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Mahadev says I can only grant you one life. Another choice is before you. You have to choose one life! Who will you choose – the mother, for whom you started this tough journey or your friend, who sacrificed his life for you?

Brahma Dev says Mahadev put Shani in a fix. He can choose anything but his wish wont be fulfilled. If he chooses Kakol then his motive of coming all the way here wont come true. If he chooses his mother then it will be wrong with Kakol. What will he do now? Lord Vishnu says it is important to see what karamfaldata chooses. His choice will decide if he indeed deserves to be Karamfaldata or not!

Sanghya tells Chhaya to answer her. How dare you come near Surya Dev? I created you and you cheated me only? I had warned you that shade can go close to tree but it has no right

to create a fruit. You forgot your promise to become the Queen of Surya Loka. You forgot your duty! Chhaya requests her not to say so. Neither did I become greedy nor did I dream anything to become Queen. I was only following your words. I gave my best in fulfilling your promise. Sanghya nods. I can see that. I can see what you have done. Chhaya cries. I did not do anything. How do I explain! It just happened. Sanghya mocks her for that. What do you mean by that? It isn’t an accident to give a son to Surya Dev. It was well planned. If it was an accident then why dint you destroyed that accident. You could have thrown Shani somewhere in some jungle. He would have only died! The one who gets birth from the bad deeds of a mother deserves that only. Chhaya is shocked. Don’t forget that you too are a mother! Sanghya walks closer. It is you who forgot, you are my normal shade. You became mother and now you want to rule Surya Loka? It is said that Chhaya does what body does but my Chhaya went way ahead than me.

Mahadev asks Shani to answer. Who will you save? Remember that you don’t have much time to make decision. Shani thinks of both Kakol and his mother. Shani chooses Kakol. I choose Kakol. Whatever mother did was her responsibility. What I did was my duty towards my mother too. The one who grows above his limit of dharma and sacrifice is great. Kakol has made a sacrifice. I choose Kakol! His life is more important. Mahadev blesses him with the boon.

Lord Vishnu says Shani’s choice proved that he deserves to be Karamfaldata. There is no discrepancy in his justice. Justice has won!

Indra Dev laughs. Devraj Indra won and that Shani got defeated!

Chhaya is unable to stand anymore. She falls on the bed and breathes heavily. Sanghya says after a while you wont be able to even breathe. You are being punished for your misdeed and greed. Shani is no less. He is just like his mother. The mother, who is greedy and has big expectations, will have a similar kind of son too. You tried to snatch my right and change our positions. Shani too is after something weird now. You tried to change time and now Shani is also doing the same. Just like you, Shani will also fail. She leans closer to Chhaya. It is said that God fulfils the last wish of the one who is about to die. Before dying, pray to Mahadev that Shani should never return here. If he returns then I don’t know what I will do! She does something on Chhaya because of which her entire body turns black in no time. Chhaya is in pain. Sanghya enjoys seeing her thus. It is strange. Your end is giving you pain whereas it is making me happy. Don’t fight anymore. Lose out to life! Accept your defeat! Chhaya takes Shani’s name. Sanghya tells her to call out to him. neither could you succeed nor will Shani! Chhaya again says Shani.

Mahadev tells Shani he blessed him with his boon. Any other reason to stay here? Shani nods. I paid my debt. I have to do my duty now. I want my mother’s life as well. Mahadev reminds him how he told him he can grant only one life. I did that already. Shani folds hands before him. You only said there is a price for every choice that one has to pay. I paid for Kakol’s life by giving the tapasya of my journey. I am ready to pay another price for my mother’s life. I came here for the love of my mother. Kakol came to save me as he loved me. I give up on that love. Today before you, I summon the most pious water of the world (Ma Ganga). Ma Ganga appears there. Shani extends to holds the pious water in his hands so as to swear upon it. Everyone corner of the world and every person and animal should hear. I vow that if my mother’s life is granted then I will stay aloof my entire life. I will have no relation with anything in the world. I will only see justice and injustice. I will be unbiased and then make a decision. Shani will neither have an enemy or a friend. There will be no relation and no bondage. I swear myself to this! Mahadev says you will get many responsibilities in future because of what you just said. Are you ready? Shani gives his confirmation. Mahadev smiles. Shani kneels down before him. Mahadev grants his wish. Dev Vishwakarma has witnessed this as well.

Chhaya becomes normal leaving Sanghya stunned.

Tridev bless Shani. Indra Dev shouts in anger.

Chhaya opens her eyes startled. Sanghya is in disbelief. How can it happen? How did she get her life back? CHhaya sits up surprised and looks at her hands.

Precap: Sanghya tells Chhaya to go far away from Surya Loka now that she is alive. Chhaya refuses to go without SHani. He must be returning. Sanghya refuses to hear her. I told you to go. Leave! Sanghya goes quiet noticing Shani.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Very nice interesting story. Very excited and outstanding.

  2. awesome epi.eagerly waiting for monday epi..

  3. Vanshika

    Very nyc episode,, happy that chayya is back,, waiting for Monday, thank u pooja di for the update..

  4. Supreetha (Soups)

    I don’t think Devi Sangya was this rude. Devi Chhaya cursed Yam and it was only after that, that Suryadev found Devi Sangya. But great acting by Juhi Ma’am. 🙂


      she is very good actress.. ????

    2. No because of devi sandhya shani did not get his right

  5. wow awesome episode. but devi sandhya is so much rude to chayya and shani dev. waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

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      y not…!!!??
      this is public forum.. ☺☺& welcome to small shani family…. ??

  7. where are today epi.Iam waiting for it many times plz so fast update 2nd january epi..happy new year everyone..

  8. where are today epi.Iam waiting for it many times plz so fast update pooja di 2nd january epi..happy new year everyone..


    ?TOI spoiler⬇⬇⬇

    Episode Synopsis ⬇

    Episode – 41
    03:00 PM – 03:30 PM, 03 Jan Set Alert
    Shani comes down from Kailash and sees Kaakol, who in turn sees Shani and is delighted. Later, Chaya is leaving Suryalok in tears and Shani comes to meet her.

    Episode – 42
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 03 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Shani is overwhelmed to see Sangya, while Sangya doesn’t even recognize him. Later, Sangya comes to Shani and explains the situation to him and tells him to be the Sabhapati.

    Episode – 43
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 04 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Vishwakarma’s eyes go on Shani’s wounds and he tells Sangya that her son is very brave. Chhaya showers Shani with kisses, but when she looks at his wounds, she breaks down.

    Episode – 44
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 05 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Surya comes in the courtroom and is angry seeing Shukracharya. Shukrachaya comes with a weird proposal where he wants to represent his side.

    Episode – 45
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 06 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    There is no synopsis available for this episode


    hiiiii pooja..?✋
    what’s the problem…..❗❓
    where is yesterday WU…❗❓

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