Shani 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Dhamini does not remember cursing Shani

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Shani 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Situations change naturally in life. Some situations change because of our karmas while some change because of other reasons. Shani teaches that one should accept them as they are and do karmas without thinking of anything else. ||

Dhamini says I curse you that whosoever you will look directly at after today will be destroyed! The effect of your Drishti will be death! Shani is stunned.

Braham Dev says I knew that Mangal Dosha will become the reason of Shani’s doom but it is so unimaginable to see destruction so closely. Mahadve says there is still a lot to happen. Brahma Dev asks him what can be worse than this.

Mangal says Mangal Dosha will scare the entire world after today. He adds aahuti in yagya which affects Dhamini. She drops the pot from her hand and is about to fall down when Shani holds her. She loses conscious. Shani’s eyes turn red. He recalls the curse and hurriedly looks away before he can hurt her. She gains conscious and apologizes to him. I don’t know what happened to me. Maybe I am too tired. She notices that his eyes are tightly closed. Why are you looking away? Will you not even look at your beautiful wife once? Shani realises she does not even know what just happened. it wont be right

Narayan says Shani was capable of giving the right karamfal owing to his Drishti but he wont be able to look at anyone directly after today. Brahma Dev wonders why Dhamini does not recall anything. Mahadev calls it the effect of Mangal Dosha. It is capable of managing our anger. Once people fall in Mangal Dosha, their anger rises to its peak. Yagya, broken gems and red colour destroyed Dhamini’s memory about the curse. Brahma Dev remarks that Shani must tell Dhamini everything. It wasn’t easy curse. Mahadev calls them an unordinary couple. The troubles coming their way and their solutions will be equally unordinary.

Shani walks away. Dhamini sadly calls out to him. I dedicate my life to you. Please accept a wife’s love. She wipes her tears and walks up to him. She holds his hand asking him what happened. Why are you quiet? Will not even look at me once? Just once please. Shani shrugs her hand away. She cries. Nothing can be worse than this for a newly married woman that her husband is not even looking in her direction even once. What is the matter? Why are you not looking at me? Shani says I know how important tonight is for her and them. It will decide our future but I have to do something really urgent. Take rest. I will be back soon. She tries saying something but he walks away.

Devi Chhaya is feeling restless thinking about what happened during grah-pravesh earlier in the day. I don’t know why I am so restless. I feel a very big problem has just entered in our lives. She thinks of shani and goes out.

Shani thinks of Mangal’s words and of Dhamini’s curse. Devi Chhaya calls out to him. Where are you headed to at this hour? He does not look at her. Everything is fine. Take rest please. Dhamini says he is going out for a walk. Devi Chhaya says I felt marriage will bring some change in you but it did not happen. I have faith in one thing. You may be restless but you wont lie. Tell me what it is. Is everything fine? He asks her if there has ever come a moment when Surya family has been alright. She tells him not to trap her in his words. He looks away as she steps in front of him. She asks him to look at her. Can you not look at the mother who gave birth to you? Look at me and answer me. You are missing the most important night of your life today. What can be more important than your wife for you? He replies that he learnt it from her as to how to do patni and pati dharma. Their relation survives only when whatever happens between them stays between them only. Dhamini and I are married now. I don’t need to give any explanation to anyone regarding what happened between me and Dhamini. He leaves.

Devi Chhaya asks Dhamini about it but she lies that everything is fine. So much happened today this is why he went out for a walk. Devi Chhaya says it is in your nature to sacrifice your happiness for others. You should think about yourself too. Shani is different. You don’t have to sacrifice your happiness for anything. I know that you want to fix everything between me and Shani. Don’t put your happiness at stake in an attempt to do that. She goes. Dhamini is sure something is troubling Shani certainly but what is it.

Mangal says Dhamini’s Mangal Dosha has started affecting Shani already. His end is near. We must know what happened at that time as Dhamini would not remember anything afterwards. Devraj promises to find a solution to it. He produces his sahastra-netra. Mangal speaks of the security in Surya Loka. Shani wont step out of Surya Loka after what just happened. Devraj is sure he will go out. He would not have changed at all even after being married. He is still detached. He left his pheras in between the moment he found out that there is some problem. He will get detached from everyone including Dhamini too. He can go anywhere but my Drishti will find you! I will make sure now that this Mangal Dosha will destroy you!

Shani thinks of Dhamini’s curse. It is so strange. I have been detached from everyone till now. I had no attachment or inclination to look at anyone. Now that I am married to Dhamini, I wanted to protect her with the help of my Drishti but look what happened! Mahadev appears there. Shani looks down. Mahadev asks him to look up. It isn’t me but my reflection. Shani looks up. It means that this Dosha has even scared my creator. You came before me in an artificial form today. It was my decision to marry Dhamini. I will not blame you for what happened and I wont affect you with my Drishti. Mahadev says if parents are capable of bearing the attack from their kids then they will accept it willingly. We both know it too well that you will cast your Drishti on the one who truly deserves it. I am here in this form today as I am more concerned about you than myself. Shani smiles. You seem to be in some illusion. Because of the Mangal Dosha in Dhamini’s kundli, she cursed me today! I don’t need protection. It should be everyone who will fall under my Drishti. Mahadev says I know it too well. I came to tell you about its effects. She was under the effect of Mangal Dosha when she cursed you. It wont be right to blame her for this. She does not remember anything about it. It is the purity in her that she does not remember Mangal’s effect. Her love for you is so pure and strong that Mangal could not remove it from her heart. Shani agrees. I want to know how this curse will affect my karmas. Mahadev explains that when a pure woman like Dhamini curses someone then even Tridev have to abide by it. Shani asks about the ill consequences of the curse. Mahadev relates that he got the boon of Drishti from Tridev. Your Drishti will only destroy after today. The karmas may be right or wrong but destruction is certain! It would not be wrong if you will look at anyone after this curse!

Precap: Devraj decides to insult Dhamini again. Will cursed Shani be able to protect his wife?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I wish that everything becomes well soon

  2. To be honest sometimes I sort of feel all this is just over dramatic. I mean every one knows mangal and indra are not gonna succeed. still all these drama. I really want old strong shani back

    1. I am also want same.

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