Shastri Sisters 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat helping Anushka in her work. Music plays……………… She says Rajat and he stops. She says I m sorry, and thank you for helping me again. He says to understand you is very difficult than understanding enemy’s plan. He says you spoke to Rajeev badly in temple and then left him when police came, everyone says Anushka is good girl, who are you. She says don’t test my decision. He jokes on her and Rajeev. He says you are welcome, see you. He leaves. Astha brings Alka to her room and shows the Suhaagraat decorations which makes Alka tensed.

Astha says Alka looks very excited and Rohan is unable to wait too. She says don’t go to meet your sisters without telling us, you are like my sister now, so its my duty to tell you everything. She says this is not your Maayka, but Sasuraal, so take permission before you do anything. She leaves. Alka looks at the decorations on the bed. Rohan is with his brother. Astha asks him to go in his room as Alka can’t wait. She teases him and Rohan smiles. Alka changes her clothes and thinks she thought to marry the one she loves and wishes to fall in love with Rohan soon. Rohan comes and looks at her.

He smiles seeing the room decorations and shuts the door. Alka turns and sees him. She gets tensed. He walks towards her. He stops his hands from holding her and asks what happened, are you worried about the patphere matter,forget it. You will get more reasons to worry here. Alka moves far from him. He asks what happened, people swear in love and even we had swear in marriage rounds, so you can’t hide anything from me and I will solve the problem, tell me. She says nothing, I m fine. He smiles.

She closes her eyes being tensed. He holds her. They sit to talk. He says I know Alka ji, every love story starts when it begins with friendship, then love and marriage, but we are opposite, so we married and now we will become friends first and then love will happen. Alka says everyone says this night is special. He says for me, every night will be special, as you will be with me, as a friend. He says he will wait for the night when his friendship turns into love. He asks what to do to become her friend. He says we have to have trusts in between us. He says we both should promise we will not lie to each other and will share everything. He asks her to rest now.

He takes his pillow and sleeps on the couch. Alka looks at him and smiles. Its morning, the sisters wish good morning to their dad and say lets go to meet Alka, its her patphere. He says its still 8am, wait for some time, you met her yesterday, now go to college. She will come in evening, I will take Peeya with me. He says he will get ready now. Alka wakes up in morning and sees Rohan sleeping. Astha tries to look inside the room.

Astha sees Alka covering Rohan with the blanket and he is sleeping on the couch. She is shocked. Rohan wakes up and says good morning. He says he will get fresh and leaves. Astha smiles and knocks the door. Alka opens the door. She acts as if she does not know anything and taunts Alka. She says it does not show you are tired at night, did you make Rohan sleep on the couch. She asks is there any problem, you can tell me. Alka says don’t feel bad, but please its our personal matter. Astha gets angry and leaves thinking she is replying me in one day, let her family come, I will seal her tongue then.

Anushka and Devyaani come to the college. Devyaani shows Rajat. Music plays………………Rajat comes o them and greets. Anushka asks what is he doing here. Rajat says I told your dad that I joined your college as instructor. Devyaani tells Anushka that she told him. Rajat says NCC, you have to work hard here in training. Anushka asks Devyaani did you join NCC. Rajat says he missed Devyaani as he has to tell her about PT competition. He says it will show the best student and I m sure Devyaani’s chances are bright. Devyaani smiles. She says I will do my best and win this competition. He says fine, see you at the ground.

Anushka asks why did you join NCC, was he him. Devyaani says yes. Anushka scolds her. She says he is so shameless to flirt with you. Devyaani says she has to go now, don’t tell Papa. Anushka leaves. Rajat talks to the cadets and asks them to practice well. Devyaani smiles and thinks she is serious about this. He asks them to lift a bag and run, then rope climbing and hurdle race. He says the final will be tough. Astha comes to Hari and fills his ears against Alka. He says Alka has gone to her Maayka and patphere is over, then why to waste time again. Hari agrees. Astha thinks I will create troubles for Alka.

Shastri ji, Minty and Peeya come to Rohan’s home. Hari tells Shastri ji that patphere was over yesterday, now no need, have breakfast and then leave. Minty is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Luv rajat and devyani!
    Anushka is cute too!
    Bt rajat will fall for her nt devyani!

    1. devyani iz just for neil

  2. i like neil nd devyani
    rajat nd anushka r perfect
    waiting for alka nd rohan love scenes
    minty is cute
    sareen uncle ki jai ho
    nd shastri ji thode mod ho jain
    peeya thoda kam roya kre
    to ye serial hit ho jai
    nd no more love triangles this end up in two uniting nd the third one becoming antagonist

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