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Shani is inside the vyuh. He meets Yam and other kids. One of the kids spots a ball of fire coming their way. They move back a little. Shani notices another one coming from another side and they duck. Yam too sees one. I cannot wait here for forever. I will get out of here! Shani remarks that there must be some way to get out of here.

Kakol seeks Devguru’s permission to allow him to meet SHani. It is really important. Devguru calls it impossible. Kakol kneels down before him. Please allow me to meet him. I have to tell him something really important. Devguru leaves. Indra Dev makes Kakol sit down. You can tell me. I am Devraj. Shani is a Dev Putra. I will surely inform Shani if it is in his favour or if it is important for him to know. Tell me.

Brahma Dev appears. All kids greet him. Brahma

Dev asks them the first questions of competition – there are 3 qualities (gunas). Dharmaraj must know all of these. What is Satvaguna? Why did I have to appear to know the answer? Yam gives the answer correctly. Yam smiles at Shani before going to the other side of the fire (to the next question). Brahma Dev asks Shani what he wants to say. But your answer should not be what Yam just said. You will have to say the same thing differently. Shani says one question has only one answer but the ways to reach it is different. The tenderness and purity of Satvaguna is special than others. It guides us to the right path and helps us in following the right path only. You came to ask us this question not because you are the indicator of it but because you want us to understand the importance of it in crossing any hurdle. Brahma Dev likes his answer. Shani too is asked to go to the next round but he stays put. Other kids dint get a chance to showcase their talents. I would request you to give them a chance as well. Don’t disqualify them just like that. Brahma Dev is impressed that he not just knows but also follows Satvaguna. I will surely give them another chance. He blesses them and disappears.

Surya Dev thinks of what Dev Vishwakarma had asked from him. Life is cruel. Whenever you feel you are above everything, you come face to face with another problem. On one side, it is you, my wife who needs my half warmth. On the other hand, this world will be destroyed in the absence of half of my warmth. Don’t know what to do. Chhaya advises him to do his duty. As your wife, it is my duty to not let your head be bowed down before anyone. No one should say that you forgot your duties for the sake of your wife! Your duty is to burn for the world. One who burns for world cannot douse for one, even if it is your wife. Surya Dev remembers how he had said the same. This Surya can also burn those who have made our life miserable. I wont spare those Asuras who have given you this wound. She says they aren’t at fault. We are all helpless before fate. This is the rule of destiny. Every beginning has an end. This is my end. Accept it. Destiny has chosen you for bigger tasks. Don’t waste your energy for someone who cannot be saved. You should do your duty. I will do mine. She wipes her tears and takes his blessings. Surya Dev extends his hand so as to stop her but walks away.

Kakol turns to go. He might let me meet Shani if I tell him truth. Indra Dev asks him what he is thinking. Kakol shares that Mata Sandhya isn’t keeping well. He relates everything to him. Surya Dev’s attempt to cure her and Dev Vishwakarma’s medicine isn’t helping at all. Don’t you think SHani should know this? Indra Dev tells him he did well by coming here. I will speak to Devguru. He recalls his insult by Shani. No, I cannot be sympathetic to the one who insulted me! I will not tell him anything. I brought him here to separate him from his mother. It will be more fun now as he wont be able to meet his mother at all! Kakol asks him repeatedly if he will inform Shani. Indra Dev says your attempt was unsuccessful. Shani will never get out of this vyuh. He wont be able to meet his mother ever. Kakol firmly tells him he will come. Don’t forget that he is Shani, the one who killed Dambanaad, finished storm and proved you guilty before everyone in Devsabha. He will surely come. No one in the world can stop him, not even you! Indra Dev looks angrily at him. Kakol sit down at the entrance of the vyuh. I will wait here for Shani till he comes back. He will have to come! Indra Dev says it is good. Shani will spend his entire life in breaking the vyuh and you will spend yours waiting for him. He mocks him and goes.

All kids are gathered together. They think as to which way they should head in. They hear someone telling them to choose their path wisely. If you don’t take the right path then you will be lost here for forever. Lord Vishnu appears there. SHani greets him. Lord Vishnu blesses him. You will have to answer my question to go in the next path. Tell me what quality I have come to ask you about and what’s so special about it. I will open door for only one kid ahead with my question. Yam answers correctly again – Rajoguna. He explains the quality as well (it gives power of leadership to people / king). Shani disagrees with the answer. Lord Vishnu tells him to give his logic. Shani says it is true that Rajoguna gives you the quality of leadership. But excess of it does not give you the quality of being king equally well. Excess of anything only takes you down. It creates arrogance in people. You came here to teach us that one must rule Rajoguna and not fall under its spell. Lord Vishnu likes his answer. I will show you how to go in the next round. Everyone else will have to find their way ahead themselves.

Chhaya is crying in the temple. Dev Vishwakarma says it is paining a lot, right. She agrees. This pain is not of my end but of my identity. Till the time I will leave, I will be pained to miss seeing my kids growing up. She takes his leave. Allow me to go at a place where no one can reach me.

Precap: Dev Vishwakarma tells Shani that his mother’s cure is in Surya Loka only. Shani replies that Surya Dev will have to give up half of his warmth then. Surya Dev outright refuses!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. nice epi wow wat a superb dialogue given by kakol 2 indradev will suryadev give thap 2 chayya? anyways waiting 4 nxt

  2. Me too… waiting for next epi..eagerly

  3. Kakol rocking indradev shocking…
    Waiting for today episode…

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    There is no synopsis available for this episode.

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