Shastri Sisters 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat seeing Anushka and smiling. Music plays………… She thanks him for yesterday. He says he is glad to relieve her tension. She leaves. Shastri ji walks to home and everyone stare at him, making him feel odd. He comes home and tells Sareen that everyone is staring at me. Sareen gives him the newspaper. He is shocked to see Alka and Rajeev’s pic and news. He gets angry. Vrinda and Hari also read this. Astha says the matter is still going on, it means police can come here too, as Rohan is Alka’s husband. Hari says he lost all respect by his one mistake. Our mistake is to choose Alka for Rohan. Astha says she will talk to dad and get black glass car, as no one will see them out. Vrinda cries.

They ask Rohan his decision. Rohan says he is thinking if Alka loved Rajeev, why would she send him to jail. He leaves. Shastri ji scolds Alka. Alka says she asked Rajat to call police. Shastri ji scolds Rajat and Minty gets annoyed. They have an argument over Rajat and Alka. Minty gets angry on Shastri ji and taunts him for his bad upbringing. Everyone looks on. He asks Rajat to back off his daughters and he is only responsible for them. He asks Minty to explain Rajat and leaves.

Minty says did you hear this Rajat, lets go home now. Sareen family leaves. Minty gets angry and Sareen is tensed. She says Shastri ji did not teach anything to his daughters and is angry on my son, what wrong did he do, if anyone does not treat my sons well, I will not leave them. He gets a message and asks her not to cook anything, as he will get food from outside. He leaves. Devyaani puts a bouquet and card on Rajat’s bike. Rajat comes and sees it. He sees the sorry card and smiles.She says she felt bad how dad treated him. He says honestly, even I felt bad, so I m sorry I can’t accept this card. She says no, please take it.

He returns the bouquet to her and she gets sad. She starts leaving. he says Devyaani and stops her. He says did you come to say sorry to make me feel guilty. He takes a rose from the bouquet and asks her to smile. She smiles and gives card. He says no, this is enough. He leaves. Anushka sees her and asks her to come upstairs. Devyaani hides the bouquet and card. Sareen sees Shastri ji at the hotel and asks why did he call him here.

Shastri ji talks about his daughters. Sareen says know the person by intentions, their intention was not to hurt you. He says but I m hurt. Sareen says lets have dinner together, everything will be fine. Shastri ji says I argued with Minty and Rajat, I m feeling bad, I m sorry. Sareen says what are you saying, take reverse gear, Rajat does not feel bad of elders, and Minty is dangerous from outside and good from inside. He says she was feeling bad that she argued with you. He says she was crying too. The FB shows Minty being angry. He asks Shastri ji to come and he will manage everything.

Anushka asks Devyaani what was she doing. She scolds her and asks her to think about dad first. She asks her to take care of dad, everyone was seeing her, if dad saw her, he would have been hurt. Devyaani says she went to say sorry, as he helped her. Anushka says I m grateful, but think what dad said, we promised that we will do what dad says, don’t do anything that can hurt her ok. Alka comes and asks what happened, what did she do. Anushka asks Devyaani to say. Devyaani is quiet. Anushka says Devyaani was giving bouquet to Rajat as if our dad is wrong. Alka asks Anushka to go and she will explain Devyaani.

Alka tells Devyaani that she can’t advice her, as she also did mistakes, but Anushka is right, if dad does not like Rajat, then why should we meet him. Devyaani says she is helpless. She asks Alka not to tell anyone and says she loves Rajat. Alka is shocked.

Minty gives a letter to Alka. It’s the divorce nitice. Alka is shocked. Minty sees it and is shocked too.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. oh no yaar no rajat anu scene.iam watching the serial to watch only them.i hope i will get it trm.

  2. I want Anu and Rajat, Neil and Devyaani to get together, and Alka and Rohan reunited

  3. Rohan cnt divorce her he loves her if only she was havin his baby. Buh no

  4. i should quit watching telly dramas for some time 2 pas may be things wil get better.i mean among all the show that i watched there is nothing interesting just some boring story.wel sins i luv drama i should try korean for now sadly

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