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Rahu uses his next weapon – Mata Anjana. You promised Hanuman that his mother wont be harmed. Go save her if you can! Shani is shocked to see her walking ahead absentmindedly. He shouts after her and runs so as to stop her but in vain. She reaches the edge of the mountain. Shani shouts after her to stop. She takes her step making him relieved and turns to look at him. She jumps right in front of him. SHani shouts Mata in shock and jumps to catch her. Kakol catches them both in time. Shani tells him to hurry up. It is about sunset time. Rahu will again try something.

Rahu tells Ketu to merge his power with him. Our individual powers are feeble.

Shani leaves Mata Anjana with Kakol and looks up. Hanuman completes his training. Rahu shouts against it. I cannot be unsuccessful once again! Hanuman notices his mother lying unconscious and is stunned. He looks angrily at Rahu and makes him fall on earth holding him by his neck. Rahu fights for breath. Shani tells Hanuman to stop. Hanuman still does not let go of Rahu’s throat.

Ganesha remarks that they all can go outside now. Hanuman’s training is complete.

Shani again tells Hanuman to stop. He has had his karamfal. Hanuman refuses to let go. He dared to hurt my mother. Can any punishment be less for him? Shani advises him to act big by forgiving him. Hanuman tells him there is a limit to bear something. I cannot forgive the one who will hurt my mother. Rahu laughs at him. You cannot kill me. I had Amrit. Hanuman says it is better then as you will only yearn for death mourning your pain. I will use my Ashta-Siddhi’s to take good care of you. You will keep wondering as to why you drank Amrit after all! He hits Rahu black and blue even when Shani shouts against it. Hanuman increases his size and is about to step his foot over Rahu when Shani shouts at him to stop. You can only use Ashta-Siddhi’s for the benefit of the world. You cannot misuse them like this. Hanuman asks him if he will save Rahu. Shani denies. I am only protecting you from your anger. Rahu is wrong but Mata Anjana is safe now. You will misuse your powers this way which I wont let you do! It is against the rules. Hanuman says after whatever happened, I believe Indra Dev was right. No one can be certain as to when you will switch sides. Shani knows he will hate him this moment but he wont leave the path of righteousness nor will I let you sway from that path. You promised Surya Dev you will use your Ashta-Siddhi’s only to help the one you are destined to meet. Let go of your anger for him atleast. Hanuman recalls his vow and calms down. He comes back to his normal size. You talk like a hypocrite. You took a stand against Mahadev when it came to your mother. You went against the rules of the world when she or Yam was in trouble. Now you remind me of rules? Shani reasons that he was not bound by any promise at that time. Our situations, path and everything is different. Hanuman points out that he promised to keep his mother safe. Rahu hypnotised her and troubled her and you stood by and watched everything! Don’t ever say that you never break your promise! Kakol tries to explain but Hanuman goes to his mother. Hanuman caresses his mother’s face.

Devraj is impressed that Shani himself did what they wanted to do. He has created a rift between himself and Hanuman. Now we will add fuel to the fire. Karamfaldata’s Karmas have put him against Hanuman today. Now we will put Hanuman against Karamfaldata and his existence!

Ganesha goes to Shani. I support you in whatever you did. Hanuman is emotional right now which is why he cannot understand anything. He himself will come to you and agree at the situation later when he will be calm. It will happen really soon.

Shani is sad to think that he couldn’t live up to his promise. Chhaya finds him lost and pats at his head. Are you thinking about Hanuman? He gets up. I recalled my concern for you seeing Hanuman worried for his mother today. I can understand his pain. I am feeling bad that I am somehow responsible for it. She tells him not to blame himself. You did your duty. You saved Mata Anjana and lived up to your promise. You saved Rahu and maintained balance in the world. I know why you are upset. Hanuman is your friend and is upset with you right now. Why don’t you talk to him once and clarify everything? Shani denies. I am not guilty of what I did. Hanuman has to understand that he was at the wrong path. He gained Ashta-Siddhi’s but one doesn’t change so easily. He is still stubborn. I don’t support stubbornness.

Kakol thinks Hanuman wont talk to Shani as he is stubborn and Shani wont go to pacify him. Now I only will have to think of something so Shani does not lose a friend like Hanuman.

Hanuman is outside his home. He walks backwards thinking of how Shani gave him the idea to walk backwards to gain knowledge from Surya Dev. He hears some noise and looks around. Kakol falls down. Did you get trained to scare someone also? Were you on your way to Surya Loka? Shani is your friend right. Let’s fly all the way. Hanuman refuses. I don’t want to talk to the one who took Rahu’s side. He hurt my mother. Karamfaldata must be aware of his own karmas too. Kakol says I have learnt that one must use strength when their minds fail. He tries pulling Hanuman but falls down in the process. He tries picking Hanuman’s mace. He falls down once again when he succeeds in lifting it. Hanuman says I promised not to hurt you ever. I am not like Shani who will break his promise. Kakol tells him Shani dint break his promise. He saved your mother. Hanuman is not keen to keep any relation with Kakol. You may leave!

Precap: A new villain (female) will come face to face with Hanuman. Karamfaldata Shani and Ganesha!

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Kamalanayani

    Wondering who the new villain is ????

    1. Nandhini

      Its Simhika- mother of Rahu…remember in Ramayan she was one of the guards in Lanka and she tried to attack Hanuman when he was entering inside to get info about maa sita?? That same Simhika…

    2. Kamalanayani

      Ok… I am waiting…. yeah.. I remember her in Ramayan…

  2. Kamalanayani

    I read the following in the internet… Yet I thought it might be false…

    “The Sudarshana Chakra is the main weapon of Lord Vishnu which he has used several times to end the forces of evil, and bring order and righteousness back to the universe. It is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons in Hindu mythology. The Chakra along with Lord Shiva’s trishul was made by Lord Vishwakarma from the Sun, when he gave up a part of his energy.”

    But Mahadev is beyond time… And Lord Narayan is also eternal… Yet how could Lord Vishwakarma make Trishul and Sudharshana Chakra from Surya dev’s energy ????

    I am posting it here for discussion and knowing the truth…

    1. Nandhini

      I too read the story somewhere out of Surya dev’s left out energy particles, dev vishwakarma made sudarshan chakra out of that and gifted it to Lord Narayan…but i didnt hear the story of Vishwakarma also making Trishul out of it and gave it to Mahadev…in my opinion, we know that Dev vishwakarma designs many abodes, palaces and weapons to Gods and Demi-Gods and Goddesses….but Sudarshan chakra and Trishul out of Surya dev’s energy?? I dont think so if that is true…in one more story i heard the Sudarshan Chakra was given by Mahadev to Narayan…but one thing is sure…both Sudarshan Chakra and Trishul of Narayan’s and Mahadev’s is one of their shakti..i.e., Maa Adishakti…even Surya dev’s energy is Adi Shakti’s form of Mata Kushmanda…


    New Update >> Sudha Chandran joins the cast of ‘Karamphal Data Shani’; excited for her first mythological show! >>

    The mythological show, Karamphal Data Shani, produced by Swastik Productions, is one of the top rated shows on Colors. And now the makers have roped in the veteran actress, Sudha Chandran to play the role of Simhika who is the daughter of Hiranakashyapu (father of Bhakta Prahlad) and mother of the inauspicious planets, Rahu and Ketu. Simhika is also known as the mother of nagas.

    Her look in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Karmaphaldata Shani is truly terrifying. Big eyes, extravagant makeup and an elaborate costume are just some of the things that describe her look. “Sudha is really looking her scariest in the show. She has a fearsome expression and a loud voice that is rough and grating. She looks straight out of a nightmare!” says a source.

    In fact, her character is even scarier. “She plays a negative character who feeds on people’s shadows. She is Rahu Ketu’s mother, who gets a vardaan from Bhramdev where she can control people’s shadow. She is here to take revenge from Shani, Hanuman and Ganesh,” adds our source. We guess the story of the solar eclipse will be explored on why Rahu was upset with the Sun God.

    The character will bring a lot of twists and turns in Shani’s life.

    For Sudha, this show and character will be special as this is the first time she will be seen in a mythological avatar.

    Sudha Chandran is quite excited about being a part of the show as Karamphal Data Shani will be her first mythological show. Confirming the news, she says “Yes, I am entering (Karamphal Data) Shani. I was chilling out with family when I got this offer. Guess work can never keep away from Sudha Chandran. As for me, my work is my oxygen (smiles). Also, this is my first mythological character in all the years of my working career. I really don’t know why such roles eluded me till now. I am happy to do a mythological show now.”

    1. Nandhini

      Thank you for sharing the valuable infos madhu dear???

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