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Epi begins with Shani saying I neither accept your decision nor Yam’s stubbornness but this discussion will hurt my mother. I wont let it happen so I will leave from here on my own. He goes. Surya Dev looks at Chhaya.

Indra Dev thanks Mahadev for proving it today how much he loves Gods. I am thankful to you. You gave birth to that energy of justice as a God, in our favour. Guru Shukracharya comes as well. Indra Dev says I came to thank you while he has come here to question you as to why you did that. He trusted you very much. Guru Shukracharya says there are no questions where there is truth. My trust is unshakable. His decision must be in everyone’s favour. I only want to know why you kept him hidden all these years. Why don’t you let him come in front of everyone? Mahadev replies he

has to do justice with everyone. Seed takes time in growing. It grows slowly, Shanay, Shanay. This is the reason why no announcement was made till now. I expect you both to keep it quiet too. Entire world will know it at the right time.

Kakol apologizes to Shani. It was my mistake. I only went to inform Surya Dev. I had no idea this will happen. Trust me. Shani says I already know that neither your thoughts nor feelings were wrong. I have nothing against you. I am not upset with you. Kakol is surprised. How did that storm end? Shani says I did. Kakol is taken aback. How? Shani replies that he does not know. I only know that I had to save my mother. Whatever came in my hand at that time (thinking of that weapon), I attacked using that or you can say I used what called out to me. It was that weapon. I felt as if it was calling out to me. I felt as if it was asking me to pick it up. I don’t know why I felt that ways. I don’t know how it happened. Dev Vishwakarma says many incidents are such that we understand them slowly, Shanay Shanay. Just understand that whatever is happening now is happening as per Mahadev’s will. Shani is taken aback. If it was Mahadev’s wish to engage my mother in storm, get hurt or that I should stay away from my mother then I refuse to accept it! Storm is over but that chapter isn’t over yet. I will find out who was behind it; because of which my mother got hurt. Whoever is behind it will surely be punished!

Lord Vishnu says the next journey wil start now. Bramha Dev says he will have to be unbiased and away from any relation. Shani is coming near his mother only. Mahadev says the wound is as much deep equal to the height he falls in. He will have to be aloof. Everyone, especially those who are closest to him, will have to be away from him. That will be Chhaya! Shani will have to go away from his mother to become Karamfaldata!

Indra Dev is celebrating. He shares with other Gods that Karamfaldata is a God. Mahadev did the best thing. I am Devraj Indra! Karamfaldata will have to listen to me. I will hit two birds with one stone. Both father and son duo will finish Asuras. It isn’t difficult to divert Surya Dev. I have to get Shani under my control somehow. His glass falls down and lands near Shani’s feet. Indra Dev welcomes him. He introduces Shani to everyone. He is the one who finished that storm. Enjoy with us Shani. Shani turns to him. I dint come here to be welcomed here or hear praises of my name. My mission is to find out the truth behind that storm. You were present there at that time. You must know how, from where it came and what its motive was. Why did it attack my mother? Indra Dev says we don’t tell kids things like this but you are way better than others. This is why nothing can be hidden from you. Guru Shukracharya had created that storm. We all know why he did that. Asuras only want to trouble us. Shukracharya keeps trying and experimenting. I have told him many times but he does not listen. He thinks that he has planted the seed of anger and doubt against Asuras in Shani’s heart. It wont be easy to change his mind. He will surely finish all Asuras. Indra Dev asks Shani what he will do next. How will you take revenge for your mother’s condition? Shani’s reply surprises him. I will first think and then decide what to do. Thank you for your suggestion. I hope what you told me is true. Shani leaves from there. Indra Dev looks unhappy. He dismisses everyone.

Devguru comes there. Indra Dev says both of them are weird and so different from each other. Son thinks way too much while father does not think at all! No problem Shani. Till the time you will think, surya Dev will finish Shukracharya. The moment my messenger will inform Surya Dev that the storm was created by Shukracharya, Surya Dev will attack Shukracharya. One spreads energy to world. Other one does justice. They both will become the enemies of Shukracharya. He laughs.

Surya Dev asks Shukracharya how he dare attack his family. How did you think I will forgive you? Shukracharya says I am scared of neither you nor do I regret what I did. I accept that I created storm but it was Indra’s plan to attack and not mine. Surya Dev tells him to stop blaming Indra for everything. Yam says it is useless to talk to him. Asuras and their Guru’s only know how to fight / attack. I know that language very well. I am Surya Putra, I will kill them. Shani remarks that not anger but justice should be the reason to kill someone. Recognize the hidden truth in someone’s eyes before killing them. If you cannot do that then neither should you kill someone nor should someone die. Culprit has a right to give justification before being punished. He should get a chance to prove his stance. This is how justice is done. Surya Dev asks him if he will teach justice to him in his place only. Shani reasons that he is only telling the basis on which justice is made. Yam says I was right about you. You look like an Asura. You will support them only. You are supporting the one who was trying to kill mother! You don’t love her. Shani says I don’t think it is necessary to explain my love for my mother. It is important though to punish the one who has indeed committed the crime. Shukracharya should get one chance to prove himself. The same mother has taught me this for whom you are trying to get justice. Surya Dev demands to know who allowed him here. Shukracharya says kids learn from parents. Parents too should learn something from their kids if they get this chance. Learn something from Shani. He has such a thorough understand in a young age. Surya Dev tells him that he will get his chance in Devsabha tomorrow. Tell your story then. You will be punished then. I know you will be proved a culprit. I will then destroy you and all Asuras. Surya Dev tells Shani that he will also be punished for supporting Shukracharya if Shukracharya is indeed found culprit tomorrow morning. I wont let you see or meet your mother all your life. Shani gets shocked.

Precap: Dev Vishwakarma tells Chhaya this wound isn’t because of the storm. This is the effect of Sandhya’s tapasya. Sandhya created you as her backup. You will slowly begin to lose yourself based on the progress Sandhya makes in her tapasya. Chhaya gets shocked. I will die slowly. Shani tells his mother no one can separate Shani from his mother, not even Mahadev,

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. shani is so intelligent and so good

    1. You are right Di…He is so intelligent, smart and mature from his age…After all, Karm phal data?


    i am feeling very bad about Shani…. ???
    because, ?
    jab chhaya ki moth hogi tab Shani ka kya hoga…❗❓???
    isska gunegaar swayam mahadev hai. main chatha hoo ki unko bhi dhand milna chahiye Shani ki haathon se…….???
    indradev ke liye shahi saza milagaya hai. bechare indradev apni kirit ko nikalke chhaya ki charanope kshama maanga hai.. ???

    1. You are right…Mahadev ko bhi dand milna chahiye..Jaroor milna chahiye…What will happen to Shani when he will get to know dat his mom is a shadow…Sandhya will not accept him…Poor Shani..???

    2. Nandhini

      Shani dev must know the truth that his mother is chaaya and not sandhya before its too late…when sandhya returns back,, chaaya will be no more…atleast after knowing the truth shani dev will go away from surya lok and become karmfaldhata…but he will be devastated in losing his mother??

  3. Well today was a very excellent episode only for me ?because….because…because…because…….Shani finally showed Indradev his place.. That real asur.?..OMG Chahya is going to vanish..Poor Shani…Mahadev wants to separate Shani from his mother…So bad..?…Behara Shani..He have never got father’s bliss and he was getting his mother love but now He will not get his mother love too…Poor Shanidev..?…His childhood was very bitter…
    Well Thanks Di for your update..??

    1. Nandhini

      Yeah!! I really loved that scene where shani dev replies smartly to indra dev…hi prakriti! well we didnt forget you..perhaps we missed you so much for long!??

  4. is really suryadev has so much anger in him?

    1. I think so?

    2. Lol no we don’t know anything exactly abt gods…. And the track is same as Ashoka… Father hates son, brother hates brother, mother will be seperated from son, the lead will be deprived of his rights, etc… I am sure this is gonna turnout to be yet another saas bahu drama… But my question is how can be so much hatred amongst gods? They are supposed to be kind isn’t it?

      1. Nandhini

        Yes Gods are kindest to us people…they are a family,, they might have their fights and grudges among themselves…but all these are for the welfare of us and other living beings and this universe…to show us the path of righteousness…to make us learn from their life and from their perspectives…you can be an asur or a God in ur heart but at the end only the truth will always wins…whatever deeds we did only reflect on us in the end…
        This is not an imaginary story to make it as a saas-bahu drama or the history being twisted and changed ekta kapoor’s serial…it is a kind of a new concept taken from the hindu puranas to show the life journey of Lord Shani bhagwan.?

  5. Nice and interesting show. Love it

  6. Is this the real story from our Puranas? If anyone knows from where this story is taken please let me know. May be it’s an imaginary story also… we know surya dev has two wife’s Sandya and chaya. But the story that shani was not accepted by his father and his father and brother hates him I don’t know that story. I am sure I don’t know most of the Puranas and story of god but I thought surya accepted his son and they all lived happily. How come surya dev reject his son coz he looks black?

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