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Indra Dev repeats to Shani that he will have to be away from Surya Loka only for 6 months. Do you understand? Shani nods. I understand your intention and hint completely. Parents can discriminate between their kids and can love either more but their intention is to do their duties equally. Similarly, a kid’s responsibility is same for a kid. I will do my duty. Indra Dev smirks. Shani agrees to take part in the competition. Yam gets upset. Yam says you proposed my name first. Father agreed to send me and now you are ready to go yourself? Shani tells him to remove the feeling of insecurity in his heart. Yam says why will I be afraid or be insecure of you. I will become Dharmaraj. You wont be able to stay there even for a month, forget about 6 months! Indra Dev says what the harm is if they both go

together. like I said earlier, I will be happier if both your sons participate in the competition. How much days are there in 6 months after all!

Chhaya is shocked. 30 days? Dev Vishwakarma advises her to close her eyes and concentrate. You will yourself find out how many days you will live more. She follows his instructions. Devi Sandhya is shown doing tapasya atop a mountain. Chhaya gets disturbed. I have only 30 days left! I shuld give all my time to my son. She folds her hands before Dev Vishwakarma. I request you not to tell Shani any of this. When a mother gives birth, she wishes to spend every second with her kid. It is my bad luck that I wont be able to see my son growing up but it is my good luck that you told me how much time I have left. Now I will spend every second of these 30 days with my Shani. I wont let him go away for even a second.

Kakol asks Shani how this is possible. How can you go for full 6months? How did you accept to leave me? Shani replies that everyone has to make their identities. We have to find our duties and responsibilities. Kakol says my identity is from you. I don’t want any other identity by parting from you. I would inform mother. She wont let you go away from her for so long. Shani is about to react when they see Chhaya coming there. Shani notices the pain on her face. What did Nana Shri say? Will your wound heal? She thinks of her convo with Dev Vishwakarma. Kakol requests her not to let Shani do this. Don’t allow him. Chhaya asks him what he is talking about. Yam comes there to seek her blessing. She blesses him. A mother’s blessing is always with her kid. Yam nods. But you need it when the competition is between two of her kids. Bless me so I can defeat Shani. Devguru Brihaspati has kept a competition. Winner will be made Dharmaraj. I am going to participate in it and so is this Shani. She asks him when. He replies that they will leave tomorrow morning. It will only last for 6 months. She panics. Kakol says this is what I was going to tell you. Don’t let Shani go. Yam says this half bird said the right thing for the first time. Father chose me to go. Plus it is my right. Now SHani thinks he will make father proud by going there! Kakol asks Chhaya why Shani has to go when Surya Dev has chosen Yam. Chhaya and Shani look at each other. Chhaya says our actions (karma) make our future. Sometimes our future makes us do certain things. I cannot come between the karma’s of my son. Shani should go. Shani’s and Kakol’s eyes widen in shock. I will make preps for departure. She leaves from there teary eyed. Yam taunts Shani. I only will win this competition. He goes. Kakol finds it weird that mother has allowed Shani to go. Shani too cannot understand how and why she agreed. There was blessing in her words but there was also pain in her eyes. Why?

Chhaya is in temple. I have been a diligent devotee. Relation is to be taken care of by both sides. Does God have no duty towards devotee? If yes, then why this injustice is being done to me? Is it my mistake to be a shadow of the wife of a God? Is it that I am doing my duties? Or is it that I am a mother and love my kid? Shadow does what body does but will body be able to do what shadow did? I loved Yam and Yami like my own kids. I never differentiated between Shani and them. Will Devi Sandhya be able to love my son equally? Shani calls out to his mother as he enters. Why do I feel your tears are unstoppable today? She lies to him about it. He says it is strange. The thing which helps us see things in light brings tears in our eyes. She says I don’t understand how you think of such big questions in this small age. He says that isn’t my question. I want to know what Nana Shri said about this wound. Chhaya is again thinking of the limited time she has. She wipes her tears and turns to tell him there is nothing to worry. It will heal soon. He asks her why she is upset. She says I am a mother. I am bound to be sad as both my sons are going away from me for such a long tenure. Shani refuses to go if that makes her sad. Chhaya says mother is happy to be with her kid but when her kid stays away and makes her proud by his or her karma’s then it makes her happier. I know you will do your duty by staying here. But I will fail in mine if you don’t go. I know my son cannot see his mother losing. They share a hug.

Indra Dev says it is time to take my revenge. Shani has agreed to come in the competition. He will bid adieu to his mother tomorrow thinking he will meet her soon. But he will soon realise how much it pains to be away from his favourite person or thing. You (Devguru) must make sure the competition is really tough. Shani should not return from here for months. I will make sure every second that he spends here is full of pain for him! Devguru reminds him Shani is a kid. Why be angry on a kid? Indra Dev says I am Devraj Indra. That kid has challenged my prestige. He tried to snatch my crown from me. If he isn’t stopped today then every kid will try this tomorrow! You don’t rule with love and being generous but it works on the principle of fear. It is important to present this example that everyone has to be afraid of Devraj Indra!

Shani and Kakol watch from the door as Chhaya sits with Yam. You are my elder son and Shani’s elder brother. It is your duty to take care of your younger brother in my absence there. Wont you? Yam agrees to follow her orders but don’t expect anything from me when it comes to Shani. Chhaya says Shani does not have a bad heart. His thinking and behaviour is different than you but he has a pure heart. Yam turns to go when she asks him if he wont do this for his mother. I only want you both to be happy together. I don’t even know till when I will live or how much more time I am left with. Shani gets shocked. Yam requests her not to say this ever again. They share an emotional hug. Chhaya notices Shani standing by the door and is taken aback. Did Shani hear all this? Shani goes from there.

Lord Vishnu is in tears. I have never seen such bond of a mother and son. a mother, who knows she has no existence of her own. She only has a motive with which she can raise her son. Her son, who was born to accomplish a big task but does not know what it is, yet his mother is ready to give up herself so he can find his life’s meaning. Brahma Dev says one has to make big sacrifice for achieving big tasks. Mahadev says a sacrifice never goes in vain. It always pays off. Chhaya’s sacrifice will always live in Shani’s soul but our sacrifice (of past) and its outcome in future depends on what we choose. Chhaya chose to sacrifice. We have to see what Shani will choose now!

Chhaya comes to Shani’s room but does not find him there. Don’t know what he heard and understood. She turns to go when she hears the sounds of curtains flapping. She finds Kakol sitting in a corner. She asks him about Shani but he is clueless. He was going somewhere. He told me I cannot accompany him. She asks him if he dint ask where he was off to. Kakol nods. I did but I dint understand his answer. He said he doesn’t like the light of Surya Loka so he is off to shade where he can rest. You rest in your room, right? Chhaya hurriedly leaves.

Chhaya reaches her house in jungle and finds Shani making his bed there. She smiles with relief. Shani asks her how she understood he is here. She says the same way you knew I would come here. Do we have to say something in the relation between mother and kid? He shakes his head. There is a need to do something. I have tied this swing again. Remember how you used to put me to sleep by singing a lullaby for me? That was a lovely time. I have never stayed away from you for this long. Now that I am going away, I thought to come here. My memories are scattered all over here. They hug. Shani requests her to sing the lullaby for him again. Chhaya says you will leave tomorrow morning for a long time. He denies. I will be back soon. She tells him to attain the motive of going to that place. Put your 100%. I want my son to have good position, gain respect and become a big person. You will remember your mother when you grow up? Will you forget me? He is taken aback. Where are you going? She averts his question. I was just asking. You will have your own duties when you grow up. What will you do then? He makes her sit on the swing. I will come here whenever I will be tired. You can sing lullaby for me and put me to sleep. Please sing. Chhaya sings lullaby for him with tears in her eyes. Strong wind blows and she stops singing. Shani sits up. He resumes singing it for her (promising not to leave her ever come what may). He hugs her and she rests her head on his shoulder.

Sun rises in the sky. Shani and Yam come in the hall where everyone else is already gathered. Surya Dev remarks that he proud seeing Surya putra’s participating in the competition. I am sure Surya’s brightness will only increase by the end of the competition. Elder would surely win (patting at Yam’s shoulder). He asks Devi Sandhya to do kid’s tilak. She steps forward. Shani nods at her. Her hand shakes as she does Yam’s tilak with her wounded hand. Shani is shocked to see her condition. Chhaya does his tilak next. He kneels down to take her blessings. He can hear sadness in her voice. Yam takes leave from his father and so does Shani. Surya Dev advises SHani to be careful. Acting upright does not yield good results always. Shani and Yam start going when Kakol hugs Shani. Kakol tells Shani to come back soon. I will wait for you. Yami hugs Yam. You only will become Dharmaraj. Both boys begin to go. Chhaya is pained to see Shani go. How do I tell you that I am seeing you for the last time! Shani stops in his tracks in shock right before he was to cross the threshold, feeling something wrong. He announces that he drops the plan to go for this competition. I wont go!

Precap: Shani says mother’s wound hasn’t healed till now. I wont leave her. Dev Vishwakarma tells Shani that his mother’s treatment can happen in Surya LOka only. Shani remarks that Surya Dev will have to give half of his power. Surya Dev refuses.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. HEART TOUCHING EPISODE lohri part was heart pricking & touching scene indra dev has 2 pay 4 this kakol was nice

  2. Vanshika

    OMG… What an emotional episode.. Thanks for this emotional update pooja di.. Indra dev….. O god he must’ve learnt sum lesson, he still not improved…


    aage pratuyogitha ka kya hoga…..!!???
    yam ko dharmaraaj ka place milega ya nahi…!!??
    i mean yam also called YAMADHARMARAJ na issliye…☺☺☺


  5. Heart melting episode

  6. Supreetha (Soups)

    This is exactly what I hate about Indra! He’s so arrogant and can go to any extent to take revenge!!! But the actor is doing an awesome job….literally makes us hate him. And Shani is awesome as usual. Thanks to Karmaphal Data Shani, my perception of the God has changed. I look at Shani now, as someone who punishes you if you’re wrong and appreciates you if you’re right! Like a parent. Om Shainashchraaya namaha! ???

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      Sorry about the typo….it’s Shanaishcharaaya

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