Shani 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shani 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani and Chhaya share a hug before resuming their journey to Surya Loka.

Shani looks around as he reaches Surya Mahal. Chhaya tells him not to worry. This is your home, your family. You have a right on it. Don’t be hesitant. Walk ahead.

Brahma Dev says finally Shani reached where he rightfully deserved to be.

Chani gets a grand welcome in Surya Loka.

Brahma Dev remarks that now Shani will finally get his father’s love. Mahadev says it isn’t easy to face light when you stay in dark for too long.

Surya Dev walks up to his throne. On the other hand, Shani walks forward with his mother by his side.

Lord Vishnu says Shani is going to meet light. There will be a new beginning in his life now.

Shani looks at the main door. Chhaya tells him to remember when meeting his father. Shani says I don’t have to insult but thank him for giving me my right. I do remember. Door opens. Surya Dev and Shani look at each other. Chhaya gestures Shani to come. Surya Dev and Shani don’t take their eyes off each other all along. Chhaya stands tensed. She asks Shani to go ahead. Shani nods.

Shani stands by the end of the stairs that lead to Surya Dev’s throne. Yam and Yami come as well. Shani walks up to where Surya Dev is sitting. They keep staring at each other. Surya Dev recalls what had happened in the past. Shani too thinks of his father’s curse. Shani greets his father and extends his hands to touch his father’s feet but Surya Dev pulls his feet backwards. Shani looks upset. Surya Dev asks him if he knows its meaning. Shani nods. It means you have no blessing to give to me. Surya Dev says you understood the incomplete meaning. I have nothing to give to you. Shani says I know that already. You only gave me a curse which you took back already! Surya Dev gets up. The reason was your karma. The one who casts an eclipse on father the moment he takes birth deserves to be punished. You get punished for your deeds. Shani agrees with him. Everyone gets punished for their karma’s. Someone gets it soon while some get it later. Surya Dev looks at him. Shani too stares at him. Surya Dev again feels pain in his wound because of Shani’s constant staring. Chhaya notices what can happen and pulls Shani downstairs.

Chhaya tells Surya Dev Shani has come to thank him for taking the curse. Surya Dev tells her to tell him to do it asap. I have more important things to do. Shani says important question for me is as to who shall I thank. Shall I thank the father who gave me birth or the mother who gave me life? Shall I thank the father who kept me away from his rays so I don’t burn down or thank the mother who took care of me so no evil eye falls on me? Shall I thank the father who allowed my mother to come to me every night or thank the mother who dint sleep even one night so she can sing me lullaby? Shall I thank Surya Dev who took his carriage inside every evening so I can step out of the house or thank the mother who dint stop her journey day and night for me and never got to rest? Thank Surya Dev for taking the curse back or thank the mother who bore that curse with me? Thank Surya Dev for allowing me to come here in his palace or thank the mother who gave up all luxuries of this palace for her son for years? Thank the father who has nothing to give to me or thank the mother who gave her everything to me? Surya Dev asks him if he is thanking him or if he is telling him his great his mother is. Shani says this question’s answer is also a question. Does only that father deserve a thank you who built this palace with his strength? Does that mother not deserve a thank you who makes this palace a home? Does she also not have an equal right on this? He goes down. Chhaya holds his hand. Take permission from your father before leaving. Shani reminds her of his father’s words. He has nothing to give to me, neither blessing nor permission. Chhaya lets go of his hand in shock. Yam stares angrily at Shani as he heads out of the room.

Chhaya goes to Surya Dev. He is a kid. Please forgive him. Surya Dev says I allowed you to bring him here. I dint promise to bear the insult he will do to me. Make your son learn how to be noble, humble or his life will be finished soon. He leaves. Chhaya gets worried.

Shani walks in the corridor upset thinking about his father’s action. Yam calls out after him to stop. Shani looks at him. Yam says I don’t know much about you but understand one thing. No one can talk to my father in a loud tone. No one! He is Surya Dev. You will have to bow down before him. Shani turns to go when Yam stops him. Shani stares at him. Yam and Shani engage in a fight. Chhaya shouts at them to stop. Chhaya scolds Yam for not behaving with anyone younger than him. Did I teach you this? She also tells Shani to respect elders. She sends Yam and Yami for lunch. She takes Yam with her. Shani sits down next to Yam who gets up angrily. Why did he sit with me? Yami replies that this is where guests sit. Chhaya reminds her he is her brother. Yam is about to react when Surya Dev joins them. Shani and Surya Dev glance at each other again.

Precap: Surya Dev tells Shani he is here only because of his mother. Shani agrees with him. Surya Dev shouts angrily. Something explodes. Yami shouts. Shani agrees to do what his mother will say. I will apologise to Surya Dev too. Yam refuses to let Shani stay here. He does not deserve to stay in Surya Mahal.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wow wat a episode.. Shani dialogues are very nice..

  2. Fantastic performance by Shani & wat a dialogue explanation he given 2 suryadev AMAZING YAM cannot tolerate shani he will become the biggest enemy of shani

  3. Yeah the kid playing shani is acting brilliantly and looking cute .

  4. I love this serial.who acting Shani character is cute and his acting also super. Totally I love it.


    highlight of the episode is….

    ⭐”Shani says I know that already. You only gave me a curse which you took back already!”…???

    really heart touched line…(lekin yeh baatein sunkar suryadev jalgaya.)

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