Shani 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shani 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sun rises in sky. Indra Dev asks Surya Dev till when he was going to hide this secret. Think what will happen if this news went out that your wife leaves every night in dark. People will gossip then. Will you shed some light on this now? Surya Dev looks at him angrily. First, learn another secret associated with Surya. Those who stay away die because of the cool. Plus, those who come too near to Surya get burn. It is wise to maintain a distance from Surya. Indra Dev backtracks feeling scared. You are threatening your friend? Surya Dev says I am only reminding you. A line is maintained between friends too. It becomes suffocating when you come too close. I never intervened in your family matters. I expect you to do the same. I trust my wife fully and love her a lot. She is always near me. I would want every eye to be away from her, be it of Sahastra-netra (of Indra Dev’s eye). Indra Dev tries to say something but Surya Dev shows him the door. Indra Dev leaves upset.

Chhaya wakes up. She finds Shani sitting by the lake and calls out to him. Dint you sleep last night? He says I saw you sleeping peacefully. Maybe you were really tired yesterday. Sleep a little more. She denies. it is time for puja. I must go. She turns to go when he asks if this is still not the right time to answer his questions. He replies that that time will come soon. Shani requests his mother not to go for puja today. She says what happened. He says I don’t know. An unknown fear is telling me this. She smiles. This is it! Your courage slept in a day? Last night you were teaching me how to face your fears. You got scared in the morning? I know you worry for your mother’s safety. I know you want to spend entire day with your mother. I also know you worry as you dint sleep entire night caring for me. Take some rest. Your worries and tiredness will go then. I am always with you. I will be back before you wake up. She kisses him on the forehead and heads towards the curtains. He asks her if she is hiding something from him. Chhaya is pained but lies to him. Why will I hide something from my son? She smiles for his sake. But my son is surely hiding something from me – your smile. Take rest now. She goes behind the curtain. Shani caresses the stone.

Chhaya is hurrying out of the jungle. Kakol wakes up and sees her rushing out somewhere.

Shani keeps looking at the stone. Kakol asks him to come out. Shani signals him to be quiet. Kakol asks him to come. We will play. I will show you around. Shani signals him to be quiet again. Kakol falls down and makes noise. Shani tells him to be quiet. Mother is praying inside. Her concentration will break. Kakol says she went outside. Shani stares at him so Kakol goes quiet. I saw her leaving. Shani explains that she prays behind the curtains from sunrise till sunset. Kakol is puzzled. Maybe I was mistaken. He falls down once again. Shani asks him why he is smiling like this. You don’t smile like this always? Kakol replies that it happens anytime. We must not talk loudly. Shall I leave? Shani asks him where he is going. Kakol says I am a bird. I will fly around and come back. Kakol goes.

Kakol thinks of what Shani said and what he saw. Who did I saw leaving then? He turns into crow and flies out of jungle. Where is Shani’s mother going to? He sees her changing her avatar (clothes) magically and follows her.

Chhaya reaches palace. Kakol peeks at her from a distance. What is she doing in Surya Mahal? Chhaya asks for Yam and Yami. A Daasi shares that they aren’t in their rooms since morning. Chhaya wonders where they are then.

Yam and Yami come to the Shani’s house. Yami is scared what if they come face to face with that Asura again. Yam assures her. we have to find out why mother comes here every night. Who was she talking to last night?

Asuras continue looking for Shani. Shani hears some noise. They must be the same Asuras whose footsteps I heard last night. They dint leave. I will have to go now. He notices that the curtain is bit parted. He goes towards the curtains. Yam and Yami are there. Yami is scared. Shani covers the curtains without peeking inside. He hears some voice again and turns.

Yam removes the curtain. He does not see Shani here but is sure someone lives here. It is no Asura. He takes Yami with her. Yam comes back to close the curtain.

Asuras finds Shani. Finally you have been found. Shani says you failed to scare me. Asura says it is important to scare. Those who are fearless call troubles on themselves. Fear saves life. Shani denies. Fear snatches us from the power to think and act correctly. It only ends up life faster. Asura says I haven’t come here to hear your lecture but to take you with me. Acharya has called you. Shani says my answer is no. He should come himself if he wants to meet me. Don’t shout too much. My mother is praying. No hindrance should come in her prayer. Asura turns into his butterfly avatar. I am not used to hearing no.

Yam hears some sound. Yami is scared. I want to go home. Yam tells her not be afraid. Come with me.

Asura tries to attack Shani but he holds him. Come on the right path or I will have to do so. Asura says it is your death. Shani stares at the Asura. You dint come here following your Guru’s orders. You came to prove you are better and more powerful than Dambnaad.

Yam and Yami follow the sound.

Kakol has returned to jungle. He notices Yam and Yami. I haven’t seen them before. Their clothes indicate that they belong to a royal family. He remembers seeing Chhaya going in Surya Mahal and asking for Yam and Yami. Are they related to Shani’s mother?

Precap: Shani removes the curtain and only finds Kakol there. I demand to know where mother is. Kakol says she must be around. Shani demands to know truth. Kakol says she isn’t here but I know where she is. Shani comes to Surya Loka and is shocked to see Chhaya there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

We recommend

    good episode …
    highlight of the episode is Suryadev & indrdev scene….

    asura name “VYAKTH GAND”
    (he is acting very well..?)

    i think precap scene air on Monday….
    TfFWU Pooja…?

  2. wow surya dev ne indradev ki bolti bandh ki same precap kakol was so funny he is the one who knows the truth of shani shani dev ka attitude was nice fantastic performance by shani SHANI DEV KI JAI HO where is orginial sandhya? will she come back or not wat will suryadev do when he knows that this is chayya? anyone knows abt this so share the information


      sandhya was going to thapasyya…..?
      [ kyoun ki suryadev ka taap???( i mean heat) sehaneki shakthi paane ke liye ]

      but, when she will comeing i dont know..?☺

  3. Waiting for tmw episode..

  4. nice concept

  5. Nandhini

    Shani dev is too intelligent! He found out the real intention of the butterfly asura? that he wants to prove him more powerful than Dumbnaad! Hii friends!!?? Hii santhosh! Thank you for giving me the link to find answers!??surya dev showed indra dev his limits where he crossed for spying his abode…its wrong to watch or interfere in one’s family matters without their permission…waiting eagerly for the precap…



      1. butterfly asura mame “Vyktha gandh” ?

      2. Dumbnaad nahi “DHAMMANAATH”..?

      1. hy santhosh.

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