Shastri Sisters 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha telling Hari that Rohan took Alka to her home. He says Vrinda told them they can’t go there before patphere. He says no, Rohan can’t go against us. Astha says maybe they went to any café and then went to her home. She asks him to call Shastri ji. Hari calls Shastri ji and asks him did Alka come there. Shastri ji says yes, they came here. Hari is shocked. Shastri ji says we have sent them back. Hari ends the call in anger. Astha asks what happened, don’t tell me they are there. Hari says call Vrinda. Astha smiles. Vrinda comes and looks at Hari.

Devyaani says who made this stupid rituals and says she will take 14 rounds in her marriage. She slips and Neil holds her. They argue. She says she is going to die, as she is sad. He asks her to meet her brother. Rajat comes and she is shocked seeing him. Main pareshan…………..plays………….. Rajat says you. She says you. Sareen says you both know each other. Devyaani faints and Rajat holds her. She smiles looking at him. Rajat says you will be hurt, be careful. Sareen says she looks tired.

Neil says you are good with others. Rajat says I met her in NCC camp in her college. Sareen says it means you met her before, good, come with me, lets meet some boring people. Devyaani says yes come. Neil asks what happened now. She says come. Rohan and Alka come home. Everyone wait for them. Vrinda says so you did not go to temple. Rohan says actually…. Vrinda says don’t lie, you went to meet Shastri ji. She says she did not expect this from Alka. Rohan says its not Alka’s mistake, she was sad and I took her to give her a surprise.

Vrinda says its not good to go before patphere. Rohan defends Alka. Vrinda says this house is also of Alka. She says we would have not know if Astha did not call her. Rohan says I m sorry, I did not know you will be so hurt. Alka says sorry. Vrinda signs stop. She asks her to think before she does this, no one should be hurt. Astha tells Santo that lets see what Alka does in kitchen. Devyaani is excited. Sareen asks why is she excited. Shastri ji meets Rajat. Sareen says Rajat is my son. Rajat touches his feet. Shastri ji praises Neil and says he worked so much in Alka’s marriage. Neil also touches his feet. Minty see this and thinks what happened to Neil.

She asks Sareen why did you bring Rajat here. She worried if any girl traps my son, I will fail in my life. Anushka and Peeya come. Rajat greets them. Music plays……………………. He gives her icecream. Minty says lets go now. Sareen says we will be here and have icecream. Devyaani laughs. Everyone sit to have icecream. Alka makes sweets and gives it to everyone. Hari tastes it. Everyone look for his response. He says its good. Vrinda smiles. She says her annoyance is less now. Hari gives her shagun. Rohan smiles. Alka signs thanks. Astha says lets see how is your first kitchen.

Minty stops Devyaani from giving icecream to Rajat. Devyaani is annoyed. Shastri ji asks Rajat about his duty. He says he trains NCC cadets. Minty sees Rajat and Devyaani smiling. Shastri ji says its good of guys join. Rajat says no, even girls are joining, some girls are very bright. Devyaani signs him not to say her name. Shastri ji says girls won’t do that well. Rajat says no, their decision making power os good. Shastri ji says maybe I m wrong, but I don’t agree. Minty says lets go. Sareen asks whats happening, sit for sometime. Minty says she wants to talk to Rajat and Neil.

Rajat does Namaste to Anushka and she too does the same. Music plays……………….. Devyaani smiles thinking about him. Anushka too thinks about Rajat. Devyaani thinks to meet him often and Anushka thinks to meet him less.


Rajat and Anushka meet again. Astha taunts Alka and asks her to take permission before anything. Alka prays to love Rohan else it will be tough to be in same room with him.

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