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Shani 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani looks at Chhaya. She lowers her gaze feeling guilty. Shani walks away.

Surya Dev asks Chhaya to come. He turns to go with Chhaya and Yam when Indra Dev asks him what the hurry is. You have another son! You dint share this news with us. No problem but don’t snatch my right from congratulating you. Congratulations! Your son is too good. I cannot understand why you hid this. It is a proud thing to be the father of even one son. Why did you keep him here in the jungle then? Surya Dev is quiet. Indra Dev asks him again. Surya Dev says I don’t want to discuss this matter with anyone as it is my personal matter. Remember what I told you recently? I don’t want anyone hovering near my family. Indra Dev says it is important. You will understand if you will look at it from Devraj’s

perspective. This brought us once again at war with Asuras. Shani is the son of a Dev. It is the right of Devraj to protect him. Why did he have to live in jungle without his family and luxuries that he deserves? I have to find out the reason. You will have to apologize to Devi Sandhya for what you hid all these years right now before me, as it is the duty of Devraj to do justice with Dev-putra and a wife. This isn’t your family matter but a valid question here. Apologize to Devi Sandhya.

Surya Dev walks up to Chhaya. He stands quietly. Chhaya shakes her head at him. She tells Indra Dev it might be a thing of justice in Dev Loka but I don’t think my husband needs to apologize to me. Only I know that it is a favour of Surya Dev on me. Using my personal right, I free you from this process. Indra Dev is amazed. You took it as a favour! Even I don’t have the courage to go against a woman. But Surya Dev will have to answer in regard of the injustices he has done to that kid. Do you have an answer? Surya Dev says I have an answer. You will surely get it. Shani neither has to stay away from his home now nor from his family. Shani’s rights will also not be jeopardised now. Yam and Chhaya look at him in shock / confusion. Surya Dev asks Chhaya to bring Shani to Surya Loka. She nods. Yam is not happy with his father’s decision but follows him.

Chhaya runs to find Shani but then stops in her tracks. How will I explain it to him? His questions came forward in such a dangerous way today. How will I face him? She wipes her tears and resumes walking.

Shani is sitting by the fountain. Chhaya calls out his name but he does not reply. She asks him if he wont even look at his mother. Shani wipes his tears. Chhaya says I want to say that. He says you want me to come to Surya Loka with you, right. But why should I? She caresses his head. It is your home son. Surya Dev is your father. He looks at her. When questions related to life are postponed for too long then they become a question on life itself! I never asked you questions till date which you dint want to answer. But the answer that I got today has become the biggest question. Father provides shade to son. What happened with me that my father had to renounce me? Why was it that my body burns when I come in his contact? She says you said the right thing. It is necessary to find the answer which can become bigger than life. I will answer your questions. I will tell you why your father kept you away from him. She tells him everything that happened on the day he was born. You insulted your father the moment you took birth. You cast an eclipse on him! Shani’s eyes widen in shock. Chhaya tells him about the curse. I don’t know why this happened. I don’t know why you did that but now you know why Surya Dev did that. His anger wasn’t uncalled for. His curse was meaningful. Shani says kids do anything unknowingly. I have hurt you as well. I would have thrown tantrum or acted stubborn or even would have wet your clothes. You never cursed me then why father did? Who hates his own kids so much? Chhaya says it isn’t so. It was Surya Dev only who showed me a way as to how I could save you from the curse. He only allowed me to come here every night. It is your father only who took his curse back. He only has called you back home. Whatever happened, still this fact cannot change that Surya Dev is your father. You are his son! Bad time is over. My curse has been lifted up. We got a chance to live together as one family. I got a chance to spend every day, every night with my son and husband. Will you snatch this chance from your mother? Shani wipes her tears. He agrees to come to Surya Loka. I have understood why this happened to me but I want to know why Surya Dev did this to you.

Surya Dev feels the mark on his neck again and paces angrily.

Shani thinks of all the moments that he has spent here with his mother. Chhaya and Shani begin to go when Shani senses Kakol’s presence. Shani asks him if he knows where he is going. Kakol declines. I too have come to know you are Surya Dev’s son. Now you will live in a palace. What will I do here now that you are leaving? I have nothing except your friendship, and the pride of being your Vahan. Take me with you. Shani keeps his hand on his shoulder. Friendship isn’t bondage but a relation. I have to leave now but I am sure we will meet again. Stay safe. Kakol cries seeing his friend leaving.

Chhaya tells Shani to go ahead (go past the jungle area). Shani steps in sunlight. Surya Dev feels pain in his neck as soon as Shani stands in sunlight.

Precap: Shani comes to Surya Loka with his mother. Chhaya tells Surya Dev Shani has come to thank him. Shani thanks Surya Dev for letting him come here. Thanks to the mother who made so many sacrifices to keep me safe all these years, giving away all her luxuries for me. Thanks to the father who has nothing to give to me. And, thanks to the mother who gave her everything for and to me.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. what a precap
    shani is so correct


    wow… wow. wow…
    clean dialouge delivery from Malaviya… he is amazing acting … ??


    hii Nandhini & Vanshika where r u..❗❓
    i hv nt sn in lst 2 ds….??

    1. Vanshika

      I’m here bhaiyya.. Busy in exams bt will b regular from tmrw ?

  4. Conversation bw the shani & kakol is nice..fabulous acting shani & indradev told something was very correct..

  5. Sabrina

    Shani is such a great Actor I am mesmerize by his acting.

  6. shani u r amazing

  7. Vanshika

    Superb episode bt same Precap ☹ …

  8. awesome episode

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