Shani 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi Sanghya says now I only will punish him. Surya Dev, Dev Vishwakarma and Chhaya are shocked. She holds his hand angrily and pulls him. Surya Dev looks on in confusion. Shani is equally boggled at his mother’s behaviour. Chhaya gets teary eyed.

Shukracharya comes to Indra Loka. Indra Dev is unhappy to see him. You have come to rub salt to his wound. How dare you come here? I will finish you. Shukracharya tells him to give up on that thought. Think of protecting your position. You are going to lose it very soon. I was right about Shani. I am going to do tapasya to meditate as to how I can give humans maximum negative qualities. He asks Vyaktagandha to wait here. You will be responsible to protect Asuras in my absence. Be careful to Dev’s. He nods. Indra Dev thinks to make use of this in Shukracharya’s absence.

Surya Dev follows Shani and Devi Sanghya. Chhaya is in tears. She tries to go but Dev Vishwakarma stops her yet again. Devi Sanghya pushes Shani out of Surya palace. Shani says mother as he falls down. Chhaya cries but is again stopped by Dev Vishwakarma. Devi Sanghya says I support Surya Dev. You don’t have any right to stay here. Shani is stunned. Surya Dev heads back inside. Shani gets up. He gestures her to smile (shocking Devi Sanghya and making Chhaya break in tears). Shani takes a step back as the door closes. Devi Sanghya leaves from there.

Chhaya looks angrily in her direction. She confronts Devi Sanghya. You dint do right Sanghya! Devi Sanghya says wow, you forgot to call me Devi and are addressing me informally. CHhaya nods. It was because I respected you till date. I remembered that you have created me but today you are only that woman who banished my son mercilessly from his own home. You don’t know what sin you have committed today! You just dint destroy the relation between a father and mother but you have also shaken Shani’s faith. You dint know what Shani’s mother is for him. He fought with the storm; went up to Mahadev for her. You broke that image in his eyes. He dint question you but I could see the question in his eyes – how could his mother do this! You have committed a big sin! Devi Sanghya replies that he got what he deserved. Now you will meet the same fate. Go with your son for forever if you are feeling so bad. Go away from my life, my family and my kids. Chhaya refuses to go anywhere. I know it is all because of you. Vyaktagandha kidnapped you. You planned this with Indra Dev so my son cannot reach in Sabha in time and gets banished on earth. I am proud of my son that he saw his mother in you. Yam’s banishment happened because of your karma’s. My son Yam got this curse because of being the son of a mother like you. Devi Sanghya tells her to be quiet. You are not Yam’s mother. Chhaya counters. I am Yam and Yami’s mother. Both cow and serpent give birth. World calls cows mothers as she gives milk to everyone. Serpent swallows her own little ones just like you did. First you dint spare Yam and now Shani! You said truth. Shani must not stay near you. She turns to go but stops. I am leaving to bring my son back. Do whatever you can! Get ready to leave from here if you fail with your possibilities! Chhaya leaves.

Indra Dev has kept his foot on Vyaktagandha’s neck. Vyaktagandha begs for mercy. Indra Dev says you got lucky with Shani but I wont spare you. He is about to hit Vyaktagandha when he says I did kidnap Devi Sanghya. Indra Dev calls him a liar. You are an Asura. I don’t trust you even for a second. Vyaktagandha says the same for him. You kept me in dark and Shani won in the end. You have fooled me. Indra Dev calls him and everyone big fools. You couldn’t understand Mahadev’s plan. Vyaktagandha asks him about it. Indra Dev says he gave both Dev and Asuras equal rights on humans. Devta’s were there while he took that decision. He kept a condition of banishment so only a Dev can step on the earth after the pact between Dev and Asuras. Gods can rule humans and earth. Yam got banished by Mahadev himself. Humans are the kids of Brahma Dev. Yam is the son of Surya Dev. You have lost from both sides. Vyaktagandha vows to take revenge of this discrimination. I would kill everyone so you create humans once again. Asuras should have an equal right on humans. Indra Dev thinks Vyaktagandha should forget everything. Mahadev wont even give him a place anywhere!

Shani reaches his home in jungle. He senses his mother’s presence and is pleasantly surprised to see her there. His smile disappears. She says I am bad mother. You must be thinking what kind of a mother you got. He denies. I am thinking how bad a son I am who always gives pain to a mother who loves him so much. I hurt you so much that you had to punish me in the end! She hugs him and cries. I couldn’t save my son ever. He only has saved me always. He wipes her tears. Mothers are the biggest shield of her kids. You have always protected me. Chhaya says I want you to be right before my eyes always. Come home. Shani refuses. If I go back then it will be a disrespect of the punishment given by you. Chhaya says there cannot be a bigger pain for a mother when her son refuses to come after being called by her. Come son.

Yam is in jungle. He hears a sound which announces war on earth. He wonders who is fighting with whom on earth and hides in the bushes. He notices Asuras attacking earth.

Kakol calls out for Shani. He falls down while running. Shani helps him stand. Chhaya asks him if everything is fine. Kakol shares that he saw a large group of Asuras going towards earth. They were talking about killing someone. Shani says it must be related to the creation of humans. What could be the connection? Chhaya panics thinking of Yam. They are going to kill Humans. Yam will surely stop them and then! Shani tells her to calm down. Inform Surya Dev. I will go on earth to protect Yam.

Precap: Humans get attacked on earth by Asuras. Shani decides to go and save his brother. Shani lifts an unconscious Yam in his arms. I am responsible for Yam’s condition.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Not so good episode but fine

  2. nice epi..waiting for next epi,and next weak epi.because sangya-chhaya truth came out infront of suryadev..waiting wait..

  3. RSR

    Is it only me, that I always find this show drowning me deep in it. I’m getting addicted to it with each episode. And today, It made me bit emotional when Shani gesture his hand to smile looking tearfully at Sandhya. It touche. About, Sandhya and Chhaya’s confrontation, it was splendid. I just loved it. Waiting for the next episode…

  4. Vajra-SG29

    Upcoming episodes .. ⬇⬇

    Episode – 54
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 19 Jan Set Alert
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    Shani leaves to rescue Yam. Chhaya tells Sanghya that her son will save Yam. Later, the asuras approach Shani and Yam. Shani asks Yam to be with him.

    Episode – 55
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 20 Jan Set Alert
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    A fight takes place between Indra and Shukracharya. Yam and Shani are isolated. Yam tells Shani to go back and not follow him.

    Episode – 56
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 23 Jan Set Alert
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    There is no synopsis available for this episode.

  5. i just loved this show very much…. and i’m so happy to watch every episode with too much curiosity…. thanks to everyone who are working with it.

  6. I have been a big fan of Lord Shani for many years. But, I know a very little about him. This serial is fantastic each and every episode. What I like most out of the serial is Mother & Son Affection (between Shani & Chayya), Shani going many tough times through his life & Shani’s vow for being neutral (no foe or friend). It is difficult to be neutral for any person or god except Shani. I am eagerly waiting for the episode where entire universe will know that Shani is born for a particular reason and when Shani takes his weapon, surya knows about Shani’s greatness etc., Eagerly waiting for all these episodes.

    Can anyone tell me how to download the serial. I want to save it for future. I already managed to download two episodes, but I forgot how I downloaded it.

  7. I’am a biggest fan of this show. I’am watching Shani from its first episode. And now a days I used to fight with my sister and brother to watch Shani. I just love this show very much.
    Waiting eagerly for next episode…

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