Shani 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chhaya sys my Shani cannot go far from me but I, his mother, can go away from him. Shani is running everywhere looking for his mother. Chhaya looks determinedly at Sanghya. I am my son’s biggest weakness. He will be free when I wont be here. He wont be under any bondage. I am a shadow. It is my destiny and right to meet my creator. Devi Sanghya tells her against it. You have no such right. Chhaya says not mine but my son’s life is more important. I choose to go back in the same body from which I was created. Dev Vishwakarma is stunned.

Shani continues searching for his mother.

Chhaya walks towards Devi Sanghya with folded hands. Dev Vishwakarma asks her to stop but in vain. Chhaya begins to dissolve herself willingly. Devi Sanghya keeps telling Chhaya not to do it. She extends her hand towards Chhaya. Chhaya stops for a moment. Devi Sanghya asked her if she changed her mind. Chhaya denies. I thought to give you a warning before going. My son’s name is Shani. Be careful. Don’t let him ever find out that the mother who gave birth to him is no more. Never let him find out you aren’t his mother. If he finds out this truth then you don’t even know what destruction will happen in entire world. She shrugs Devi Sanghya’s hand aside and wilfully dies.

Mahadev is happy with Chhaya’s choice. I bless you that you will never disappear even after going away as the world will know Shani always as Chhaya-putra. Chhaya comes to her beautiful end right before Devi Sanghya and Dev Vishwakarma’s eyes. Shani reaches there just then. He is relieved to see Devi Sanghya and wipes his tears. She nods hesitantly at him. Shani asks her if she is fine. She nods. He says I am fine now. I looked for you everywhere. Forgive me. I also don’t know why my heart is so restless today. It maybe because of the fear of losing you or because of being happy that I got you. trust me mother. Everything will be fine with your blessing. Devi Sanghya gets upset as he bends down to seek her blessing. Chhaya blesses her son. Shani smiles. I felt that I have your blessing with me. nothing will go wrong now. Come now. Sabha is waiting to see Devraj getting punished. Devi Sanghya gets tensed. Shani again asks her to come. It is time. She agrees to come in a while. I have to speak to Surya Dev. He points out that he will be in Sabha. Dev Vishwakarma tells Sanghya it is time. Go ahead. She nods and goes with Shani.

Everyone is gathered in the courtroom. Devraj thinks his revenge will be complete today. My life will be free from any trouble now while every door in front of Shani will close. Shani enters just then with Devi Sanghya and Dev Vishwakarma. He greets Sanghya thinking her to be Chhaya. Before she can give in any hint, he addresses the Sabha. Surya Dev reminds him that they have gathered here to decide his punishment. Devraj says first we must find out about the blames your son has put on us. SHani says Devraj tried kidnapping my mother. His act proves that he doesn’t deserve to sit on the throne. He should be dismissed from his position of Devraj. Devraj suggests asking the same person, who he is being blamed to kidnap. He asks Devi Sanghya if he kidnapped her. Devi Sanghya is in a fix. Shani asks her to answer. Tell everyone the truth. Tell everyone how Devraj kidnapped you. Devi Sanghya replies that Devraj Indra dint do it. She avoids Shani’s gaze. Devraj laughs. Did you hear how I proved myself innocent? Now the one who blamed me falsely should be punished. Shani says mother spoke truth as Devraj dint kidnap her himself. He plotted it along with Vyaktagandha. He again turns to his mother. Was Devraj involved in your kidnapping? Devraj tells him not to pressurize victim. Don’t force your thoughts on her. Shani tells him off. I don’t do it. He tells his mother not to be afraid. Surya Dev recalls what Devi Sanghya (Chhaya) had said yesterday. Why are you saying no today? Sanghya says I thought Shani will be punished after the way he challenged Devraj. I thought overnight and decided not to be unjust to someone. Devraj speaks against Shani. He falsely blamed me. Tell me how I can join hands with an Asura being a Devraj myself. Shani says that was proven earlier also when you joined hands with Shukracharya. Devraj calls it a mistake. I have already borne the brunt of it. Surya Dev tells Shani he is embarrassed of him. Shani asks him to trust him if he supports justice and honesty even a bit. I am speaking truth. There is surely some pressure on mother as she is lying. Dev Vishwakarma says there is only one way to bring truth in front of everyone. Devi Sanghya gets tensed.

Devraj says why we need an option when Devi accepted truth. Dev Vishwakarma nods. But she accepted that you kidnapped her before Surya Dev yesterday. Devraj says how truth will be differentiated from lie then. Dev Vishwakarma says even a Devi can be under pressure; can lie, but a mother can never do it. Sanghya will keep her hand on her son’s head thinking of Tridev as her witness. Everyone will accept whatever Sanghya will say. Sanghya accepts the condition (looking at Shani) while Devraj gets tensed. Sanghya keeps her hand on Shani’s head. She is about to swear when Dev Vishwakarma tells her to wait. I spoke about swearing on your kid. If you are swearing on son then swear on both your sons. Devraj smirks. One swear can go in vain. Why will Chhaya accept it when I dint kidnap her? Devi Sanghya is perplexed.

Precap: Devraj exposes Devi Sanghya before everyone. Shani warns him to be careful.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. feeling sad for shani

  2. right , me too..feeling sad for shani dev but Iam happy he is always called chhya putra shani.upcoming so intresting..

  3. Nandhini

    Why are they showing precaps of all serials at once inbetween breaks and irritating?? Anyhow that precap will be shown at friday only…waiting for shani dev realizes his duty and become karamfaldaata where the entire world knows he is the justice-doer…

  4. Waiting eagerly for d upcoming episode.2day’s episode ws very touching.

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