Shani 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Devraj is exposed!

Shani 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Truth needs no proof. Shani teaches that it can get tired but it never loses. It comes out in open one day for sure. ||

Devraj eyes Dhamini in awe as she enters. Till date, the Shani who protected your dignity will malign your dignity today! Dhamini smiles shyly as she sits next to Devraj unaware of his real identity. She closes her eyes. Devraj is about to cup her face when he is thrown in air. He is shocked to see Shani at the door. Dhamini looks at them in confusion. Shani walks in. Devraj tries getting up but Shani keeps holding him back using his powers. Dhamini tells him to stop. Shani says if I want it then I can kill you right away by merely glancing at you. I wont do it though as there must be a reason behind you coming here. I am letting you go today but remember that you will very soon get the karamfal of the sin you dared to commit today! He frees Devraj. Dhamini asks him who he is. Shani says I am Shani and he is Indra Dev. Indra Dev continues to lie. Shani tells her to understand. Indra Dev earlier caught hold of your father too to create hurdles in the wedding. Devraj addresses himself as Shani. What proof do you have? Shani replies that truth needs no proof. He leaves it on Dhamini to decide which of them is lying here. You are free to punish the culprit afterwards. Devraj tells Dhamini he loves her. I looked into your eyes when I said it to you. If he was Shani, he would have atleast looked you in your eye. He surely has some motive behind coming here. Dhamini asks Shani to look into her eyes and tell her the truth. Shani does not look at her. Devraj says he is afraid you will find out his truth. Shani denies. She demands to know the reason but he says some secrets are to be kept between husband and wife only. Devraj calls him a liar. Throw him out before he causes any more problems in Surya Loka. Shani suggests her to listen to heart like she always has. Try to understand. It is about your satitva. Think well and figure out who amongst us is your husband. She gets thoughtful.

Dhamini closes her eyes. What kind of test is this Mahadev? How to figure out what is truth and what is a lie? Devraj walks up to her. This insult? I always respected you, married you. I dint think you will return the favour by mistrusting your husband on the first night of the wedding itself? Shani advises Dhamini not to be disturbed or get emotional. Always remember that your purity is your biggest strength. She recalls her promise made to Mahadev a while ago. She holds the kalash. I am an ordinary woman. I am not capable of figuring out this secret. As a woman, I have a special power of purity for sure. One of the guys here is an Impersonator. I invoke Tridev’s presence. Give me strength to destroy the one who tried to malign my dignity. Tridev bless her with her wish. Devraj panics. She holds the holy water in her hand. I am capable of destroying either of you with Tridev’s blessings. Speak up. Which one of you is real? Devraj decides to justify himself or he will be killed tonight. If I prove Shani an impersonator then she will kill Shani but how! He recalls what Shani had just done and claims to be real Shani. Devraj keeps a condition before Shani to confirm his identity. Cast your Vakra Drishti on me and punish me! Shani does not react. Devraj says he would have punished me if it was indeed Shani! Finish him. She nods and walks up to Shani. I know who real Shani is. Now he will have to bear the consequence of cheating me. She walks back to Devraj. I give you last chance Indra Dev. Come to your real avatar or your destruction is certain with this holy water!

Shani tells Devraj that truth needs no proof. Dhamini knows the truth now. Come to your real avatar if you don’t want Tridev to come down to punish you. Devraj comes to his real form. Dhamini asks him if he isn’t ashamed of what he did! I am Shani’s wife. I am aware of his one special thing. Shani would have never encouraged me to kill you even if I had the power to do so. You should be ashamed of yourself! You fell so low on my wedding night. You came in Shani’s disguise before his wife! You will surely be punished for this dusshas tonight. You will remember it for life. He tells her against it but she says Tridev have given me this power. Shani stops her. Tridev guided you by differentiating between right and wrong. If you know the truth, then don’t do anything which is against your nature. Everyone gets their karamfal. Indra Dev will also get his karamfal. She pours the holy water on floor. I am leaving you this time Indra Dev as I trust my husband’s way of justice. Leave before I change my mind! Devraj leaves.

Dhamini goes to Shani who apologizes for not taking care of her safety. She points out that he did his duty by coming here. You protected my dignity yet again. So much happened in the night but you dint even look at me once. I am sure I am only responsible for your condition. I still want you to tell me the truth.

Devraj walks out muttering to himself. Dhamini’s curse and Mangal’s Dosha will surely destroy you Shani but I wont forgive you for what you did today! Mangal meets him. Shani reached here before I could? Devraj asks him if he knew about it. Mangal nods. He tells him the effect of Shani’s Drishti. Asuras died when he just glanced in their direction. Devraj finds it good which puzzles Mangal. He can kill us by just glancing at us. Why are you happy? Devraj laughs. I was about to complete the wedding night with Shani’s wife yet he did not cast his Drishti at me. Mangal understands that Shani’s outlook of karma and karamfal will not let him harm us. He knows it will create a disbalance in the world otherwise.

Narayan remarks that the problems don’t seem to end in Shani’s life. Indra Dev has been already unrelenting and now he has to tell everything to Dhamini. Mahadev says a new test of Shani and Dhamini’s married life will begin now. Dhamini will have to help Shani find a solution to come out of this curse.

Dhamini asks Shani what the truth is. You dint look at me even once till now. Shani says whatever happened or is about to happen is not because of you. It is the result of my karamfal. As husband and wife, we have to accept it and have to face every problem together. She asks him what they have to face together. He draws her kundli. She wonders which truth is associated with it. He highlights the Mangal Dosha. If Mangal is present in any of the 5 major houses of our kundli then Mangal Dosha is present in the kundli. That person is called Manglik. Such person can cause problems for his or her life partner. It can even put the spouse’s life at risk. Mangal is sitting in wedding house in your kundli which is affecting me directly. She looks at him in confusion.

Precap: Shani shares that after their wedding, you cursed me. Whoever I will look at will be destroyed! She vows to show it to the world that if a wife’s curse can bring doom for her husband then a wife’s satitva and love is equally capable to get her husband out of any problem! Shani nods emotionally.

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