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Chhaya says it is your turn now. Will you choose your mother or not? She breaks down. Shani rushes to her side and wipes her tears. Don’t cry. Anything can happen in the world but I cannot see you crying. He helps her stand. I wont go in Devsabha. He leaves from there.

Shukracharya demands to ask for the witness who was present there at that time. He should have been here today too! Where is Shani? Indra Dev says you will surely get the witness who was present there at that time. Door opens. Everyone covers their eyes because of the bright light. Dev Vishwakarma enters. He greets everyone. I am here as a witness. Shukracharya says he isn’t the one I was speaking about. Narad Muni says you only spoke of proof. When the storm attacked, Dev Vishwakarma was present there. We must listen to

him to know the truth. Narad Muni asks Dev Vishwakarma what he wants to say. What happened that day? Dev Vishwakarma relates everything. I saw both Shukracharya and Devraj Indra outside my palace during storm. I cannot say who actually created it. Indra Dev goes to him. When Shukracharya created it then he must be the one who sent it! Narad Muni says when you want to take all decisions yourself then why did you call for a meeting. Stay quiet and let justice happen. He asks Shukracharya if there is any other witness. Shukracharya looks at the door. Mahadev himself has accepted that Shani is the one who will do justice. Why isn’t he coming then?

Brahma Dev says Sabha is waiting for Shani while he is quiet for his mother’s sake. Will he not do justice? Mahadev says Shani is Nayaykarta. Justice happens slowly so there is nothing amiss. He will surely come, Shanay Shanay!

Shani is in his room. He looks at his mother’s hand. Is it still paining? She shakes her head. Are you upset with me as I stopped you from going? He replies that it is the duty of a son to listen to his mother. It isn’t a son’s duty to be upset with his mother. I am sure whatever you did must be for my good only! Chhaya notices Kakol playing with his shadow on the wall. He makes a sad face as it disappears when he isn’t against the light. Chhaya asks him why he got sad. He shares that he could see and play with his shadow on the other side of the wall but not here. Why is it so? She says it was because you were in light earlier so your shadow was visible. There will be no shadow when you yourself will be in dark. We have to be before light to make our shadow. Our identity cannot be built by staying in someone else’s shadow. Kakol gets her logic. Why dint I understand such a simple thing? Chhaya is shocked by her own words and at their realisation. Kakol is a kid. Why dint I understand though? I will have to separate him from me so he can stand on his own, make his own identity. Parents have to free kids’ from their bondage so they can make an identity of their own! Shani asks her why she is looking at him like that. Chhaya tells him to go. I know I stopped you earlier but I only am telling you to go now. Go in Devsabha. My son will not grow up in anyone’s shadow. His identity wont be stopped by anyone’s shadow, not even mine! Make your own identity. Your mother is always with you. Shani smiles.

Indra Dev wonders why it is taking too much time to announce the decision. Shukracharya has agreed to have created the storm. He couldn’t prove me guilty which means he only is the culprit! Why are you quiet Shukracharya? You blamed me and are quiet now. Does it not mean you are the culprit here? He turns to Narad Muni. Truth is out now. I request you to announce your decision. Narad Muni agrees. We know all rules of justice. They hint Shukracharya guilty but I am not interested on this matter so I leave the decision of punishment on Devguru Brihaspati. Surya Dev says I want to give my opinion before Devguru pronounces the punishment. Shukracharya has attacked Dev family for no reason. I had warned him I will finish him and all Asuras if he is proved guilty. I, Surya, will live by my word! I will end Asuras altogether! Indra Dev appreciates his way of justice. Finish Shukracharya! This is justice! Everyone repeats after him. Shukracharya looks around in shock.

Shani enters just then asking everyone to stop! Surya Dev tells SHani it is he who has to stop. Stop right there. This meeting is for elders. You aren’t allowed here. Shani says truth has called me here. Justice demanded me to be here. Surya Dev says that has already been done. Decision has been taken. Shukracharya is proved guilty. Do you understand the meaning of this? Shani replies that understanding justice does not mean he has to understand what Surya Dev has to say. It is to understand truth. Right Devguru Brihaspati? Devguru nods. Shani continues. Justice / proof has no age. Proof is proof, be it a kid or grown up. He has every right to be here then. Narad Muni seconds him. Shani adds that duty of someone doing justice is greater than justice itself. It says you must relook at the proofs even if there is a slight doubt so no innocent gets punished! Narad Muni asks him what he wants to say on this matter. Shani addresses everyone. Not Shukracharya but Gods created the storm! Narad Muni says I dint understand what you said. Shani asks if he is allowed to question Gods to find out answer to this question. Indra Dev reacts against it. Narad Muni says you got your chance to speak. Let Shukracharya get his chance then. He tells SHani to go ahead. Who do you want to question? Shani says I want to question the Gods who manage 5 essential elements! He greets them all. Is it true that every living being is created using these 5 elements? Indra agrees. Shani says it means that we were created in a similar manner and so was the storm! Everyone looks at him in shock. Indra Dev asks Surya Dev what’s happening. Did we gather here to listen to a kid? Shani says maybe you are forgetting that you wanted to give an equal right in your meeting yesterday. You were also instigating the same kid to attack Asuras! Everyone looks at Indra Dev. Indra Dev asks Surya Dev if he called them here to get insulted. Surya Dev angrily shouts Shani. Narad Muni tells them both to calm down. Why did you call me here if you both want to lead the meeting? Let me do my work or allow me to leave. He goes to Shani. Your words are right but what do you want to prove. Shani says truth isn’t proved. Truth in itself if truth! Sometimes, it isn’t the moon which is dirty. Dirt is in the eyes of people. Shani has come to remove that dirt!

Precap: Shani says a king dies when his crown is removed! He orders that Indra Dev’s crown should be removed! Indra Dev looks at him angrily. Indra Dev removes his crown and keeps it in Chhaya’s feet. Shani looks on. Indra Dev vows to snatch Shani’s mother from Shani! Mahadev says it is time when Shani will have to go away from his mother.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wow superb episode. Hats off to karthikey act..

  2. Ravi Kumar Baghmar

    but sad news is that Indra dev will snatch chhaya……..

  3. Nandhini

    Was wondering how come shani dev prove indra dev as culprit without any evidence…but great job he has done by calling the devas of the five elements of nature and interrogating them…great dialog by him..”a proof is a proof,, it doesnt need age to consider”….hii friends!!?? waiting for monday’s episode…


    waiting for today episode… ⭐?

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