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Shani 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Shani Dev always follows the path of Karma without any biasness. Shani teaches us that Karamfal depend on one’s karmas meaning that any good deed or bad deed done by someone decides their Karamfal. ||

Epi begins with Hanuman saying should such a big devotee not get a chance due to his devotion and love? Shani reasons that no one is bigger in the eyes of Karma – neither God nor devotion! Devotion and love don’t stand before Karma. Hanuman suggests changing the rule then. I trust you Acharya. I am able to reply to Shani on the basis of the knowledge gained by you. Your answer would be logical. Surya Dev suggests asking everyone’s opinion as Sumali’s act has affected everyone. Tell me, should we free Sumali? Hanuman nods his head. He looks at Devi Chhaya who too nods her head. Yami also follows suit. Surya Dev says Shani’s logic is valid. One must be punished for misdeeds but Hanuman too isn’t wrong. I think Mahadev’s devotee Sumali should be given a chance and freed.

Hanuman turns to look at Shani. Sumali folds his hands before Surya Dev in gratitude. He asks Shani if he still feels I should be punished. Shani says I am neither wrong nor right. I am only Karamfaldata! This Sabha can free you but your karmas wont! Shani walks out of the Sabha. Devi Sanghya tells Devraj to make use of this chance. Devraj denies. Hanuman needs a little more time. She tells him to not lose the chance that he is getting. Just be careful. Shani and Hanuman come face to face but don’t say anything to each other. Devraj remarks that for the first time Yam and Shani are on one side still devotion won. Hanuman says I hope Shani too understands that devotion is above everything. Shani points out that you are devoted. It is karma. Sanghya thinks to do something to divert Hanuman otherwise he will fall in Shani’s words. She acts feeling dizzy. Hanuman rushes to her side. She asks him to take her inside. Hanuman agrees.

Kakol is unable to understand what Devi Sanghya is suffering from. Shani replies that it is a disease fo revenge. It spreads from one person to another.

Devi Sanghya thanks Hanuman for asking about her health. She signals Devraj who nods back. Hanuman is about to leave but Devraj stops him. I told you earlier also that Shani does justice strangely. I tried explaining him but I failed. He would have surely punished Sumali this time if you weren’t there. Shani needs help to understand his responsibility. Only you can help him. Hanuman asks him about it. Sanghya says everyone thinks we hate Shani. Devraj adds that they have no problem with Karamfaldata Shani. We have problem with Dandnayak Shani. Hanuman reasons that they are the same person. Sanghya denies. Giving him the right to give Karamfal doesn’t mean that he will hurt anyone. No one could change his decision till now. You have shown us a ray of hope. You stopped Shani from punishing Sumali wrongly but he has hurt many people before. You don’t know anything about it. Hanuman tells them to continue. I am listening. Devraj relates all the pains he had to bear because of Shani. Sanghya too joins him. Hitting on a mother’s stomach is not justified. I am also a Devi, a wife and a mother to someone. If it was limited to me then I wouldn’t have minded it but Shani has never respected anyone. My son Yam went away from me because fo Shani only. I had lost him. Devraj points out that Surya Dev too has been in problem because of Shani. If you doubt me then I will call someone here who got punished from Shani for no reason. Chandra Dev joins them. He relates everything to Hanuman in his way. Shani hasn’t forgiven me till now. He keeps his Drishti on me always and hurts me like this. Devraj says Hanuman will surely find a solution to your problem. You can leave. Chandra Dev disappears. Devraj says Shani dint stop here. He dint even spare Tridev. He forced Mahadev to cut Brahma Dev’s head. He stood against Mahakaal Shiva. Hanuman says I dint know about any of this. I will talk to Shani right away. He leaves. Sanghya and Devraj smirk.

Shani is standing alone in the Sabha. He thinks of how Hanuman challenged him. Hanuman joins him. Shani asks him if he wants to say something. Hanuman nods. I heard how you punished people. Are they true? Shani affirms. You would have surely heard truth. That is the truth of karmas though. Every karma has a result associated to it. Karma is followed by the consequence. Hanuman says there can be another way out. You can be calm. Shani says I told you earlier also that the consequence is chosen by karma and not him. I was once in the same place where you are today. I dint give any punishment but when he called my innocent mother characterless and questioned her character then Surya Dev got his Karamfal. I dint choose to become Karamfaldata and Dandnayak. Tridev gave me this responsibility. I know how to fulfil it so please don’t teach me. Hanuman says I am only telling you that what you are doing isn’t right. You will have to bear its Karamfal one day. He walks out from there.

Brahma Dev wonders what is happening. If problems arise between Shani and Hanuman then it wont be right. Mahadev replies that perspectives of people associated to any incident are also important. Sometimes situations also gain importance. Brahma Dev asks him if Hanuman will believe Shani did wrong. Mahadev says what we see right now is just the beginning to the problem. The night without moon will bring darkness which will pit karma against devotion. Situations can become such that Hanuman and Shani might engage in a war. Some people are paving way for that.

Devraj says the third phase of my plan begins now. After this, Shani and Hanuman will turn foes.

Chandra Dev asks Devraj if he will fall in some problem yet again. Devraj assures him he is safe till he is here. Chandra Dev agrees to follow his words. Tell me what I have to do. It is time for me to rise. Devraj suggests him not to rise tonight. Chandra Dev is taken aback. It is my karma. Shani will cast his Drishti on me once again if I don’t do so. Devraj agrees. This time we have a shield with us – Hanuman! He wont let anything happen to you.

Precap: Chhaya tells Shani he can meet Hanuman tomorrow. Shani assures her he will be back soon. Hanuman gets up to go meet Shani but diya falls down in the process. Mata Anjana calls it a bad omen but Hanuman pays no heeds to her words and leaves. Chhaya wakes up screaming Shani’s name.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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