Shani 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani says I will bring you to the right path by snatching your position from you; by banishing you from Swarg. Devraj says I am Devraj Indra. This throne was, is and will be mine Shani says it wont be tomorrow. Indra Dev asks him what his mistake it. Why you want to punish me? Shani replies that he got his mother kidnapped withVyaktagandha’s help. Devraj accepts doing it. How will you prove it though? Where will you get proof from as you havekilled him yourself! Shani says Vyaktagandha died but my mother is a living proof of your misdeeds. Indra smirks and looks at Devi Sanghya. Prove it. Shani asks him to swear on his Devguru’s name. You will accept your crime yourself. You will leave this throne on your will. Devraj agrees. What if you fail in proving me a culprit? Shani leaves the decision on him. Devraj asks him to listen to whatever he says if he is proved wrong. You will always stand in my support and follow my orders without a question. You wont go against my wish. A circle of fire surrounds them. Devraj adds that he wont see anyone’s point or logic. You will become my servant. Do you accept this or the great Shani, who bent Mahadev, got scared? Shani accepts his challenge. Devraj says it is my time to rest. I don’t want anyone in my room. Please leave. Narad Muni hopes Mahadev does something soon. Ask Devraj to meet you right away and punish him. Mahadev says he will surely be punished for crossing his limits. Every beginning has an end and every end has a beginning. Lord Vishnu says Devraj’sarrogance will end with this incident while Shani’s new phase will start soon. Shanay-Shanay!

Sanghya regrets coming here. You challenged him. Shaniwill prove himself right in one go. I will have to do something. Devraj says one is smart when someone else will do the work for you. Shani will go to SwargLoka. He will tell his parents what’s going to happen tomorrow. Sanghya askshim if Surya Dev will sit quietly. He will burn you. Devraj says it will happenwhen he will be proved wrong; and when Chhaya will accept it that I kidnapped her. She cannot do so I got you kidnapped. Sanghya smiles. Devraj says just wait and watch how Shani will become my servant tomorrow!

Chhaya is happy to see her family safe since Sanghya left. Surya Loka is also so calm. Shani enters and sits down on his place. Chhaya ask shim where he was. Shani tells her that he went to IndraLoka to meet Indra Dev. Surya Dev asks him why he went. Shani says to tell him that his mistake is unpardonable. Surya Dev asks him what he means. Shani says he kidnapped mother. Surya Dev is shocked. Shani relates how Devraj dint want him to come in Sabha. He sided with Vyaktagandha and got mother kidnapped so he can win in Sabha, Surya Dev tells him to stop. There is a limit of lies. Shani reasons that he never lies. Sury Dev says Devi Sanghya was with me entire time in Sabha. He questions Chhaya on the same. when did you get kidnap when you were with me? Shani says it happened before she came in Sabha. Surya Dev calls it impossible. Shani asks his mother to speak. Am I lying? Surya Dev asks Chhaya to speak truth. She says Indra Dev did kidnap me with Vyaktagandha’s help. Surya Dev gets angry. He has crossed his limits. I will finish him right away. Shani asks him to wait. I too want to punish him but not like this. If culprit’s mistake isn’t proven before everyone then he gets sympathy of everyone. Tomorrow mother will testify against him befor everyone. It wont do any good by killing him. We have to snatch his throne and rights from him. Chhaya gets tensed.

Dev Vishwakarma tells Chhaya not to balme herself. She says its all because of me. Shani became enemy of Devraj because of me only. Dev Vishwakarma says everyone wants justice. We want Shani to be proven right. Indra Dev claps. Amazing! I don’t know who to trust – your greatness or your discovery! He compliments Chhaya on her beauty. Dev Vishwakarma warns him to be careful. You are talking to Surya Dev’s wife. Devraj says as far as I know I am talking to a second woman of Surya Dev’s life who got a son with him by getting in an illegitimate relationship with him. You will tomorrow answer in no when Shani will question you about the kidnapping incident or I will tell Shani your truth. Shani will then become my servant for forever. Chhaya says you are right. But I wont say incomplete truth. I will tell that I dint get kidnapped but it was Sanghya instead. I am not afraid of the fact that my truth will come before Surya Dev but I wont let any of your plan succeed. I don’t need any Sabha to tell Shani my truth. He is my son. He will surely understand my point. She leaves from there. Indra Dev looks upset.

Kakol says when mother’s voice was wavering when she said that Devraj had kidnapped her. She seemed to be hiding something or maybe lying. Shani tells him to remember one thing. My mother is my life. Don’t think again that she will lie to me. Whatever I am today, whatever my outlook towards justice is, it is all because of mother. Chhaya stops in her tracks to hear him. Shani says if I find out again that my mother has hidden something from me again then even I don’t know what I will do. Chhaya gets teary eyed.

Precap: Chhaya decides to kill herself so she can become Shani’s power.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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