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Shani holds his mother’s hand. Trust me, no power in the world can separate me from you, be it the darkness of storm or Surya Dev’s light! Chhaya looks at him in shock. How to tell you that Surya Dev will surely do what he has decided! I cannot see you going away from me. I will have to talk to Surya Dev.

Guru Shukracharya’s disciple offers to go with his Guru as witness. Shukracharya says that isn’t necessary. I want only one person to be there. It is Shani. Indra will be proved guilty tomorrow if Shani will come there. His disciple asks him why he trusts Shani so much. He is also a God. Shukracharya says I trust Mahadev. I have seen Shani’s eyes. He will only support truth. His disciple asks him if he is sure about it. Shukracharya nods. Shani will support truth and not Gods. He will

have to come there.

Surya Dev instructs someone for tomorrow’s preps. Chhaya comes there. Surya Dev says I know why you have come here. She asks him why he took such a tough decision. How could you decide to separate a kid from his mother! He says your son dint follow the rules. He supported those who tried to attack you. Chhaya reasons that he risked his life to save her. How can you doubt him? He did what he thought was right. He might be istaken. He is a kid but you are a God. You are Surya Dev. He tells her to ask her son why he challenged his orders. He is a kid but it doesn’t mean he will challenge me, insult me before Shukracharya or question Indra in my presence that too without my permission! He calms himself down. Shani has brought this onto himself. I understand your pain. I have a solution for this. If you want Shani to be near you then make sure that Shani does not come in Devsabha tomorrow. If he comes there then I too wont be able to change my decision. Chhaya gets thinking.

Shani is walking absentmindedly. Kakol thinks to do something to make himsmile. He rubes stones against each other. Shani asks him what he is doing. Kakol says I am trying to light fire. I couldn’t help you during storm. I can only fly. I was thinking to learn some ways to save myself or others for next time. I will be able to help you next time then. Who do you think is real culprit – Indra Dev or Shukracharya? Shani replies that he is still thinking on this matter. Kakol tells him not to joke. I know you have made a decision. Shani denies. I haven’t reached a conclusion. I will take time. Kakol says why it takes time for you to think, and for me to light fire. He requests Agnidev to help him and finally succeeds in lighting fire. He excitedly speaks about his victory. Shani looks at it. What did you do? Kakol says I dint do anything. He blows at fire. Shani says I found a solution!

Indra Dev remarks that it is surprising. You (Shukracharya) came on time to hear your punishment. It is good that you understand the value of time. Shukracharya says I am far behind you in that. You dint take even a second to attack me on my back. Indra Dev reminds him of his surroundings. They both get angry when Surya Dev tells them to calm down. Shukracharya and Indra Dev look at Surya Dev. Surya Dev says this is neither Pataal nor Indra Loka. This is Surya Loka where we have gathered for justice. Indra Dev tells him to do justice then. Burn Shukracharya and other Asuras! They attacked your wife! Other Gods second him as well. Indra Dev asks Shukracharya what he is looking at. Maybe you wont go from here alive today. Shukracharya says I don’t doubt my truth. I have faith in justice and the one who does it. He asks Surya Dev about his son. Surya Dev gets upset. It will be good for him till the time he wont come here.

Shani is going to Devsabha when he meets his mother on the way.

Indra Dev starts the meeting. Shukracharya requests Surya Dev not to let Indra Dev start the meeting. He has a way with words. He can twist truth and present it before everyone. This will affect justice. Indra Dev warns him to be careful. You are disrespecting Devraj. Hope it doesn’t happen that you aren’t alive to hear the judgement. They both shout at each other to beware. Surya Dev tells them to be quiet. How could you both think that you (Indra) will start the meeting? The one who is unbiased and unrelated to this matter, Asuras or Gods, will start the meeting! Narad ji comes there. Everyone greets him. Indra Dev notices Shukracharya looking at the gate. Justice is calling you Karamfaldata. Where are you Shani!

Shani seeks his mother’s blessings. She says I have come here to order you instead. You wont go in Devsabha. Shani says I will have to go. If I don’t go then an innocent might get punished. How can I let injustice happen?

Shukracharya says Narad Muni is also a God. Surya Dev tells him to stop trusting Mahadev too if he doubts Narad Muni. Mahadev is also a God. Narad Muni is also away from any attachment like him. Do you still have a doubt? Shukracharya denies. Narad Muni thanks everyone for letting him judge this meeting. I cannot stay at one place for long. Let’s not waste time. Just tell me if it was Shukracharya who created the storm? Shukracharya nods. I did but! Narad Muni tells him to answer that what is asked. Did you create it? Shukracharya answers positively. Indra Dev adds that it proves that Shukracharya is the culprit here.

Chhaya says I don’t know about justice or injustice. I only care for my son. I want to see him near me always. Can I not order you? Is your right only to do justice for others? Isn’t it also your duty to listen to your mother? Shani says if it is about duty then it is also my duty to protect my mother. How can I forgive the one because of who my mother’s life was in risk? Forgive me but I will have to go in Devsabha!

Shukracharya says I created the storm but it wasn’t my idea of attack. Narad Muni asks him who planned it then. Dint you plan to attack Vishwakarma palace? Shukracharya says it was but there was another reason behind it. Shukracharya is quiet. Indra Dev asks him to tell the reason. Or did Mahadev ask you to be quiet? Shukracharya remembers Mahadev’s words. Narad Muni asks him to speak up. Shukracharya says I want to call a witness. He was present then and he should be here today too! Where is Shani? Surya Dev tells him to prove his point here. This Sabha is for elders. Kids aren’t needed here. Shani wont come here.

Shani is on his way to Devsabha. Chhaya shouts his name angrily. He is taken aback hearing her voice. She is teary eyed. I know I could never give you any happiness in life. You had to go through bitter experiences at the age when kids actually play. You have always listened to me. Do it one last time. Don’t go in Devsabha. He asks her if she is asking him to choose between justice and motherly love. She says I have chosen to be with my son. It is your turn now. Will you choose your mother or not? She breaks down. Epi ends on Shani’s shocked face.

Precap: Surya Dev pronounces Shukracharya and Asuras guilty. They will be finished now! Shani walks in just then and shouts at them to stop. Not Shukracharya but Gods created the storm! A king dies when his crown is removed! He orders that Indra Dev’s crown should be removed! Indra Dev looks at him angrily. Indra Dev removes his crown and keeps it in Chhaya’s feet. Shani looks on. Come on the right path or I will have to do it!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    hii Nandhini…
    PP is bird?…. name PHOENIX…

    really u dnt knw this bird name…!!?????
    this is one of the most famous bird ☺ most of boys use this bird stickers on bike, motor cycles and tattoo…….
    if u want to more information..!!?? just click here….??

    1. Nandhini

      Ohh its a phoenix! I heard about that santhosh!?…thank you for its full info?…i have learnt about it??
      Just because he is a ‘Dev'(God), indra dev is misusing his powers and getting away with everything…there is an old proverb that says “vinaasha kaale vibareedha buddhi”…likewise indra dev will face his punishment for his cruel thoughts! He boasted himself of his cruel mind being the reason for his victories in previous episode…the same cruel mind will land him in vast suffering in future by lord shani dev!


    TFFWU Pooja…☺
    Chhaya ki emotional blackmailing episode & today another main new entry NARADA MAHARSHI…
    deva NARADA JI welcome to shani family…. ☺☺☺☺..
    Kya maa ki mamtha rok payega shani ko…!!?? phir kaise aagaya sabha mein Shani….!!?? waiting for upcoming episodes……

  4. In these updates they use name of Suryadev’S wife as Devi Sandya, but I read it as Samjha or Samjna.

  5. Waiting for tmw episode…

  6. Today also no first justic episode..I just hope that tomorrow it will be first justic..Well today was good episode..Don’t know how Shani will go to the court…
    Thanks di for ur update.

  7. Ravi Kumar Baghmar

    Hey guys,,
    someone have the “karmfal data shani” serial tones……?
    chhaya’s Lorri..
    Suryadev entrance..
    Shani entrance…

    1. You can download it from You tube..It is uploaded on you tube.

  8. I m eagerly waiting for today’s episode . ??Can’t wait anymore. Even i hear sandhya as sangya . I don’t know why??? the episode was relly awesome . Lets see what will happen next.

  9. Ravi Kumar Baghmar

    Thanks @prakriti

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