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Shani announces that he drops the plan to go for this competition. I wont go! Surya Dev says you agreed to go and now that it is time to leave you refuse to go. What happened suddenly? Dev Vishwakarma too asks Shani the reason behind his decision. Shani says you have to tell me the reason. Mother’s wound hasn’t healed till now. Why dint it heal yet? Chhaya covers her hand. Surya Dev asks Shani what new excuse this is. Shani says if a kid’s concern for his mother appears to be an excuse to someone then I don’t care. I care about mother’s wound. Why dint it heal yet? Surya Dev is taken aback. He checks Chhaya’s hand. You dint think it was important to inform us about this wound? She fumbles. Surya Dev asks Dev Vishwakarma why this wound isn’t healing. What kind of wound this is? Chhaya

looks at Dev Vishwakarma. Indra Dev says it is a wound. It would heal. Dev Vishwakarma is treating it. It is important to go for the competition though. Surya Dev tells him to stop and repeats his question at Dev Vishwakarma. Dev Vishwakarma says it wasn’t a usual storm. It was mayavi and the wound will also take time to heal. There is nothing to worry though. Indra Dev tells Shani it will heal. We should heal. Shani agrees to join him once the wound heals. Indra Dev says I was insulted last time because of my mistake but this time! I told Devguru I will bring both your sons for the competition. If Shani wont go now then I will be insulted. It will also anger Devguru. Surya Dev seconds him. Devguru is Acharya of all Gods. You cannot disrespect him. Shani says you said right. Guru cannot be disrespected which is why I wont leave my mother. She is my biggest and first Guru. Surya Dev warns him to stay in his limits. Shani replies that he knows his limits well. I also want everyone else to stay in theirs. Chhaya tells Shani to go. He says how I can leave you. Here, no one even knows you are unwell. No one has a solution to it too. Who will take care of you if I leave? Surya Dev offers to do it. Till now I dint know but now I will make sure she gets well. There is no wound in the world which cannot be treated by sun’s light. Indra Dev adds fuel to fire. Seems like Shani neither trusts his father’s power nor his words. Shani says parents are Gods for kids who they trust fully. I have faith that you (Surya Dev) wont let that trust break. I am ready to go but before that I need to speak to mother in private. He takes her with him.

Shani shows the same stone to his mother that she had given to him. You remember what you had told me when you gave it to me? They think of that time. I kept it with me always but you need it more than me now. You may not say it but it is truth that you will feel lonely without me. He keeps it on the table. That curtain in our home in jungle was not just a curtain. It was my hope to find you whenever I will remove it. Similarly, look at the stone and think I am not far from you. You will find me right behind the curtain of your room. Chhaya gets emotional. This is a son’s promise. This is Shani’s promise. They hug. She says I know my son wont break his promise. You made a promise to me. Now I ask you for something more – promise me you will complete this task. You wont leave it in between and return. If you don’t complete it then my love and upbringing will be questioned. He agrees to try as hard as he can. She tells him it is time to leave. Shani tells her to always remember. You will find me here whenever you will move this curtain. He goes.

Yam and SHani reach Indra Loka. Devguru tells them they have come late. We don’t welcome late comers. You should know the time of mahurat. Yam looks angrily at Shani. Shani remarks that you don’t see time if the motive / deed is good. If coming late is a hindrance then the task becomes a question itself. I am sorry. Devguru asks him if he knows the meaning of apologizing. Shani nods (looking at Indra). That mistake is not to be repeated again. Devguru addresses all kids gathered there. You all have come to participate in the competition for Dharmaraj position. Competition wont be easy. It will analyse you at every step. You will have to go in a vyuh which will be full with riddles and puzzles. You will come across questions at every point. You have to answer every question well. Yam asks him where this is. Indra Dev shares that they all are already standing in the circle of riddles. He unveils it for everyone. You are welcome here. Everyone looks inside. Yam asks what will happen here. Devguru says the door ahead will open only if you answer correctly. If you fail, you will get stuck there itself. Whoever comes out first and touches my feet will be the winner. He only will be made Dharmaraj. Shani asks him how much time it will take to complete it. Devguru says it depends on your capability. It can take hours, days, months or even years! Shani thinks to succeed in the shortest possible time. I have to be with mother as she isn’t well. Indra Dev smirks. This will keep you away from your beloved mother for forever. SHani wonders why he feels he should be with mother right now.

Chhaya paces worriedly before Dev Vishwakarma. What will I say to Surya Dev if he finds out the truth? Surya Dev says this is my question. What explanation do you have? Your wound isn’t healing. You are in pain. Your father and son know this but not your husband. Why? What’s the explanation for this? You hid this from me which is why Shani blamed me! Do you have an answer to this? Chhaya says I dint want to trouble you unnecessarily. Father is treating me. Surya Dev says I came to check that only. Give me your hand. there is no would which cannot be healed by my light. She gives her hand in his tensed. Surya Dev says Shani was right. Your wound is increasing even after being treated by Dev Vishwakarma. Dev Vishwakarma says some wounds take time to heal. Surya Dev is surprised to see his herbs failing. My light / warmth will surely help you. He uses his energy to treat her but it takes more energy than what he had thought of. It puzzles him. Her hand gets back to normal. Surya Dev says I did it. It is a good answer for your upfront son. when he returns, tell him that Surya does what he says! He leaves from there.

Chhaya notices Dev Vishwakarma little tensed. Aren’t you happy? He says I might be. This treatment isn’t going to last. This wound will return as per the progress Sandhya makes in her tapasya. I just hope it takes maximum possible time.

Devguru tells the kids the rules. One, whatever you see in the puzzle (thing or person) may or may not be actually real. They can deviate you from your path. Use your logic and follow the right path. Second, you will not get an alternative to the question you face in the first place. You wont be able to proceed without answering that question. Once you enter in this vyuh, you will not be able to come out without answering all questions correctly. Indra Dev opens the door to the vyuh for the kids. Devguru says whichever kid accepts the rule can enter in the vyuh. Many kids go in. Shani stands there with doubts on his face. Indra hopes he enters inside once. I will play with you then!

Chhaya looks Kakol who is peeking at the curtains. Why are you here? He says I am waiting for these to be opened. Shani is behind them right? Chhaya thinks of Shani’s words. No, Shani would be in competition right now with Yam.

Devguru asks Yam if he accepts the rules. Yam agrees. There is still time Shani. It wont be of any use to you even if you go inside. I only will win this competition. Shani says that will make me happy as you are my elder brother. I hope you overcome every obstacle. I have to fulfil the promise I made to my mother before that. Yam says I have to live up to my father’s trust. He goes inside the vyuh. Only Shani is left now.

Kakol says Shani said you will find Shani here whenever you will open these curtains. My body is fat but not my brain. This is just a piece of cloth. Chhaya denies. When it stands in front of duty then it hinders kid’s growth. When it becomes love then it helps her kid grow. Every mother should have this curtain before her eyes so her kid can reach every height. She notices him upset. I think you are hungry. She gives him fruits but then feels immense pain. She sees Sandhya reaching closer to her tapasya. She drops the plate in shock. Her hand becomes black once again. Kakol watches it in shock. Surya Dev healed it. How did it come back?

Shani walks towards the entrance of the vyuh.

Chhaya lies to Kakol that there is nothing to worry. It will heal. He says this has only increased. Shani should know. He should see this wound. Wind blows. Chhaya and Kakol look at the curtain. Chhaya takes Shani’s name.

Shani stops in his tracks hearing his mother’s voice. Indra Dev asks him what happened. why did you stop? Go ahead. You promised your mother. Go inside.

Chhaya’s hand is shaking badly. Kakol sugegtss calling Shani but she dismisses it. Wound takes time to heal. I dint cover it. This is why it increased. It will be fine if I will cover it. Kakol is about to say something when Daasi tells her that Surya Dev has called for her. She agrees to be there. Surya Dev treated my wound. It was all fine then. How do I go before him like this now? She tells Kakol she will send food for him. I will just come. Kakol is sure she is hiding something from him about the wound. This isn’t right. I must inform Shani.

Indra Dev keeps telling Shani to move ahead. SHani says I felt as if someone told me to stop. He returns. Indra Dev says I cannot see anyone. don’t waste time. The more you delay, the more you will go away form success. Shani says what I experienced can only be experienced by Shani’s heart and not from Devraj’s 7 eyes. It isn’t important that the one who starts in the end reaches last too. Important is as to how we progressed in the journey and what decisions we took!

Kakol reaches Indra Loka. Indra Dev smirks seeing Shani going in the vyuh. Kakol reaches a moment late. Shani has entered inside the vyuh by then. Kakol shouts his name but in vain.

Yami hugs Chhaya. How are you now? Why are you so sad? You dint step out from your room since 2 days. CHhaya says I am fine. I was missing SHani and Yam. Yami complains that she only cares for her sons. Chhaya says you fill colours here. Yami requests her to feed her then. Chhaya worries about Surya Dev seeing her wound. Surya Dev asks Chhaya to fulfil Yami’s wish. Yami and Chhaya sit down. Surya Dev tells her not to worry for her sons. They are with Devguru. I am sure Yam will win. There will be a grand celebration when he will return. Yami asks Chhaya to feed her. Chhaya has covered her hand as she tries feeding Yami. Yami is unable to eat because of it. She removes the cloth before Chhaya could say anything. Everyone present in the room is shocked to see the wound. Surya Dev checks her wound and is stunned.

Shani is inside the vyuh.

Dev Vishwarkarma tells Surya Dev that Chhaya’s wound cannot heal. Surya Dev refuses to let anything happen to his wife. I will treat it once again. He uses his energy to heal her wound. This time he fails in treating it. Dev Vishwakarma looks on. Surya Dev looks at her hand in disbelief. I can heal any wound! This is impossible! He tries again but she withdraws her hand. Let it be. Stop. Surya Dev asks Dev Vishwakarma why he is unable to cure Sandhya’s wound. Are you both hiding something from me? Dev Vishwakarma accepts that he has hidden a secret from him. You can surely treat your wife but you will have to give up half of your warmth to treat his wife. She is your wife after all! Surya Dev is taken aback.

Precap: Dev Vishwakarma tells Shani that his mother’s cure is in Surya Loka only. Shani replies that Surya Dev will have to give up half of his warmth then. Surya Dev outright refuses!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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