Shani 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shani 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yam says surely your mother’s blood is bad which has made you a coward. Guru Shukracharya watches them fighting from a distance. He smiles seeing Shani having an upper hand over Yam. I am sure today this is the power who Mahadev prophesised about. He hears someone smiling. It is Indra Dev. Shani walks up to Yam in anger. You called my mother bad words? I wont even spare God if He would have said so. Indra Dev thinks it can be only another source of Surya Dev in Surya Loka who can win over Yam. He notices Shukracharya there. This power will be mine now. Guru Shukracharya says I knew you will come the moment I will gain fruit of my patience. Indra Dev advises him to return. This kid is the result of my search of 10 years. Guru Shukracharya agrees to leave but only with Shani. Indra Dev and Guru Shukracharya get into a fight.

Yam and Shani are fighting as well.

Kakol reaches Shani Loka. I have to tell mother. Only she can stop Shani and that kid. Where is she though? He heads towards a room and notices Chhaya. Someone pushes him inside. Kakol falls on the ground with a shout. Chhaya looks at him. Kakol is shocked / scared to see Surya Dev. Surya Dev says even God don’t come here without informing. Who are you to come here without permission? Kakol apologizes for not taking permission. I dint have time. Surya Dev asks him who he is. Why did you come here? Kakol gives his intro. I am Kakol. I came to meet Shani’s mother. Shani and Yam are engaged in a fight. Surya Dev looks at Chhaya pointedly and then heads out. Chhaya gets tensed.

Surya Dev finds Chhaya standing in his way. He asks her to move aside. My son is in danger. She corrects him. Our sons are in danger. It is the duty of parents to protect their kids. One kid’s life cannot be on the finished for or by another kid. Your curse will come before blood. He will reach there before you. Shani will burn down as soon as he comes in front of you. Surya Dev does not care. He cast an eclipse on me first and is now fighting with my son. I had warned you beforehand. You dint do your duty well. Now I will fulfil my challenge. He asks her to move aside. She says you will have to walk over my dead body if you really must go. neither can a mother see one kid killing another kid nor can she see her husband killing her kid. Before you complete your challenge, better order your rays to finish me. He warns her that she is taking a stand against him. She denies. a mother is becoming her kid’s shield. It is the destiny of a shield to burn before anything can happen to her kid. You have only two options. Either kill your wife or take back the curse from your son. You have to choose. You will have to kill me before killing Shani. Surya Dev gets angry. He creates some power in his hands but then takes his curse back. Your son will be free of my rays. She is surprised.

On one hand, Yam and Shani are fighting while on the other hand, Guru Shukracharya and Indra Dev are having a war. Yam attacks Shani but Shani holds him by his neck. SHani will never forgive the one who will insult mother. He pushes Yam behind while still holding his neck tightly. Shani notices a wooden log up in the tree and lifts Yam high in air. He is about to kill Yam when Chhaya shouts at Shani to stop. He is your brother! You both are the kids of Surya Dev! Yam and Shani look at her in shock. Chhaya repeats that he is Surya Putra, Yam’s brother. Shani brings Yam down to the ground and let’s go of him.

Shani looks at his mother who is crying feeling helpless. Indra Dev and Guru Shukracharya are puzzled as well. This means this isn’t that power who we are looking for. Guru Shukracharya says we made attempts for no reason. He is bound to have powers if he is Surya Dev’s son. We were thinking that he is the power prepared by Mahadev who will do justice. No one knows how many secrets Gods hide. War is over! Let’s go! He leaves with Asuras. Indra Dev also leaves with Gandharva’s.

Yam walks up to Chhaya. Shani and Chhaya keep looking at each other. He finally looks away as sunlight falls on him. Surya Dev comes there. He stares at Shani for a minute. Surya Dev says it was your wish to save your son. I did that but taking curse back does not mean I will accept it. He hugs Yam and caresses his head lovingly. Chhaya takes a step towards Shani but Surya Dev holds her hand. Shani looks on in shock. He walks away in shock. Chhaya looks at him teary eyed.

Precap: Shani comes to Surya Loka. Chhaya tells Surya Dev Shani has come to thank him. Shani thanks Surya Dev for letting him come here. Thanks to the mother who made so many sacrifices to keep me safe all these years. Thanks to the father who has nothing to give to me. And, thanks to the mother who gave her everything for and to me.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Highlight of the episode is Suryadev & Shani confronting each other after these fight(s surya dev & chaya arguement on one side ,indra & guru’s fight , yam & shanifight), finally truth is revealed now everyone knows shani as suryaputra eagerly waiting 2 see shani in suryalok

  2. That was flawless played by all specially helpless scene of kid shani’s act mindblowing

  3. Awesome episode. I love juhi mam & kartikey acting.perfect son & mothermother in on screen..

  4. Definitely both are getting more awards


    mujhe yami ki reaction dekhna hai ?(shani ko dekhne ke baadh….)….

    serial is good going…… ?…
    hiii friends,… where are you ..❗❓

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