Shani 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Simhika is banned from all Loka’s!

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|| Shani teaches that you can overcome any problem if you are patient enough. ||

Shani asks Hanuman if he is ready to do his karma. Hanuman nods looking at the sea. Shani shouts Simhika’s name. Simhika appears there. Shani challenges her when Surya Dev, Yam and Mata Anjana join them. They are still tied by Simhika. Simhika tells Shani to surrender so all of them can live. Hanuman nods at Shani who takes his weapon down. Hanuman steps forward. Simhika notices their shadows in her reach and steps onto it. She steps over their necks and begins to stomp her leg over it. Hanuman and Shani hold their necks in pain. Mata Anjana panics. Simhika remarks that 2 greatest powers of the world are now under her control. Now you will see the consequence of cheating with me. Shani asks her if she knows what the consequence of cheating is! She suddenly realises Rahu is missing.

Rahu is closer to sun. Now everything will be in my control. After swallowing sun, everything, everyone will be in my control! He swallows sun.

It becomes dark as Rahu begins to swallow the sun. Surya Dev turns black. All the shadows disappear. Simhika shouts in shock. Shani and Hanuman are able to breathe freely now. All the captives are also free. Shani says this war is between you and us now! Shani makes her drop her weapon. It is the last warning of Karamfaldata. Come on the right path or I will have to do so. Simhika refuses. I make my way! Shani tells Hanuman it is his turn now. Hanuman reminds her how she couldn’t control his shadow even when she had that power. What will you do now when my shadow isn’t there? He hits her with his mace while she tries escaping him. She falls on the ground tired. He tells her he will seek revenge for the misdeeds done by her. You played with others’ life. Now you too wont be lift to live. He lifts his mace to attack her but Shani advises him against it. Hanuman says the motive of me gaining powers is bigger. It is to help me but my words wont go powerless. You will stand against me one more time to support adharma. I will finish you that day!

Rahu is having trouble swallowing the sun. Ketu thinks to talk Rahu out of it so their mother can gain her powers back. He leaves from there quietly. Shani tells Hanuman about it but Devraj goes after him to stop him.

Ketu reprimands Rahu for spoiling their mother’s plan. Gods were never on our side. You will be wrong to against mother if you will do as they say. Rahu realises that he fell in Indra Dev’s trap. I will free Surya Dev right away. Devraj appears there. He thinks to change sides now. Shani wont be able to realise when I switched sides.

Shani knows it well that Indra Dev is up to something. It is never good for Indra Dev, Rahu and Ketu to be together. I wont let him do anything wrong this time.

Shani tells Surya Dev to be careful. Sun must set the moment it is freed by Rahu. Hanuman wonders why it is needed when Devraj has gone to stop Rahu from not backing out. Shani says sometimes things aren’t the way they appear.

Devraj tells Rahu to free Surya Dev asap. I am still on your side. I told you to swallow sun so your mother understands your strength and respects you. Free Surya Dev now. Go tell your mother she is powerless whenever you will swallow Surya Dev! Rahu frees Surya Dev.

Sun shines once again. Simhika wakes up and notices Hanuman’s shadow falling near her. Shani tells Surya Dev to set the sun. Surya Dev does as told. Simhika fails in catching Hanuman’s shadow. Hanuman asks her if she wanted to apologise that ways.

Devraj is boggled to realise sun has set. How can I forget that Yam is not under Simhika’s control? She cannot even force Surya Dev not to set! Rahu says what you will tell Karamfaldata! Devraj calls it his problem. Think about yourself. Disappear before Hanuman beats you. I will find you both whenever I would need you. Rahu and Ketu disappear. Devraj thinks who played such big game with Devraj Indra!

Hanuman compliments Shani for being smart. I gained knowledge from Surya Dev while you gained smartness. Indra Dev joins them. He tells everyone he was late in reaching there. He freed Surya Dev by the time I reached there. He left from there before I could reach. He signals Simhika to leave. Hanuman remarks that Shani had an idea about it which is why he advised Surya Dev to set the sun. Devraj stares at Shani angrily.

Surya Dev says Simhika still has her boon. Shani has a solution to that also. He shouts for Guru Shukracharya who comes just then. He says we will make sure she is never able to interfere in our area ever again. He uses his powers and bans her from entering in Pataal Loka ever. Devraj adds that he bans her from entering in Swarg Loka. Yam also uses his power to stop her from entering in Yam Loka. Surya Dev follows suit for Surya Loka. Simhika winces in pain. Shani casts his Drishti on Simhika. Remember what I had told you? You will not be able to gain control over anything when you will try to control everything. Now you will be able to control only the shadows under sea water. You wont be able to control anyone’s shadow anymore.

Precap: Devraj decides to pit Hanuman and Shani against each other. This will put an end to Karamfaldata!

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. I wonder if this Simhika is that same demon who caught hold of Hanuman by his shadow while he leapt for Lanka in search for Mata Sita. Demoness Simhika was stuck to live in the waters near Lanka and survived by trapping shadows of animals that came in her path. So Hanuman will finally teach her a lesson in his adulthood.

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