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Shastri Sisters 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji talking to Rohan’s family. Rohan’s brother and Bhabhi argue. He says we want Rohan to marry a literate girl. Alka cries on getting Rajeev at the station. Rajeev holds her from behind and hugs her. She says I thought you left me and went. He says I tried but could not go. She cries and says I can’t do anything, I need you and you are leaving me. He says I m always with you, tell me will you talk to your dad or not. He says now itself and calls them. She asks him not to call, as it will be an issue. Minty asks for Alka. Anushka comes and says she is getting ready. Devyaani looks for Alka. Rohan’s dad is annoyed and says they did not value us, though we are rich, they did not welcome us well. He taunts Shastri ji. Rohan’s Bhabhi too spoils the fun.

Anushka makes them busy in her talk. Vrinda is very sweet and talks about Rohan and Alka. Devyaani goes to shut the lights. The power goes. Sareen jokes on the electricity. Anushka says we will bring candles. Neil catches Devyaani and she lies to him that she loves to play with fuses. Neil says I m sure, but what are you doing here. He says as Rohan came to see Alka and she has went out, so you did this to distract them. She asks how do you know. He says as I saw her going out. She requests Neil not to tell anyone. He says cool, but you have to agree to me, just praise me. She says yours but?

She says let me try and says he is strange, but good looking. Neil says I wish I could tell you the same thing. Sareen talks to Rohan’s dad. Rohan sees Alka coming holding a candle and stares at her. Sareen talks to Rohan but he is lost. Shastri ji says this is my daughter Alka. Rohan smiles. The power comes. Minty asks Rohan’s family to see anything to Alka, but Rohan should talk to Alka in private. Shastri ji asks Alka to go and talk. Minty takes them inside the room and asks them to talk well, as no one will disturb them.

The girls come and Minty asks them not to disturb. The girls hear Alka and Rohan talking. Rohan says he saw her at Mata Ki Chowki, she looked good and even today. Rohan asks her likes, dislikes, hobby etc. Alka acts rude and lies to him about her, saying all bad things. The sisters think why is Alka lying to him. Rohan says it’s a good thing and smiles. He says I also like to watch films and go out for having food, in free time.

Rohan and his family leaves. Shastri ji praises Rohan infront of his daughters. He says I think Alka will be happy with him, and he stays close, so she can come to meet us anytime. He blesses them and says they should get so much love that they forget this house. Anushka says no, we will never forget this house. He says you don’t know when a daughter goes away. Alka cries. He says if a girl gets a good husband, the father is relieved and I think Rohan will be a good husband. Alka comes to her room and cries.

The sisters come to her. Devyaani asks what happened, what is she hiding, where did she go. Anushka says yes, tell me why were you ride to Rohan, to make him say no to you. Vrinda calls Shastro ji and says we liked Alka and you all a lot. Shastri ji is relieved. She says we will meet soon and fix the engagement. He thanks the Lord and goes to tell this to Sareen. Peeya sees the phone. Alka tells Anushka and Devyaani that she does not want Rohan to say yes to her, she can’t marry Rohan or anyone. She says I love Rajeev. The sisters are shocked.

Anushka says do you know what are you saying. Alka says yes, so I could not say. Anushka says who is this Rajeev. Alka says our Kirana shop owner’s son from Kanpur, he came here after me. Peeya thinks she saw Rajeev at home. Alka says he loves me. Devyaani jokes and asks her love story. Alka apologizes to them for giving them a bad example being the eldest one. Devyaani asks her not to be ashamed, I m proud of you.

Anushka says what should we tell Papa, will he be proud. She says we understand, but if you said this earlier, maybe he would have agreed. They cry. Anushka says what to do now. Peeya asks Alka to forget Rajeev as he is not good. Anushka asks do you know him. Peeya says yes, he came home, but I like Rohan, not Rajeev. Alka scolds Peeya. Anushka asks her to calm and asks tell me how to tell Papa now, the matter went ahead now. Sareen says congrats to Shastri ji.

Minty asks what did Vrinda say. Shastri ji says they want to fix engagement date. Minty thinks Alka did not tell anything. She acts sweet and says Alka likes Rohan a lot. He asks did she tell this. Minty says no, I felt, did she not tell you. He says no, she does not tell herself. Sareen says she is shy girl. Minty says if engagement happens and she tells later then. She asks him to talk to Alka well. He says he knows she will not refuse, but I will talk to her, its true.

Anushka says we have to do something but what. Devyaani says tell Papa or forget Rajeev. Alka says she can’t do this. Alka says what will Papa think about me. Anushka says we can’t be quiet being afraid od this. Alka prays to Lord that Rohan refuses. Shastri ji comes to Alka and Anushka says she slept. Anushka says she was tired. He says he will talk to her in morning and leaves.

Rajeev comes to meet Alka and holds her. He says he got two tickets this time. Shastri ji slaps him. Alka says she loves Rajeev.

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