Shani 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shani 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chhaya goes to Shani. Shani smiles for her sake. She caresses his face. Kids cannot hide anything from mother. You too cannot hide your pain with this smile. Shani says you feel restless when your efforts go in vain but life becomes unsuccessful when efforts go in vain. I have seen birds toiling hard to build their nests in jungle. When it take so much efforts and time in making a home then it will take equal amount of time to build relations with those who stay in home. She hugs him. He assures her he will keep trying. I wont disappoint you. I am going to Yam so our relations can become better. He begins to go when she tells him she is proud of him. He smiles. Shani resumes walking when he hears a shout. Kakol shouts in pain. Floor isn’t soft like jungle here. I am hurt. Shani says I cannot understand your logic of being a bird. You fly less, fall more. Kakol says my eyes are already small as compared to my body. This Surya Loka is so beautiful. I cannot keep my mind in focus. Shani shakes his head and turns to go. Kakol jokes again. I am still the same Kakol but your introduction changed in a moment. How can I become the Vahan of Surya Putra? Forgive me. Shani says position and respect changes. Those who look away from their responsibilities when they gain respect or position don’t survive for long. I am still the same. My intro wont change. My identity will not be by my father’s or mother’s name. It will be because of my Karma’s. Kakol gets happy. we can play then? Yam says not just you, we can all play. Shani says I was coming to you only. I apologize for my mistake. We shouldn’t have fought like that. We are brothers. Yam acts. He keeps his hand on Shani. I came here as we are brothers. Shall we go and play? Kakol looks confused.

Indra Dev says we have the same doubt. If this Shani is the same person who Mahadev prophesised about? Guru Shukracharya is not so positive about it. Mahadev said he will be unbiased while making decisions. It is certain he cannot be Dev or Asura in that case. Mahadev cannot be biased. He cannot make him a God’s son. Indra Dev tells him to think. What if Mahadev did that? Guru Shukracharya says how you will make me believe it. Indra Dev speaks of the weapon made by Dev Vishwakarma (the weapon). They both think of the same. Indra Dev says only the bearer of that weapon can pick that weapon. If SHani is that power then he only will pick it!

Yam asks SHani to come and play. Kakol declines. We are used to play in jungle, not garden. We will play there only. Yam holds out his hand at him. Two Dev-putra’s are talking. Don’t talk in between half bird. He changes his tone. I mean we are trying to bridge the gap. Don’t you think you should support us in this? He turns to Shani. You only said brothers shouldn’t fight. Can they not play together too? Shani agrees for it. Yam thinks he will know today he belongs to that jungle only from where he has come. This game wont be easy.

Guru Shukracharya asks Indra Dev what game he is playing with him. You dint come here just to inform me about this! Indra Dev is impressed by his brain. You have already created a storm in our war previously. I want a similar strong storm. Guru Shukracharya asks his plan. Indra Dev says this is your problem. You ask question when you have to try. If plan comes out of head before time then its success becomes a question. Get ready for action. Guru Shukracharya asks him what he will do. Indra Dev replies he has to inform a Nana about his another grandkid. Guru Shukracharya agrees to make the storm (Asura). It will be to prove that Mahadev cannot make Mahafaldata take birth in a God’s home. Indra Dev smirks.

Yami notices Kakol. He is the same half bird who scared me that day. Do punish him. Yam agrees. But it is Shani’s day today. We have to let him know he has no place in this home. Kakol advises Shani to leave. I think something wrong is going to happen. Shani says I know it already. But running away from problems does not give us solution. We must face them. Yam addresses his friends. They are our targets today. Kakol asks him they will shoot them. Yam asks SHani to say it if he is scared like his friend. Kakol says you all might not know but Shani can singlehandedly defeat you all. His one scream and you will all be out of garden and Surya Loka maybe. You (Yam) must know. Shani signals him to stop. Yam says I never forget. I only wait for the right time. This is the right time. He tells his friends to start the game when Shani asks him about the game. Yam explains that the game is really easy. One will become Asura. Rest of them will be Gods. Shani says I will be Asura. Yam smiles. Kakol asks Shani why he will become Asura. Yami explains this is the rule of the game. New player has to become Asura. Yam remarks it is good to know he knows his truth. You only will become Asura. You anyways look like an Asura – so ugly and dark skinned! How can a Dev putra look like you! You are ugly like the Asura who my father killed in the war between Dev and Asura’s. His body and clothes were filled with mud though. He asks his friends to start the game, make it more interesting.

Yami, Yam and their friends pick up mud. Shani stands quietly in his place thinking of his mother’s painful words last night. I will keep trying mother. I wont disappoint you. Kakol shouts at them to leave his friends but Shani tells him to let them do their karma. He gets pushed away. All kids cover Shani in mud. Shani stands there with a smile on his face. Kakol cries. Leave my friend! Yam’s friends mock Shani calling him an Asura and ugly! Yam says his clothes don’t match his colour. Let’s get him ready. His friends pick up more mud.

Precap: Yam tells Shani not to call him his brother again. You don’t deserve to be here. Return to where you have come from. Devi Sandhya’s father asks Chhaya who she is! You cannot be my daughter. Indra Dev says Shani will pick his weapon when his family will be in trouble. Chhaya shouts for Shani!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. Nandhini

    Nice episode! Yam and yami are so ill-treating their brother shani dev?? but shani dev is adjusting everything for his mother.??…
    Hii dear friends!! Sorry for my long absentism…my mobile got crashed and it got long time to get fixed so i wasnt able to comment last week..hope you are all doing well??

    1. Vanshika

      Oh ur phone gt crashed ??? I was worried.. Feeling bad for shani

  3. Shani tells to kakol ..
    “let them do their karma”..???

    iska mathlab sab ko apni karmon ka phal miltha hai. shani ki ankon se kohi nahi bachsaktha…..???
    waiting fir upcoming episodes… ?

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