Shastri Sisters 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the sisters being happy about Alka’s proposal. Minty is shocked and says we did not know these girls whom we did not know will be with us permanently. She murmurs I thought Alka will open her mouth but she agreed to this good proposal. Sareen says we did not tell Alka anything. She says oh, maybe she is shy and wants to talk but can’t. Sareen says I m very impressed, you know the girls so well, so its said mum is a mum. He says Vrinda is coming tomorrow to talk, its final match tomorrow. He asks her to come for cheerleading. He says yes, I will come to make Alka strong. Sareen thanks Lord.

Devyaani and Peeya makes Alka and Rohan’s pics card. Anushka comes and says arrange marriage is good, everyone knows Rohan. Anushka praises Rohan for understanding us that it was not our mistake. I think Rohan will keep Alka very happy. Devyaani asks Ansuhka will she do arranged marriage ad Anushka leaves not answering it. Devyaani comes after her asking her to reply. Anushka says its not my turn now, its Alka. Devyaani says she will call Rohan and take his exam. She keeps call on speaker and checks him is he decent or not. She says she is Tanya and says she called to talk to him.

She flirts with him. Rohan gets tensed. Devyaani says she wants him, nothing else, as he saw him and she found him cute, so can she date him. Rohan ends the call. Anushka says character check passed. Alka comes and Peeya shows her the card. Alka gets annoyed and laves. Devyaani teases Alka with Rohan’s pic. Anushka too sings to make Alka smile. They dance around her and Alka says stop it. She says she does not want to do this marriage.

The sisters look at her. Alka says I can’t marry, I tried hard to say but I did not get chance. Anushka says why did you not tell before. Alka says I swear on mum, I tried to say. Anushka says but its yes now, the guy’s family is coming tomorrow. Alka leaves. Sareen messages Devyaani that Rohan’s family is coming today. The sisters begin the arrangements and are done in some time. Sareen tells Shastri ji that Vrinda is coming today. Sareen asks is Alka ready. Devyaani says she is getting ready. They go to see Alka. Minty says congrats. Shastri ji thanks her.

Minty asks about Alka. He says girls are making her ready. Minty asks shall I get some jewellery for Alka. Sareen gets happy and says go and make her ready. Everyone try to convince Alka. Minty comes and says Alka is looking very pretty in saree. Devyaani says Alka did not like the guy till now. Minty says but your dad liked him and Alka can’t say no now. Minty taunts them on their values and leaves. Alka gets Rajvee’s message that he is going at 7.30pm and asks when are they coming. Peeya says 8.30 or 9pm. Devyaani makes her wear bangles.

Anushka sees Alka upset and says we are doing this for your happiness, if you are not happy, this won’t mean anything, I can do anything for your happiness. Alka thinks to meet Rajeev and come back home in time. She leaves.Minty asks the girls to go to Neil and take a good bedsheet from them. Peeya goes to Neil and asks him about the bedsheet. Neil says he will bring it. Vrinda calls Sareen and says she is coming now. Alka leaves hiding. Sareen asks Shastri ji is everything ready. He says yes. Minty says everything is ready.

The sisters come to see Alka and are shocked to see she is not in the room. Devyaani calls Alka but its out of reach. Anushka says lets go out and manage. Minty welcomes Rohan and his family. Shastri ji introduces Peeya, Devyaani and Anushka. Minty signs Anushka to keep food ready. Anushka leaves nodding yes. They bring the snacks and tea. Shastri ji asks them to call Alka. They get tensed. Alka goes to the railway station and looks for Rajeev. The sisters get tensed and keep calling Alka. Shastri ji asks Anushka to bring Alka out as everyone is waiting.

Anushka says she is doing puja. Devyaani says Alka has cut the call but why. Alka cries on not getting Rajeev. She shouts Rajeev ji………..Devyaani says I will don ghunghat and go. Anushka says what if they see face. Anusha says think something else. Devyaani gets an idea. Shastri ji comes and asks Devyaani to bring Alka fast. Minty asks Devyaani to bring Alka soon. Devyaani says she is getting ready, as she was not looking good infront of you. Minty says hurry up. Devyaani praises Minty and sends her. Alka thinks about Rajeev’s words.

Rohan’s dad is annoyed as Alka did not value them. They taunt Shastri ji.

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