Shastri Sisters 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha backbiting about Anu and Alka. Vrinda asks her to call Alka. Astha thinks she is filling her ears and it is not affecting her. Peeya comes to meet Alka. Alka gives her the saree and utensils. Astha comes to Alka’s room. Alka asks Peeya to go carefully. Peeya says fine, if there is any tension, if anyone asks where did saree go, then. Alka says I will manage everything, Anu’s problem should get solved, go fast and don’t talk to anyone on the way. Astha comes and sees Alka at the window. Alka gets tensed. Astha asks her to come and do some work. Peeya hides and hears them. Astha says Karishma’s inlaws are coming, you know them very well, so mum is calling you to make their fav food. She reads Alka’s face that she has done something, but what. Peeya leaves. Astha asks why is she standing near window and is she meeting someone. Alka says no, nothing like this, I was just………… Astha looks outside and there is no one. Alka says lets leave to make special food.

Peeya brings the items home, and the saree falls. She goes to take the saree and is shocked seeing Neil. Neil looks at the utensils and saree. Peeya panics and says I was taking my packet. He picks up the saree and recalls he has seen it that day. Karishma tells everyone that media was asking such questions to make Rajat react. She says but then Papa scolded them and they all run. Lalit says yes, even I don’t believe honestly comes out on his own and honesty wins at last. He asks why did he not tell that girl’s name when media was asking you, the questions would have stopped, what was her name, Anushka Shastri. Alka shakes the cup and it falls on Rajat. She says sorry. Karishma asks her to be careful, as Rajat has been already tortured, don’t torture her more. Alka says sorry, I will get ice. Minty says you sisters always hurt Rajat and scolds her.

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She says Lalit is right, Anu has ruined your career, why did you not tell her name. Devyaani asks Neil whose name is he trying to take. Neil says Anu, I don’t know a girl bumped into me few days back, she was running wearing this saree, she did some mistake and even Peeya was tensed as if she did something wrong. Devyaani says they are not doing anything wrong. Neil asks why did Peeya get tense. Devyaani says we are professional spys, they know Rajat did not do this work, and Anu can never do this too, as she is very honest and good. Neil asks who did this then. Devyaani says your to be Bhabhi, Karishma. Neil is shocked.

Anu says yes, I swear, I did not know about any CD, but an utensil seller came to my room and its her saree, Peeya has got this saree from Alka’s home. Neil recalls Karishma’s sandals. Devyaani asks what happened. Rajat says he would have said the same if it was someone else than Anu. Lalit says I wanted a son in law like this, ethical and good, opposite to me. He asks him to keep Karishma happy and he will keep him happy. He says you protect Karishma and I promise I will protect your family. Minty smiles. Lalit says he has a good solution, and says Rajat and Karishma’s marriage will be done tonight. Rajat is shocked. Karishma smiles.

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Anu and Devyaani ask Neil to join them to prove Karishma is the culprit. Neil holds their hands after lots of thinking. Rajat looks tensed. Minty says its great idea. She says once Karishma comes in our house, I will set them on upper floor. Lalit asks Rajat to think well, as everything will be set by this. Rajat signs Karishma. Sareen says he can see handcuffs in his hand, but he can’t see it. He asks Rajat to say yes. Rajat is speechless. Minty says now even Sareen said yes, Rajat will not refuse now. Astha asks Alka to get sweets for everyone. Alka makes her have sweets. Astha taunts her. Alka gives sweets to Rajat. Minty asks him to take it. Rajat stops Minty. Minty says you had to marry Karishma, what if this happens soon. Rajat says he has to talk to someone before taking this decision.

They all are shocked. Rajat says this decision will affect someone else too. Minty asks who. Rajat says Karishma. He goes and talks to Karishma. He says your dad helped me, its fine, no need to do this marriage drama, its time we should tell them. Karishma holds him and says I love you Rajat. Rajat is shocked. She says Anu has sent you to jail, when you got arrested, I was so affected, I got peace when Papa freed you, maybe you love Anu even now, I promise if we marry, I will win your heart. She says I love you Rajat, I want to marry you, you decide, me who loves you or that Anu who cheated you, and broke your heart always. Rajat thinks about Anu and the trauma he faced because of her.

Anu tells Devyaani she is going to take Rajat’s innocence proof. Karishma confesses everything. Anu says she recorded it, and she gets kidnapped by her goons.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. innaiku episode romba nalla iruthathu………..

  2. arey yaar when will u stop this drama some good moments of rajat and anu.and anu y want to tell that karisma that u have recorded.stupid astha and karisma.

  3. Whatever happens, Rajat is still at mistake by not being able to keep the CD safe. And this UP minister is so powerful that he can do anything. Modiji kahan ho? Yahan to bure din aa gaye bhai, achche din kahan gaye??? Stop this nonsensical drama soon bhaiya, Akhilesh aur Mulayam (kathore)ji naraaz ho rahe hein!!!

  4. Rajat plzz don’t come in karishmas words……n plzzz don’t doubt on ur love …..anu is innocent…..
    plzzzz jaldi s anu or rajat ko frse Mila do ……

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