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Devi Sanghya comes to Shani’s room. He smiles seeing her. I was sure you will come after putting Yami to sleep. Lep is here. She says I dint come here to apply lep. I have to talk to you about something else. Dev Vishwakarma says every mother wants to see her kid sleeping at this hour. Did you come to say something? Devi Sanghya dismisses it. Dev Vishwakarma notices Shani’s wound. You still dint apply lep on your wound? He turns to Sanghya. You said you will apply lep on his wound. She nods. this is why I came here. Dev Vishwakarma gives her lep. Mother’s touch is more effective than any medicine for a kid. Devi Sanghya reluctantly applies lep on Shani’s hand. Her touch isn’t soft or warm and neither are her expressions. Shani only smiles at her. She intentionally rubs her hand hard on his

wound so it pains. Are you feeling pain? Shani maintains his facial expressions. No mother. Water always nurtures plant. Medicine always treats you be it smooth or bitter. Similarly mother’s touch always gives peace to her kid even if it is soft or tough. Devi Sanghya stands up feeling irked.

Guru Shukracharya and Indra Dev are present before Tridev. Mahadev asks them as to why he put an end to the war between Gods and Asuras. Think why I stopped that war and tell me what is the next motive after a pause (and peace). Narad Muni tells Indra Dev and Guru Shukracharya to answer. Guru Shukracharya replies that creation happens after peace. Lord Vishnu agrees with him. the war was a hindrance in world’s creation. It still was on halt afterwards as everyone was waiting for Karamfaldata. Shani has proved his merit by undertaking the Kailash journey. We will have to get back to our main mission. Mahadev says it is time for creation of earth and humans. Lord Vishnu says biggest question is who will rule the world – Dev or Asuras. Indra Dev and Guru SHukracharya argue. Shukracharya asks Mahadev to decide. Mahadev and Lord Vishnu tell Indra Dev and Guru Shukracharya to decide upon one name who will take care of the world. Indra Dev says there is no need to choose one. I mean you can order me. I will do justice. I will be unbiased. Mahadev says this is your problem. You don’t want to hear anyone else out other than yourself. Let me speak first. We will decide then. There will be a rule for this person. If the justice is wrong then that person will be dismissed on earth for forever on earth. Indra Dev and Guru Shukracharya are taken aback.

Dev Vishwakarma stops Sanghya. She says forgive me but I cannot accept Shani. Dev Vishwakarma reasons that Shani is just a kid. He is Surya Dev’s son. Sanghya calls him illegitimate son of Surya Dev. I told Chhaya her limits well when I created her. She broke the limits, her laws yet I am to be blamed! Dev Vishwakarma says you are speaking your point of view. Have you thought from her point of view? You wont tell Shani the truth anytime. You will never tell Shani he is the kid of your shadow. Sanghya asks him what if she refuses to accept it. Dev Vishwakarma suggests disclosing her secret to Surya Dev. You have cheated him. You kept him in dark for years! We will then see what he will decide. Sanghya is taken aback. You are my father. You are going to do this to me? Dev Vishwakarma nods. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Don’t become a hindrance in that or the way from Surya Loka to Vishwakarma palace isn’t too long. He leaves. Sanghya looks on in shock.

Shani is thinking about the sudden change in his mother’s attitude since he has returned from Kailash. He thinks of how she applied lep on his wound. The warmth was missing in her eyes. Wind blows. He looks at the curtains of his room and then resumes pacing. He hears his mother calling out to him. He turns in surprise. Chhaya calls him son. Shani smiles and rushes to hug his mother. Chhaya cries too. She kisses him all over the face lovingly. Shani says I felt you were upset with me for some reason. Chhaya thinks how to tell him it wasn’t his mother who got upset with him. She apologizes to him. I recovered after so long. I had a lot of pending tasks so I couldn’t give you time. You undertook such a difficult journey for me. You saved me. Pardon me for what I did. He tells her not to say so. He makes her sit down and wipes his tears. Don’t apologize again. Ask for my life instead but never ask for apology. Her tears fall. He holds them in his hand and wipes the rest. She notices his wound and gets concerned. They share another hug. Shani tells her he is really tired. I need to rest. Put me to sleep by singing lullaby. Chhaya worries what if Devi Sanghya hears it too.

Precap: Chhaya sings lullaby for Shani. Devi Sanghya hears her. She heads to Shani’s room and is unhappy to see Chhaya. She sees Chhaya putting Shani to sleep.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. very nice epi..maza aayega kal jab chhaya shanidev ko lullaby sunayegi..waiting for tomorrow epi…

  2. love d lullaby

  3. Very nice


    shani mahadev se virakth hone ka baat kiya tha lekin fir apni maa ke paas vaapas kyon aaya….!!!??.
    waiting for upcoming episodes. ?

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