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Shani heads towards the poison. He is about to sip it when Mahadev tells him to stop. Everyone folds hands in reverence. Mahadev says I am really happy with you. You again proved that Tridev’s dint make a mistake in making you Karamfaldata. This poison isn’t for you though. It is my karma to drink this poison. Shani is surprised. Your karma? Mahadev nods. Karma and actions are interdependent. They reflect each other. It was Tridev’s idea to do Manthan. Whatever comes out will be borne by us only. I will have to drink this poison to make the world believe that bad thoughts come out of your mind before good thoughts settle in just like poison comes out of Sagar before Amrit. Narayan points out that it is Halahal. You wont be able to escape the ill effects of Halahal. Mahadev tells him he isn’t unaware of it. Don’t forget that I am incomplete without my Shakti. My Shakti will always come to complete me and manage me whenever something goes wrong. She wont let her Shiv die.

Shani steps back. Mahadev gathers Halahal in his hands. I am sure Shakti you will always be with me to complete me.

Mahakali is shown running towards the sea. On the other hand, Mahadev drinks Halahal. His face and body slowly begins to turn blue under poison’s effect. Everyone looks on in shock. Shani has tears in his eyes. No! Narayan points out that Halahal has made Mahadev unstable thereby making the world unstable. World will end if this continues. Shani recalls Mahadev’s words. Shani says only Mahakali can stabilise Mahakaal. Narayan agrees. Mahakali is present now as Mahakaal’s helper. They all look up and see Mahakali coming there. Mahadev is in pain. He opens his eyes and finds Mahakali staring at him in shock / concern. She holds his neck with her hands and he turns back to normal except for his throat. She notices the poison gathering in his throat. Everyone looks a bit relieved.

Mahadev says Shankar is the one who does not doubt. I had no doubt that you would come whenever I will need you. Mahakali looks at the Gods and Asuras angrily. Who forced Mahakaal to drink poison? Her anger becomes evident as she takes Raudra avatar. All this happened because of them (Gods and Asuras). I will finish them! Mahadev tells her to stop. Be it Amrit or poison, we have to sometimes accept it because of our karma’s and actions. All of them are present here because of their karmas while I am here because of my responsibility. She refuses to let them go. I will drink their blood. Mahadev again requests her to calm down. Amidst all of them, there is one person who is my representative, my Ansh; who follows the path showed by me. Attacking him would be like attacking me only. Look at him and tell me if you will attack me. Mahakali notices Shani and calms down. Her weapons disappear. Mahadev thanks Mahakali for saving the world. You are Shiv’s Shakti. This is your duty. You will attack or kill to protect only. Attacker has to be protector too. Narayan seconds him. You saved the world by drinking poison. World will always remember you and pray to this avatar of yours as Neelkanth. Tridev’s disappear.

Shani turns to Rahu. Did you see what Mahadev did? This is why he is Mahadev. He drank the poison himself and saved everyone. You just want Amrit for yourself! Rahu says what then. He liked poison so he drank it. I like Amrit. Shani says taste only drives you on the wrong path. There is still time. Come on the right path. Rahu pays no heed. Shani suggests everyone to start churning sea once again. Indra Dev keeps a condition. It will resume only when our condition is met. Asuras dint take what they got. Now it will be our turn to get whatever comes out of Manthan. Shani justifies his wish. Do you accept it Rahu? Rahu relents.

Devi Sanghya tells Yami of Mahadev’s act. He drank Halahal to save the world. You could have given some drops to SHani too! Yami reasons that they wouldn’t have affected Shani in any way. A mother’s hatred is the biggest poison for a kid. You have given him enough poison all your life. After all this hatred, he only deserves Amrit. He will surely get Amrit. Devi Sanghya shakes her head. Not at any cost!

Shani watches Gods and Asuras churning the sea once again. A bright light emanates and this time Amrit comes out of the sea. Everyone looks at the kalash. Indra Dev keeps talking. Gods got Amrit finally! Rahu is irked. I did all the hard work. I acted nice with Gods to get Amrit and now they will get it? I wont let it happen. I wont let it get out of my hands. Amrit will always be mine!

Precap: Shani says we must do something to stop Rahu but what should we do. Narayan tells Shani everyone has a weakness. The biggest weakness is Kama (excessive passion for s*xual pleasure).

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  1. Kamalanayani

    So Narayan’s Mohini avatar is going to come to distract Rahu ??????
    I have never heard this specific for Rahu. Mohini comes to distract overall asuras only…
    Eagerly waiting to know what is gonna happen tomorrow …..

    1. Because you need to understand this show isn’t the absolute correct word of what REALLY happened. It’s just a show, with actors. Half of what it shows is to create drama and may not be correct. A show is not a reliable source of information for real historical or religious facts at all. One such fault is that many sources say Shani is the older brother of Yama, but in this show he is younger. So who knows if this part is correct or not.

  2. Md.Manzurul Islam



    Show Synopsis
    The story revolves around the life of Lord Shani, who is known for his wrath, and how he is guided by his mentors Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.
    Episode Synopsis
    Episode – 116
    09:00 AM – 09:30 AM, 18 Apr Set Alert
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    Shani says that he will consume the poison which has come out of ‘amrit manthan’. But as Shani is about to have it, Mahadev stops him and tells him that he will have it.
    Episode – 117
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 18 Apr Set Alert
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    The devas are angry with Shani over Rahu taking the amrit. As a guard tries to take the amrit from Rahu, four drops fall down. The four drops get scattered in four different directions.
    Episode – 118
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 19 Apr Set Alert
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    As Mohini dances, all the asuras think that they are dancing with her. Rahu has also been hypnotised by her. Mohini sees this and takes the amrit ‘kalash’ with a smile and unlocks the door.
    Episode – 119
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 20 Apr Set Alert
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    A ‘chakra’ appears in Mohini’s hands and cuts off Rahu’s head before he is able to swallow the amrit. Everyone is shocked on seeing the separation of Rahu’s head from the rest of his body.
    Episode – 120
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 21 Apr Set Alert
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    Shani says that Shukracharya should drink the amrit. Surya supports Shani. Shukracharya drinks the amrit. Shani is happy. However, it is revealed that Indra has a plan.
    Episode – 115
    09:00 AM – 09:30 AM, 24 Apr Set Alert
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    Shani asks Lakshmi to choose a side. Lakshmi chooses Vishnu. Lakshmi appears besides Trinity where Mahadev says that he is really proud of Shani.


    What Does The Fearsome Lord Shani Want From His Devotees?

    What Shani Dev wants from devotees – According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Shani (Saturn) is the son of Lord Surya (Sun) and his wife, Chhaya (Shadow).

    He is also known as Chhayaputra (Son of Shadow). He is the most feared God and is known to ruin the person upon whom he sets his eyes. He is also known to spread negativity. He rides a buffalo or a crow (or vulture) and is the King of all the 9 planets.

    None of the planets can bestow any blessing if He creates any obstruction.

    Such is His power.

    Now, these are all beliefs. What if these are only myths? What if there lies a deeper meaning?

    We need to take positives out of the negativity of Saturn. Has anyone ever thought what Shani Dev wants from devotees. Well, he’s not your enemy, but a teacher who poses challenges but also helps you overcome them if you make an effort on your part. As they say, God helps those who help themselves.

    Time to discover and focus on what Shani Dev wants from devotees? –

    What Shani Dev wants from devotees –

    He wants us to maintain discipline in our daily lives. Taking bath on time and keeping ourselves clean, tidying up and de-cluttering our room, following our daily routine including studies, work and exercise sincerely, are all a must. And anyway, if there’s no discipline, you can achieve nothing in your life.

    Hard Work
    Lord Shani appreciates hard work. After all, He’s the God of Karma (Deeds). No matter what you do, hard work is necessary and there are no shortcuts to success. Shani Dev will gift you the sweet fruit of labour.

    Now, this is really important. Leading a simple life devoid of extravaganza also matters to Shani. We must be simple people with an uncomplicated nature and if possible, eat simple food as well. We must value what we have as well. Yes, it’s always good to be simple and sorted, but in this world full of colourful and extravagant distractions, it looks difficult.

    Telling the truth always expands the good effects of Shani, whereas, lying suppresses them. In this age full of a web of lies and hypocrisy, it’s a big challenge and achievement to be true to yourself. Also, if you tell the truth, you are at peace and don’t have to tell another lie to cover up the previous one.

    Saturn causes ample delays to test our patience. Hence, one has to be tenacious enough to persevere. One has to continue with his work and leave the rest to Him. The more you force the in-waiting, the more delays occur. So, wait for the right moment.

    Facing Reality
    Shani shows you the real state you are in and it is you who is responsible for it, whether you’re rich or a pauper. It’s important to face that reality and plan and move on instead of adopting the path of escapism and remaining in the ideal world filled with wishful thinking. Hence, learn to face the reality head-on.

    Good Deeds
    Shani loves people who are kind and nice towards others, especially the poor and the needy. Any activity like charity and volunteering for a good cause more than helps in making Shani happy. Besides this, you should respect your parents and other elders, and always be ready to help and assist people. If you’re rude, unkind and disrespectful, and indulge in any sort of criminal act, malpractice, vanity or bad deeds, Shani is offended and you have to bear the consequences.


    Great command over any language
    Creativity and Imagination
    Quick in everything
    Rewards in the form of fame, money and good health

    Fights in the household
    Laziness and Pessimism
    Slow pace
    Madness, Moodiness or Depression
    No credit, empty pockets and ill health

    Light a lamp with sesame or mustard oil in front of the idol of Shani Dev and chant the Shani Mantra – ‘Om Shang Shanaishcharaye Namah’ every Saturday
    Avoid eating non-veg and consuming alcohol on Saturdays
    Worship Lord Hanuman
    Wear black or dark blue on Saturday
    Every Saturday, pour mastard oil on a peepal tree branch and if possible, worship the tree before sunrise
    Feed crows sweet Roti on Saturdays
    Don’t forget being and doing good
    This is what Shani Dev wants from devotees – Want to avoid the Sade-Sati (seven and a half years) of Shani in your life? Then please follow these tips. Even if you do not want to follow these remedies, keep in mind the good and bad effects of Saturn and do the daily simple things Shani Dev wants you to. It will work wonders. Lord Shani, just like any other God, wants you to worship Him and indulge in good Karma. Doing both will purify you by cleansing you of negativity.

    This will give you immense satisfaction and make you feel content and complete.

    Just try and see the magic !


    Astrology & Shani dev
    According to Vedic astrology, Shani Bhagavan is one of the nine Navagraha or planets. Shani is considered to be the strongest malefic and a stern teacher who represents patience, effort, endeavour, and endurance; and who brings restrictions and misfortunes. However, a favourably-placed Shani on the horoscope of a person stands for a strong career, healthy life and everything positive for that person. In fact, a well-placed Shani in one’s horoscope is something every astrology-believing Hindu hopes for, as no other ‘graha’ can bestow what a favourable Shani can. Shani placed “unfavourably”, on the other hand, denotes troubles in all of the above. Shani is much feared by those Hindus who believe in astrology, as the “malefic” effects of his being unfavourably placed can be quite severe. However, it is to be remembered that any pleasure or pain that befalls a person during Shani’s influence is not arbitrary; rather, it is the result of the person’s own karma, now being manifested in the “presence” of Shani. Thus an “unfavourably-placed” Shani brings about the harsh results of one’s bad karma, and vice-versa.The diseases which Lord Shani gives are decay,constriction,poor blood supply,atrophy,etc. and at mental level narrow mind,low thinking.These diseases need to be cured by Lord Shani rules and regulations only.
    The planet Shani or Saturn revolves around the Sun in about 30 years, which means it passes through all the 12 rashis or moonsigns in 30 years. Thus Shani Bhagavan spends on an average about two and half years in each rashi or moonsign. This movement of Shani through the moonsigns carries great importance in Hindu astrology and horoscope predictions. The effect of Shani starts when it enters the previous rashi/moonsign to one’s own birth rashi and stops when it leaves the rashi /moonsign after one’s birth rashi. The total period of 7.5 years (2.5 years × 3) is called Saadesaati or “Elanata Shani”, and is typically a period of great difficulty. When it occurs for a person foregoing Shani Maha Dasha the malefic effects of the planet are highly pronounced. It is said that Shani can reduce even a king to a pauper during such period.
    Shani rules the signs Makara (Capricorn) and Kumbha (Aquarius), is exalted in Tula (Libra) and is debilitated in Mesha (Aries). Mercury, Venus, Rahu, Ketu are considered friendly towards Shani or Saturn, while the Sun, Moon and Mars are enemies. Guru or Jupiter maintains neutral relations with Shani. Shani is the lord of three nakshatras or lunar mansions: Pushya, Anuradha and Uttara Bhadrapada.
    Shani Bhagavan has the following associations: his color is black or dark blue, metal is iron and gemstone is Blue Sapphire. His element or tattva is air, direction is west (where the sun sets and darkness begins) and he rules all seasons. The traditional foods for Shani are sesame seeds or black gram, black lentils or udad, his flower is the violet and he is linked to all black animals and all trees that are considered useless and ugly.
    Shani rules over masses. Without the planet’s blessings in one’s horoscope, a mass following is difficult to come by. It is said that an exalted Saturn in the ascendant (or Lagna) of one’s horoscope awards one with such leadership position entailing fame from and recognition among masses. More over, such people are said to have high commitment and perseverance for the task at hand. On the other hand, a debilitated Saturn in one’s horoscope makes one’s ‘Karma’ weak and such individual with debilitated Saturn is said to have poor commitment and perseverance towards duties and hence suffers in the process of completing one’s karmic obligations. Hence ‘Moksha’ is difficult to come by without Shaniswara’s blessings in one’s horoscope.
    Lord Shaniswara is also known as Needhiman(Judge). He only troubles the person during his dasa for the wrong doings. Even in Shani Dosha, if a person is Righteous & Devoted he is sure to come out of this period without any ill effects.
    Lord shaniswara is more known for his blessings than his ill effects.No other graha is comparable with Lord Shani in terms of blessings. He showers with his blessings at the end of his dasha.His Adi-Devata is Prajapati and Pratyadi-Devata is Yama. Lord Shani tests the person patience, He tries to correct our immoral acts by creating frustrations, and delays. In the end He makes one conscious enough to understand the mistakes. He removes ignorance from mind by punishment, the benefits that He matures the soul of being and person turns copper to gold from within i.e. he begins to understand the Truths of life, the futility of his actions done out of ignorance. One comes to understand after Lord Shani periods that not much is in control of human beings. It is all Divine acting on human beings through the agents of Gods. Lord Shani is the greatest purifier,everything false will perish and only Truth will shine, that is His message. People born on number 8 are ruled by Lord Shani in numerology. It is a proven fact that number 8, 26 born on any month will have hardships in their life. The hardship have a purpose and it is important to identify the purpose in this lifetime. Remedies of appeasing Shani,includes taking responsibility of wrong actions,self-analysis and hard work.Donation of blue cloth on Saturdays and serving poor also helps.

    1. Kamalanayani

      I am so proud that Shani dev is my Raashi Naath (He is the king of my Raashi)

      But still I am having few of the ill effects of Shani dev (Stated in Madushree’s former update)
      I want to change the flow of my karmas in a good way. Not for me or for the good effects of the karmas but only to get good impression about me in Shani dev’s heart.
      I know that is enough for me and will bestow me whatever I deserve and I will be happy with that.


    Today’s episode was very nice. I really really hate DEVI SANGHYA. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

  7. Sandya(mai itni bhi buri nahi hu)

    Hey everyone here’s one request pls don’t hate goddess sandya because inreality she’s not bad as they shown in show she was good mother towards everyone including god shani so pls just don’t focus what they show in serial and Start hating her pls it’s a request

  8. Chaaya

    Correct most important is Vairagya!!!

  9. Chaaya

    Shani helps one to burn their Karmas. We strive for true Moksha.

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