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Shani 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani shouts immediately for Kakol. Take my hand. You can come up. Kakol begins to fall down in the fire even though he tries to fly up. His wings catch fire. Don’t worry for me. You have to save mother. Don’t stop. You have to meet Mahadev. Shani is in tears to see his friend dying before his eyes. Kakol folds his hands at Shani as he bids him final adieu. Shani shouts Kakol’s name. Kakol repeats his cute introductory lines again (mann se seedha, tann se gol, chutku-muktu, gol-matol, Kakol). Both Shani and Kakol close their eyes.

Shani lies down on his back and cries. Memories with Kakol flash before his eyes.

Indra Dev rebukes Agni Dev for going against his order. You let Shani escape. Agni Dev says I followed your order. I took a life. How could I stop Shani from going then?


resumes his journey.

Sanghya thinks of what Surya Dev said. Surya Dev said Sanghya isn’t well but I am perfectly fine. Father said they should go meet Sanghya when he kept me here. It means he knows my truth. Chhaya is not in a good condition. My tapasya wont be fruitful if Surya Dev finds out truth. What should I do? How should I get out of this wall? She notices fire nearby and thinks of an idea. The tapasya which can bear Surya’s heat can also break every bondage. Sorry father but this wall of childhood wont stop Sanghya now. Nothing can stop me from reaching Surya Loka. She sits down and recites Mahadev’s name. A bright light emanates from her.

Yam and Yami are sitting next to Chhaya who is still unconscious. Yam wonders why father dint come yet. Surya Dev and Dev Vishwakarma enter just then. Yami hugs her Nana Shri. Do something please. Dev Vishwakarma pats at her head and nods. I did whatever I could do for your mother and my daughter but maybe fate isn’t in favour of it. Nothing worked. Surya Dev looks sadly at Chhaya. He sits down next to her and caresses her face. Chhaya wakes up with his touch. Surya Dev says I only hope Shani makes Mahadev happy. he is indeed rude but his love is immense for you. I will pray that our son Shani can reach Mahadev and prays for your life. Chhaya says I am happy to know that you have some hope from Shani. I too have a hope from you. If anything happens to me then promise me that you will take good care of all my 3 kids. You wont let them miss their mother ever, especially Shani. I know he did not meet your expectations ever. You and Yam don’t like him but please try this much for me. She breathes heavily. Dev Vishwakarma tells her to be patient. We must let her rest now so a few minutes of her life can increase. Shani might get some more courage in his endeavour.

Shani struggles as he walks further in Kailash. He sees something in the sky and kneels down. He looks at Mahadev in awe as Mahadev appears before him. Shani greets Mahadev with folded hands.

Everyone leaves from the room except Dev Vishwakarma. He holds her other hand which has blackened too. nothing will happen to you. You were supposed to die when Sanghya would reach here. I made arrangement to stop her. I hope Shani will be back by then. He gets up to go but she holds his hand. I don’t know what you did but I want to know if you will take care of my Shani once I am gone. He says I know what Shani means to you. You should also know that I will do whatever I will have to do for him. But you must rest now. He leaves from there teary eyed.

Sanghya steps out from behind the pillar and looks angrily at Chhaya. Shani is Chhaya’s son! She walks up to Chhaya and her wound only starts increasing with every step that Sanghya takes towards her. She thinks of Surya Dev’s words just now. Chhaya is very uncomfortable. Sanghya stares at her angrily. Chhaya asks (with eyes still closed) who it is. Sanghya says it’s me. I am back. Chhaya is shocked to see her. Sanghya says I created you so you could give shade to my kids but you gave birth to another one with Surya Dev.

Shani begins to speak when Mahadev says reaching here isn’t possible for everyone. You are here before me today after crossing all the hurdles. Say what you want. Shani says nothing is hidden from you. You know everything. Mahadev says there is a difference between what I know and what you will ask for. outcome is associated with every wish you will make. Are you ready for the outcome of your choice? Shani nods. Narayan taught me the same thing. It was my decision to come here. I have paid the price for it. He thinks of Kakol. I lost Kakol and found you. Mahadev asks him if he has come to ask something for Kakol. Shani denies. I have come here for my mother. I still want to know why Kakol met that fate. What choice did he make? Now that I am here I don’t want anything. Mahadev asks him why so. Shani replies that I have understood that one is left with no other wish when you find God. Mahadev likes his answer. Shani says I still want to ask something from you, for my mother and Kakol. I want to save my mother’s life. Kakol sacrificed his life for me. You want your mother’s life, who you love most. You also want Kakol’s life as well. I can only grant you one life. You have to choose one life!

Precap: Sanghya says you tried to snatch my right. After a while you wont be able to even breathe. She leans closer to Chhaya who starts having trouble breathing. Every part of her begins to turn black. Sanghya tells Chhaya I am the beginning of your end Chhaya. Shani says one who grows above his limit of dharma and sacrifice is great. Kakol has made a sacrifice. I choose Kakol!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. This sandya person is selfish. What was she thinking when disappearing for 10 years. She’s not going to accept shani.

  2. This sandya person is selfish. What was she thinking when disappearing for 10 years. She’s not going to accept shani. Disappointed with hodaus episode.

  3. Vajra-SG29

    Eagerly waiting for today episode…

  4. I think today’s episode was very interesting
    Is mahadev give life to only kakol or he also save chayya.sandya is so selfish how she can do like that with chayya.I wish that shani’s mother alive.

  5. Yeah sanghya says Shani that he is not her son , he in anger will kick her and so that sanghya curses sani and he becomes lame ..

  6. Is sanghya stupid?? I mean…how does she excepted chayya to not get close to durga n not rouse suspicion at the same time??
    Well let’s see what happens! I hope shank gets to know the truth…the lie is only making things difficult

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