s also one of her cheapest plans,is she want to separate them or anything else!I can’t understand tat wat she want to do

    1. It is her drama she planned it

  4. What is the meaning,leela loses sareen?

    1. Hi athu, kajal says she will go away from neel forever and leela will go away from sareen forever.

      1. for that, is leela in love with sareen?

    2. leela loves shareen her past life i think

  5. well done anu.

  6. What a stupidity?Did leela does’nt have a husband?

  7. heyyyyyyyy anu doling u don gud job nd im proud of you. you r a ideal lady for all the girls nd all offffff. i like u

  8. Elena and pradishma is same person.Happy to see ANURAJ and DEVEEL together here.

    1. Ann Nice dp of rangrasiya

  9. Both anuraj and deveel.but i like anuraj .I think pradishma copied this from ann.When ann put anuraj’s image,pradishma put deveel’s image
    Love u anuraj.Nice pic ann(athu)

    1. I didn’t copy as I luv deveel and I have asked athu how to update ur dp cuz im deveel fan then anuraj

    2. Sorry pradishma,i did’nt mean like that

      1. Cuz u both have ur own point

      2. ana u comment in swaragini also na

    3. No xxx.once pradishma asked me how to paste image here.i have told her to create an account in gravatar.Thank u for saying my profile pic nice

    4. thank u for saying my image nice and pradishma did’nt copied my image.She likes eveel so she put that image

      1. 1 mistae:it is deveel

  10. any1 knows who is d guy

  11. I am so happy that this show is going to end.. unable to watch these blo*dy extra marital affairs.. due to lack of story the show is ending..

    1. No,this show is not going to end.only time slots going to change.shastri sisters will be telecasted at 6:30pm.

  12. The serical going very fast I afaired it will ending very soon….

    1. No,sanjeev it will not end soon.however a new character is coming as kajal’s past bf.

  13. Thank u 1st fav couple is parud and 2nd is anuraj

  14. Wow what will happen next?Who will be the new character entering as kajal’s boy friend?

    1. Mickkie dudaney is entering and hariyan jhat ajay

  15. Sonal vengurlegar(devyaani) and Sumit bharadwaj(neel) are dating each other.This will be a great news for pradishma,bcoz she had selected their pic

    1. Ya I kno they r dating each other and sumit has already proposed her

  16. What?sonal and sumit dating.But earlier sonal was dating with an other guy in buddy project

    1. Ya piddhi (nikhil Meta) but in news she told that they broke up

  17. Hai pradishma.From where u are coming?

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