Shastri Sisters 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji, Minty and Peeya coming to Rohan’s home. Hari tells Shastri ji that patphere was over yesterday, now no need, have breakfast and then leave. Minty is shocked. Minty thinks I knew this will happen. Shastri ji gets sad. Vrinda says patphere ritual has to be done, Rohan took Alka for some time. Hari says Astha’s words in defense. Astha smiles. He says we will not do this showoff. Vrinda says but. Hari says Alka already went to her Maayka and will not go again. Rohan comes and says Papa let Alka go. He greets everyone and says what happened yesterday is my mistake, I took her there, she did not know, she just agreed to me. Let her do this ritual. Vrinda says Rohan is right. Hari is adamant. Vrinda asks Hari to forgive them being elder.

Astha thinks Vrinda and Rohan always flop her plan. Hari says fine, and says Rohan is theirs now. He says go and do the patphere. He leaves annoyed. Vrinda tries to calm the situation. Alka greets everyone and leaves with her family. Neil looks at Devyaani as she is in the competition practice. Rajat says on your marks, go………… Devyaani and others run with the heavy bags on their backs. Neil’s friends tease him taking Devyaani’s name. Neil says he does not care. Rajat says come on girls, faster and Devyaani does pretty well. She gets hurt and falls. Neil is shocked. His friends tease him for being hurt seeing her hurt. Neil says no, I was just seeing her. Rajat gives his hand to her. She says I mm fine and stands up on her own.

She continues running with her hurt foot. Neil and Rajat smile. Everyone clap for her. Rajat asks are you ok. She says yes, if I get hurt, I take all my home on my head and today I m not feeling pain as you told me to win, are you proud of me. He says yes, I m proud of you. He asks his staff member to give her first aid and inform her sister. She says she will practice more. He says no need, take rest. Anushka brings Devyaani home and she is unable to walk. Devyaani takes Rajat’s name and blushes. She says don’t tell Papa that I joined NCC. They are glad seeing Alka at home and hug her.

Alka asks what happened to you. Devyaani says hug me please. Alka hugs her and makes her sit. Devyaani says she slipped from the stairs. Alka says no, this is a lie, tell me the truth. Anushka says she joined NCC, Alka says what. Anushka says she was practicing for competition and fell. Devyaani says Papa does not know this. Shastri ji comes and says now I kow everything. They are shocked seeing him. He says I won’t tell anything if you say, why did you join NCC after I said no. He says its strict training, you can get hurt. He says your marriage is still pending. Devyaani says that training is teaching me to fight with life.

He asks how did college people take you without my signs. Devyaani thinks she forged his signs. He says he will talk to NCC guys. Devyaani says no. He asks did you do my fake sign. Devyaani nods yes. He scolds her and says she can’t go to NCC again. He leaves. She says what will Rajat think about me and asks Anushka to help her. Devyaani gets angry and says she will take part in the competition and I will not let Papa know it. Anushka says she will tell Papa. Devyaani says she got the goal of her life, please don’t take my goal, I promise nothing will happen to me, please convince dad. Anushka agrees.

Anushka apologizes to Shastri ji and says she wanted to tell him about Devyaani. She says Alka came here for patphere and we are fighting here. He smiles and hugs her. Everyone smile. Alka says she will make good food. He says no need, rest here. He hugs everyone. Anushka gives the gifts for everyone to Alka. Alka smiles. The sisters hug missing their mum. Anushka asks her to say as she feels she is hiding some problem. Alka says nothing. Anushka says fine, if you don’t want to tell us. Devyaani gives tips to be good tp good and bad to bad people. Astha comes there and they are shocked seeing her.

Alka asks Vrinda to attend guests. Vrinda says guests will be waiting for your hand made food.

Update Credit to: Amena

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