Shani 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shani 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani and Surya Dev glance at each other again. Surya Dev takes his seat. Yam too complies. Chhaya can see his angry face and him staring at Shani continuously. Surya Dev takes water in his hand and closes his eyes. Shani looks around. Chhaya offers him water. Surya Dev says the prayer. Yam and Yami follow him. We greet the one who gives food to everyone. Jai Surya Dev! Shani says I greet those who give life to everyone. Long live mother! Chhaya looks at him in shock. Surya Dev stares at him pointedly. Yam says it is enough. I wont let you disrespect my father again and again. Shani says I am not disrespecting your father but respecting my mother. Is that a problem? Yam gets up. My problem is that I cannot eat with you. He turns to go but Surya Dev tells him to stop. This has happened first time that someone got up before eating food. He tells Shani to remember he is only here because of his mother. Shani agrees with him. I am here only because of my mother. Surya Dev shouts at him to stop angrily. Weather changes. Yami looks around worriedly. Shani and Surya Dev stare at each other pointedly. Torches kept nearby explode. Yami shouts in shock. Chhaya shouts Shani’s name to stop him. Shani looks at her. She leaves from there followed by Shani.

Shani stands outside the door of his mother’s room. He calls out for her. I know you are inside. Say something. She opens the door but does not look happy. She heads back inside leaving the door open. Shani follows her inside. Are you upset with me? She says no. I am upset with myself. I tried all these years for this moment, when you will come back in your family, that one day I will be able to stay with my entire family. You came here. I thought God heard my prayers and that everything is going to be fine. But no, nothing changed. All my efforts went in vain. No one here needs me. You have grown up. I am tired. I cannot do it anymore. I will go away for forever. He requests her not to do so. She shouts what else she should do. Roots of tree feel pain when its branches fight amongst themselves. He shows her the stone. I kept it with me always as per your order but it could never take your place. I need you and will always do. Please don’t go anywhere. I will do whatever you will say. She says if you would have done that and respected my order then you wouldn’t have done what you did. You would have neither fought with your father nor your elder brother then! She goes to him and cups his face. Yam, Yami and you are my kids. I love all of you. I want to see you all together always. It is the most painful moment for a mother when her kids fight amongst themselves. She is happiest when her kids stay together happily. She cries. He catches a tear in his palm and then wipes her tears. Please don’t cry. I cannot see you in tears. He makes her sit, keeps his head in her lap and agrees to do whatever she will ask him to. She advises him to become a part of this family. Apologize to those you have upset. Better your relations. He agrees to fix everything. I will apologize to Surya Dev and Yam. They share a hug.

Yam is sleeping at night. He is disturbed thinking about Shani and his father’s convo earlier in the day. He gets up. I cannot see Shani here for another minute. He has no right to stay in Surya MAhal. He is a Vanvasi. He has nothing special to be called a Surya Putra. He had hurt my father. now I will blacken his face.

Indra Dev thinks of Shani and Yam’s fight in the jungle. He is puzzled thinking about Shani’s powers. I have to find out the secret behind his powers. There is only one way to find that out. He smiles to himself. I have to do everything as I am Devraj after all. Responsibilities get bigger depending upon your position.

Surya Dev takes his seat and sends his energies out in the sky. Shani watches it. Surya Dev notices him by the stairs. Shani says I have come to apologize to you. Surya Dev is surprised. For what? Shani says I misbehaved with you. Surya Dev says you are a kid. You made a mistake as you dint know who you were messing with. You must know people before knowing how to behave properly. Come with me. Shani stands put. Surya Dev again asks him to walk after him. He points at the outside world (Surya Loka). My rays have lit up every corner of the world. There is no place on earth where my rays cannot reach. I am not Vidhata but life giver. I give life to everyone through my rays, my light. This is my importance. Shani is looking around carefully all along. It is not only light that gives life. Shade is equally important for life. Chhaya hears him and is touched. Surya Dev looks at Shani. Shani adds that the extra amount of light than required burns you. Shade and light are equally important. Surya Dev points out that shade is there only because of Surya. Shade has no existence on her own. Chhaya gets teary eyed. Surya Dev walks out. Chhaya thinks Shani was right but so was Surya Dev. Shade (Chhaya) has no existence of her own, like me. No one knows I am not Devi Sandhya but her shadow.

Guru Shukrachaya thinks to continue his search as they were misled earlier. He hears some sound. Maybe Gods have attacked. Let’s get ready for a war! He notices Indra Dev coming just then. This is his new plan to win over Pataal. His Asura’s surround Indra Dev. Indra Dev says I would have come prepared if it was for a war. I have come here without a weapon or carriage. Everyone backs off. Guru Shukracharya says you dint come for a war. You will never become a friend. What’s the reason of coming here? Indra Dev says it is the name which binds both of us and is echoing loud and clear in our heads right now. Guru SHukracharya says Shani. Epi ends on split screen

Precap: Shani tells his mother he is going to Yam now. I will rectify my relations with him. Yam insults Shani calling him an Asura because of his colour. Later, his friends put something on Shani calling him dark skinned. Yam insults him again. Devi Sandhya’s father asks Chhaya who she is! You cannot be my daughter. Guru Shukracharya and Indra Dev decide to do something to that special weapon so its bearer comes forward. Chhaya shouts for Shani! Mahadev says time has come. That weapon is calling its bearer. Karmafal Data Shani is coming to do justice with everyone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. From ancient times. Dark skinned people are looked down. . So sad … even devs also has such kind of mentality…

    1. U R right venus

  2. NICE EPISODE wat a punch given by shani 2 dev Light & Shade are equally important yam is so arrogant & stubborn can’t see shani’s loneliness kakol help him precap is nice waiting 4 nxt week

  3. Nice episode. Conversation bw the chayya & shani scenes Always fabulous ..waiting for tmw episode..


    precap toh poora week chalega…..☺☺

    waiting for next week episodes….

    1. Vanshika

      Yes the long Precap will go on for a full week.. Bt 2 days wait… I hate to wait ?

  5. Really nice episode his acting also super and dialogues are very touchable. Waiting for Next episode

  6. we dont know about shani very interesting serial

  7. I am not getting time to watch at 9pm next day at what time the serial re showing

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