Shani 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

SHani says if I find out that mother has hidden something from me again then even I don’t what I will do. I hate lies as my mother hates lies but I know my mother Sanghya can never hide anything from me. Chhaya leaves from there.

Chhaya wonders how to tell Shani the truth. He will break down. Don’t know what he will do. Devi Sanghya mocks her. You seem to be in trouble. Shall I help? Why don’t I tell Shani the truth of Sanghya and Chhaya? Son has a right to know about mother. Chhaya stops her calling her Devi Sanghya again. Devi Sanghya says you change sides way too soon. It is Shani’s right to know the truth about that what he is proud to be a part of. Chhaya requests her to stop. My relation with Shani will break for forever now. Devi Sanghya says now you realise the impact of truth breaking things down. Go and tell Shani the truth. Chhaya cries. I cannot tell him the truth. Dev Vishwakarma holds her. Devraj says it isn’t a Devi’s work to return the beggar without empty handed. Do some mercy on your shadow. He tells Chhaya to tell half-truth tomorrow in Sabha. You will say I dint kidnap you. Devi Sanghya says whatever Chhaya decision is I will tell you the outcome of tomorrow’s Sabha right away. Your story will end tomorrow. You and SHani will go away from my life for forever tomorrow! For forever!

Shani holds the pebble in his hands and they shake. Kakol notices him looking tensed. Shani says I don’t know what it is but something wrong is surely going to happen. The pebble falls from his hand shocking him all the more. Mother! Where is mother?

Chhaya looks at Shivlinga. Nothign is important for a mother than her kid. I also want the same. Protect my Shani. Shani comes looking for there. She too rushes to him. Are you fine mother? She replies that how can a mother, who has a son like him, be not fine? He shows the pebble to her. She covers it with his hand. He says till today nothing stopped me from speaking or taking a step further. Why do my hands shake today then? Why do I feel as if something wrong is going to happen? She thinks how to tell him that the mother who he trusts so much is going to cheat him tomorrow. He asks her again. She says who has Mahadev on his side can never fall in any problem. You worry for no reason. go and rest. Have good thoughts so you can sleep well. He adds that to sleep well mother must sing lullaby to her son. Chhaya sings lullaby for Shani. Shani falls asleep.

Next morning, sun rises in the sky. Devraj greets Surya Dev who is not at all happy to see him. I dint expect it from you! Devraj says when you believe it that I am guilty then no Sabha is required. Just call me a culprit. I will announce whatever punishment you will decide. He reaches the end of the door. It isn’t right to pronounce someone guilty without proving his crime though. Surya Dev reminds him that the victim was his own wife, Devi Sanghya. Devraj tells him to think how she was here during the Sabha then. Surya Dev says you did it with Vyaktagandha’s help. Devraj says he was Shukracharya’s disciple. You know Shukracharya does not want peace between Gods. He is also misguiding Shani. Shukracharya wants us to fight amongst ourselves. Trust me, I am your well wisher. I will prove it today. Surya Dev says that will be best. If you fail in proving that then the result will be painful. Devraj is too sure of hic victory.

Chhaya is praying. Shani asks her to come. It is time to go in Sabha. She tells him to go. I have to come puja. He denies. I will go with you only today. Chhaya agrees. Wait for me at the door. Shani begins to go but feels weird. I don’t know why something inside me is telling me you wont come in Sabha today. Chhaya walks up to him. Trust me son. Surya’s wife will surely be in Sabha today. Go now. He begins to walk away with a heavy heart but turns again. She smiles for his sake. He keeps stealing suspicious / confused glances at her. She gestures him to smile as he reaches the door. Shani smiles a little for her sake and then goes out.

Devraj says Surya Dev trust me (mocking his act earlier before Surya Dev). I am your well-wisher and I will prove it today. He laughs. Dev Vishwakarma says wish it would have been true. Wish you had been actually trustworthy! What’s your problem with Shani? Devraj says there is indeed a problem. He is a hindrance in my path. Think what if he is proved wrong today then he will become my servant as per his promise ot me. He wont become Karamfaldata but Devraj Indra’s servant. My servant will never support Asuras.

Chhaya says I would have prayed for Shani’s victory if it was any other day. But now I know who he is; and what the motive of his life is. I leave him on you. Just give me enough strength that I can fulfil a mother’s duty. Mahadev blesses her. It is time for you to choose. I have full faith that Karamfaldata’s mother wont make any wrong decision. Devi Sanghya tells Chhaya it is time. Time has come for you to walk out of my life. I created you years ago. Now it is my duty to bid you adieu while leaving. Come. Chhaya

Shukracharya thanks Shani for inviting him. I am with you in every circumstance. They see lot many eagles around the palace. Shukracharya calls it a bad sign. Is something going to go wrong? Pebble falls down from Shani’s hand. Shani picks it up worriedly and shouts mother. He runs towards her room.

Chhaya and Devi Sanghya are on their way to the meeting room. Dev Vishwakarma calls out to Chhaya. Devraj doesn’t want to save his throne but wants to make Shani his servant. Devi Sanghya looks upset whereas Chhaya is taken aback.

Shani rushes to his mother’s room but it is empty.

Chhaya confronts Devi Sanghya. Why do you want Shani to be Devraj’s servant? Devi Sanghya replies that his mother tried to become a Rani. I told you you are a shadow. Join the tree but don’t give fruits. You committed a sin. Now you have to bear the brunt of it. She pulls Chhaya’s hand asking her to come. Chhaya stops her. One way is left Sanghya. i know that you can stoop to any level to fulfil your wish but wish you knew that a mother can go up to any level to save her son. Dev Vishwakarma shouts against it. Chhaya begins to dissolve herself. On the other hand, Shani keeps looking for his mother in every corner of the palace. Devi Sanghya tells Chhaya to stop.

Precap: Devraj tells the truth about Chhaya and Devi Sanghya to Surya Dev. Shani shouts Indra Dev and stares at him angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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