Shani 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Hanuman frees Chhaya!

Shani 17th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Sometimes, during problems, one has to do something which is logically incorrect. Shani teaches that in such situations one should keep their karma, mind and words are assimilated then no problem will befall on them. ||

Simhika tells Mali-Sumali to go ahead. They attack the army of Gods. Devraj tells his arm to retort but Simhika catches hold of everyone’s shadows. Asuras kill Gods easily. Surya Dev is about to react but she warns him against it. Don’t diminish your light as Yam is still under my spell. Devraj wonders how to attack Mali-Sumali. Mahadev himself will come to fight with me.

Surya Dev hears Kakol’s voice. Simhika and Surya Dev look up. Devraj also smiles seeing Shani. Mali-Sumali stop in their tracks. Shani stares at them. They point out that they were informed Shani is on their side. He is on the opposite side. We cannot fight. We are indebted to Shani. Mali reasons that they cannot forget their promise to Simhika. We must also not forget that entire Dev Loka will become ours. Let’s keep fighting. Narayan appears there just then. Simhika welcomes him coldly. I was waiting for you only. I will take revenge for my father and my son in one go. I will write a new chapter in the history of Asuras. This time you will become my servant.

Hanuman gives last warning to Makarasur. Makarasur is sure no one can defeat him in his home. Hanuman holds his hand. Makarasur is unable to free himself. Hanuman says you can go anywhere but now this very power will take you to death. You cannot go anywhere till I leave your hand. None of your maya will help now. He begins to hit him with his other hand. Makarasur limps. Hanuman pushes him deep in earth. Makarasur panics. Hanuman repeatedly pushes him deeper. This is your punishment for bringing Mata Chhaya here. This will be your death. You will be stuck in the bottom of Talatal for forever. Makarasur passes out. Hanuman goes in search of Mata Chhaya.

Shani requests Mali-Sumali to stop the war. I know you are innocent and have fallen in Simhika’s trap. Please wake up. Sumali tells him to step out of his way. Mali seconds Shani. Don’t forget how much he has done for us. Mali is tempted to gain control over Dev Loka. I will fulfil it at any cost. Narayan tells him to remember that his boon should not be misused. Mali says who said I need that boon. Narayan says you will be responsible for whatever happens next. Simhika tells him against it but Vishnu aims his Sudarshan Chakra at Mali. Sumali shouts for Mahadev. Help! Mali is beheaded. Simhika and Sumali are shocked to see Mali dead. Sumali shakes his head in disbelief. My brother cannot die! Mahadev promised me. My brother cannot die! Mahadev and Brahma Dev also appear there. Sumali reminds him of his promise. You said you will protect us whenever someone will attack us. Are you trying to tell the world that Tridev can break their promise as per their wish? Mahadev suggests Karamfaldata to answer. Shani says I cast Drishti on both of you so you could get the blessing of your tapasya; I stood against everyone as your karmas were good but Mali became arrogant because of his boon. He himself said he does not need the shield of his boon in this fight which is why the boon did not protect him. Mahadev dint break his promise. Mali’s arrogance took his life.

Sumali cries for his brother. Simhika insists that he was a martyr. Now we will take revenge for Asuras. Now neither Tridev nor Shani will be able to do anything. I still have control over Shani’s mother’s life.

Hanuman finds Mata Chhaya. You came from there so you don’t have to feed me? I don’t leave such invitations ever. I came here all the way looking for you. He requests her to step back. She willingly does so. He frees her. Mata Chhaya asks about Shani. Is everything fine? Hanuman is sure Shani will set everything right now as she has been found. Let’s leave. Hanuman expands his size and asks her to step on his palm. She does as told. He tells her to keep her balance. You will be flying really fast. She nods. They fly back towards Surya Loka. Hanuman says Simhika wont be able to do anything to us now.

Simhika tells Shani to fulfil her 2 wishes if he loves his mother. One, tell Vishnu to unite my son’s body once again. Vishnu keeps a condition to do so. You must free all Gods for the same. She refuses to free Surya Dev’s family. Vishnu accepts her condition. Simhika frees everyone else. She warns Vishnu not to cheat this time. Vishnu agrees to make Rahu and Ketu Swarbhanu again. Make sure no hindrance comes in the process. She agrees. Rahu and Ketu stand next to Shani. Brahma Dev fixes Rahu’s body. Simhika asks for Sudarshan Chakra next. I want to use it once. Vishnu allows her to use it once. Simhika orders Sudarshan Chakra to behead Shani.

Chhaya says I feel Shani is in trouble. Hurry up please!

Sudarshan Chakra leaves Narayan’s hand. Surya Dev looks at Shani tensed. Kakol shouts his name in concern. Surya Dev requests Narayan not to let it happen.

Chhaya prays for Shani’s well being.

Sudarshan Chakra stops near Shani. Simhika calls it cheating. Shani says it is Sudarshan Chakra. It just doesn’t hearing someone’s name. It depends on their karmas and a motive. Describe the karmas of the one who you want to be cut. She begins to describe Shani’s karmas (his casting eclipse on Surya Dev; who cheated his mother; because of whom his son’s body was cut into two; because of whom I had to use my powers for revenge).

Precap: Shani and Hanuman get into a fight. Later, Hanuman pours oil over Shani.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Raunak

    This is obvious now ! That the Great Sudarshan Chakra will cut Rahu’s Head Again !

    Because Rahu was the one who tried to caste eclipse on Surya, tried cheating Simhika by telling false deeds of Shani, was the victim of his own head getting cut and because of which simhika had to use her powers

  2. Anxiously waiting for the next episode.

  3. very bad that the actor in shani role has not changed as grown up

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