Shastri Sisters 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha answering Devyaani. Rajat says he will make the field drill very tough, it will be full of hurdles and only tough and determined cadets should win. Neil meets Rajat and asks is this not very tough. Rajat says this is for the people who loves to win. Neil asks can girls do this. Rajat says they have do if they have to win. Neil thinks can Devyaani do this. Minty does aarti for Alka and Rohan and blesses them. Alka and Rohan’s hands touch and music plays……………… Alka meets her family. Rohan’s brother smiles. Astha says she is taking so much time. Alka and Rohan leave for their home.

Devyaani practices rope jumping. Neil comes there and says he reached home now. He praises himself. She thinks to focus. Neil asks what is she doing. She says drying clothes. He says great and jokes. She scolds him and asks him to flirt with girls. He says now girls flirts with me. She thinks about Rajat and their children. He asks is she practicing for the race. She says yes. He says I went to college and saw the drill, I know the hurdles, if I tell you, the competition will be easy for you. Vrinda tells Alka that she wants to help her as Hari is adamant about traditions. Alka says don’t worry, I like to make food for guests, you go.

Vrinda says some guests will wait to point on the food. I know they won’t get the chance, as they will know why I chose you, get freshen up and come. Astha and Santo hear this and smiles. Astha says we will give the chance to that guests to taunt on the food. She says everyone should know why Hari and I were against Alka. Devyaani asks Neil to help her. He says Rajat stopped me from telling you, but I can help you in practice. He asks her to work on her stamina and asks her to workout. She gets tensed and says she can’t do this. She thinks about Rajat’s words.

She says she will do everything as he says. He says great, is this a magic. Alka serves the dishes in the bowls and goes to get ready. Astha and Santo go to spoil the dishes. Neil trains Devyaani. He looks at her. Ishq bulava…………………plays………………… He says done, very good and gives her training further. He says he will get books for her and leaves. Rajat sees Devyaani practicing alone and smiles. Rajat thinks she needs proper shoes. Neil gets the books and makes her balance. Astha thinks why did Santo not get Chole, did she not add Garam Masala. Santo tell her that she added, but…………

Vrinda asks Astha to get Alka. Astha thinks Chole is gone. Astha comes to Alka and asks her to come. Alka says she is coming. Astha takes the Chole and serves everyone. Everyone taste the food. Astha smiles. Hari says its good. Alka smiles. Astha is shocked. Everyone praise the food. Vrinda says Alka made it. They give good comments on the food and praise Alka. Rohan smiles. Astha thinks how did this happen, is the food not bad. Astha looks at Santo.

The guests leave. Hari and Rohan’s brother praises the food. Vrinda asks Alka to rest. Alka stops everyone and says the food you all liked was spoiled by someone. Astha gets tensed.

Rajeev comes to meet Alka as an electrician. She is shocked seeing him. Astha walks towards them. Rajeev says he won’t let Alka stay here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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