Shani Written Update – April 19, 2017

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Introductory message – people who have ego or cheat in their actions do not obtain their aim despite reaching it.

Indra asks Shani what his plan is. Shani tells all devas to just follow him. Mohini is dancing around amongst the asuras while Shani leads the devas to the door of the place behind which all the asuras are. Shani says it’s time for Indra to display is powers. Indra says it’s not hard for him to get rid of the door, which is locked, but his beam of light can’t break it. Surya says he’ll try and shoots flames out which cracks the door, but then the door fixes itself and doesn’t break. Shani says it seems asuras used their powers to make it as such. He says that when everything fails, there is only one thing to do, and that is to pray. They all start praying to Mahadev.

Mohini goes to an empty hall and hears the devas’ prayers and turns back into the form of Narayan for a few seconds, opening the door using powers, then turns back into Mohini. She returns to the asuras and continues dancing, with the devas now inside. Shani says that she’s symbolic of something else. Surya asks him how he knows all this, and Shani says it is all Narayan’s plan. Then Shani tells Surya to have some amrit and Mohini offers him some. She avoids Rahu all the while and continues offer amrit to different devas, including Yama.

Rahu realizes the asuras are being deceived and tells them all to see the truth, but none of them believe him. Rahu decides that he will fool Mohini using the same tactic she used to fool them and decides to turn into Chandra. He then goes amongst the devas, pretending to be Chandra, while hiding his face. Meanwhile, Shani is worried about where Rahu is and decides he must be somewhere near Mohini. Shani looks around for Rahu and sees the real Chandra trapped in a circle of energy. He frees him and asks him what happened, then realizes that Rahu is responsible for this.

Mohini starts pouring some amrit to Rahu (who has taken the form of Chandra) but Shani comes in time and tells her to stop, and the real Chandra emerges from behind him. Shani says the one she was about to give amrit to is Rahu. Mohini withdraws the vessel, but some amrit is already in Rahu’s hands.

Next episode – Mohini gets mad at the deception and a chakra appears in her hands, which she uses to cut off Rahu’s head, then turns into Narayan.

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  1. Kamalanayani

    Thanks to cakesaredelish
    But acc. to real story chandra dev won’t be trapped I think so…

    1. Cakesaredelish

      You’re welcome ^_^
      This is just a show. It cannot be taken to learn about real facts. The Britishers and Muslim invaders destroyed a lot of our scriptures and even ancient scientific books, so information is not available. These serials are more for entertainment than education.

  2. thanks Pooja ji

  3. sry plz. thanks to cakesaredelish.

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