Shani 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shani 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev Vishwakarma says Shani and Shani enters just then. Chhaya and Dev Vishwakarma look at him. He is happy to see his grandson. He tries giving an introduction but Shani knows it already. You are my Nana Shri. He touches his feet and greets him. Dev Vishwakarma is really happy. You have been through many problems. You had to spend your life in jungle even after being a Surya putra! You were deproved of your rights. He hugs Shani. Being the eldest of this family, I would like to apologize to you. Shani holds his hands. I have no problems with whatever happened. What is before our eyes shows us only light but darkness trains us to see and understand the unseen. This is the reason why most beautiful flowers of world blossom in the deepest jungles. Important isn’t place but people who we live with. Best thing was that my mother was always with me. I never needed anyone because of the same reason. Dev Vishwakarma is impressed by his thoughts. Kids stay busy in games and play in this age while you stayed in jungle alone, without friends. Kakol comes shouting against it and falls! This is false. I am Shani’s friend. He gives his intro in his typical style which brings a smile on everyone’s face. I am sorry for coming in between but! He goes quiet seeing Dev Vishwakarma. You are real, right? You only created Swarg Loka, Surya Loka and lot many things. Dev Vishwakarma agrees. The weapons which Gods use are also created by me. Kakol requests him to create a weapon before them too.

Indra Dev compliments Guru Shukracharya on his creation. This will help us figure out if Shani is that power or not. Guru Shukracharya stops the storm. It is my creation but its motive is to find out that Shani is not what we are looking for. I will stop it right then and there if I am proved right. I wont let a kid become prey to your expectations! Tell me your plan now.

Dev Vishwakarma shows them a dagger. Kakol says this is ordinary. Dev Vishwakarma explains that this is an identical dagger of the real one. Chhaya remembers how she was created. Dev Vishwakarma explains that logic behind the dagger. It will disappear once it’s use is over. Not every weapon is made this way. Some weapons have been created after toiling hard for years. They can bring down destruction in a second. Dev Vishwakarma notices question on Shani’s face. Shani wants to know why such dangerous weapons are created. Dev Vishwakarma says it is so wars can be won and we can be happy. Shani calls it strange. We want peace but at the stake of weapons. Why do we need weapons for that? Chhaya tells him not to question elders like this. Dev Vishwakarma tells her not to stop him. It is good to be curious as it is your first step towards growing up. Did you forget how you used to come in my lab and ask me on every little thing? Chhaya hesitantly says I remember everything. Dev Vishwakarma notices her wiping her sweat. Dev Vishwakarma asks for Yam and Yami.

Yam boasts before his friends that Shani would have gotten scared and must have returned to the darkness from where he had come. I checked his room. He wasn’t there. Kakol falls down. Yam asks him why he is here. Shani says he has come with me. Yam and Yami get upset seeing him. Yam says you are still here. I thought you went back to jungle. Shani tells him about their Nana coming. He wants to meet you. Yam again insults him. You are not even fit to bring a message to me. You are so ugly like an Asura. Yam turns when Shani replies that there are both pearls and mud in the bottom of Sarovar. Similarly, Dev and Asuras are inside us. We become Asura or God by our Karmas. Even Asuras can turn into Gods by giving up on their bad qualities. Likewise, even Gods can turn into Asuras if they adapt bad qualities like anger, jealousy. I have no interest in either being a God or Asura. We are sons of same mother before everything else. We should only think of her happiness. Forge whatever has happened. Mother will be happy if we start fresh. Yam tells him not to talk of their mother in this matter. I respect my mother but cannot accept the one as my brother who cast an eclipse on my father the moment he was born! You said it now. Don’t say it ever again! Kakol tries to say something when Yam warns him to be quiet. I am tolerating this Asura. I cannot tolerate you too. Stay quiet and leave before Surya Putra burns you down. Shani tells him to stop. Come on the right path or I will have to do it. I tried again and again to clean your negative thoughts but rain water falls in open pot. The one who has closed himself only gets wet by rain. It can never fill up. Let it be if you don’t want to mend our relations but I will stay here for my mother. You can do whatever you want to. Shani and Yam stare at each other angrily.

Surya Dev and Dev Vishwakarma sit down for lunch. Surya Dev apologizes to him for hiding truth from him. There were reasons behind it. Dev Vishwakarma says you have issues with Asuras too but you always gave them your warmth and rays. We are Gods. Surya Dev requests him to understand the reason first. You gave Devi Sandhya the power (medicine) by which she could bear my heat. Dev Vishwakarma looks at Chhaya in shock. She stands tensed but says he is right. Our relation became better because of you only. Dev Vishwakarma says let bygones be bygones. I couldn’t love my grandson for 10 years. I am thinking to take him with me, only if you allow. Surya Dev agrees. Dev Vishwakarma walks up to Chhaya. I dint get a chance to talk to you too for the last 10 years. Wont you want to come home too? Shani has found out about his identity and reality. He should know yours too.

Guru Shukracharya asks Indra Dev his plan. Till you tell me what your plan is, I wont give you this power. Indra Dev says there will be an attack on Dev Vishwakarma’s place. Guru Shukracharya asks him why they will do it. He is a peaceful Dev. Indra Dev replies that he knows how to use situations against people. I told him about his grandson who was hidden from the world. He is peaceful, intelligent but emotional. He has reached Surya Loka after knowing this. I am sure he will take Shani with him to shower love on him. The weapon of that special bearer is there only. We will find the truth of the bearer there. This is the reason I made you create that storm. Shani will have to pick up the weapon to stop it. As far as I know Dev Vishwakarma, he would have already brought Shani to his palace by now.

Shani takes a step forward.

Indra Dev says we will now know if he is only Surya Putra Shani or Karamfaldata Shani!

Precap: Dev Vishwakarma asks Chhaya to honestly tell him who she is. Chhaya ends up telling him the truth. I am not Sandhya but Chhaya. Your daughter created me with her shadow. Dev Vishwakarma says I will have to tell Surya Dev about this. I cannot hide anything from him. Indra Dev says Shani will pick his weapon when his family will be in trouble. Chhaya shouts for Shani! Shani goes to where that special weapon is kept.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Superb episode.. Waiting for tmw episode..

    1. If sandy could not take the heat of her husband how where the first two kids born?

  2. Conversation bw the viswakarma & shani really nice..

  3. Shani reply scene to yamyam was fantastic..

  4. Vanshika

    Nice epi.. Don’t understand why yam calls shani kurup… From which angle he thinks this? Shani is cute ?

  5. We really don’t know anything about “Shani” Dev… Thanks to Colors for this beautiful serial about “Shani” Dev. Among other Devs, I think Shani dev is the only one who has insulted from his birth onwards…. Even though, we people is always worried about “Shani” effect and always trying to overcome with “Shani” nakshatra…. Jai Shani Devaya Namaha…

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