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Shani 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani comes out from another side of the earth. The kid manages to free himself. He is relieved to see Shani fine too. Asura frees himself. Shani says see even earth does not give shelter to those who are too egoistic. He begins to walk away. The kid follows him, fearing the Asura.

Chhaya keeps calling out for Shani. Where are you son?

Asura pulls the kid using his power. Kid shouts for help from his friend. Shani steps on the power because of which the Asura fails. He ends up falling down on earth.

Kid chases Shani. Asura attacks the kid yet again. Shani notices him losing conscious. He runs in the strom (caused by the Asura) and pulls the kid down safely. He makes him lie down and looks at the Asura. He shouts loud. Kid looks on in shock. Asura is shocked by the power of the Shani’s

shout. He screams Gurudev and then blasts into pieces. Asura dies. Shani looks on.

Surya Dev heads to his throne.

Shani is walking but stops. The kid is following him. Shani tells him to return to his home now as he is safe. Kid says everyone threw me out of the house only. They call me inauspicious. They say, wherever I go, something goes wrong. This is false. No one falls in any problem because of me. Shani turns and looks at a rock. It falls down. Kid smiles. I meant that it never happens always. Something goes wrong with someone once in a while for sure. I am not bad though. Can we be friends? He extends his hand towards Shani but he walks away. Kid feels bad. You think it is a sin to touch me too and that I am inauspicious? You are leaving me as I am ugly? Shani denies. It is because problems follow me always! You aren’t impure but most pure. He keeps his hands on the kid’s shoulders. You are wheatish in complexion but you have a beautiful heart inside. The kid feels a different energy in himself after Shani’s touch. He smiles seeing his body glowing. Friend, your touch gave a new power. This is a sign that I should be with you.

Chhaya continues to look for Shani. She suddenly notices that sun has started to rise and is shocked. Come back son. Sun is about to rise.

Surya Dev starts the process of sunrise. He lets out his energies /rays in the sky.

Shani feels something wrong too.

Chhaya keeps running looking for Shani.

Shani hurries back towards the jungle. He reaches the edge of the mountain and can see sun high in the sky. He takes a few steps back as he decides to jump down in the jungle. Sun has almost risen. Chhaya notices Shani running. She shouts seeing him jump. Shani’s friend follows Shani and holds Shani. Shani notices the sun as he sits on the back of the crow. Sun rises fully in the sky. Shani reaches jungle just in time with the help of his friend.

The kid comes in his human form. Thank you. Shani replies that the one whose life has been saved thanks the other. My life has been saved by you. I should thank you. He senses his mother coming there. Shani advises the kid again to stay away from him. Leave. Kid flies away.

Chhaya begins to scold Shani but he himself accepts his mistake. I went against your order. He holds his stick for her. I will accept your punishment. She takes the stick from him. he extends his hand. She raises her hand but then drops the stick on the ground. She hugs her son. why don’t you understand son? I was so scared. You got hurt yesterday and today! Why did you step out of the jungle? He replies that someone else needed him. She reasons that it isn’t his responsibility to be a part of everyone’s problems. He says responsibilities are to be understood. We must take a stand against something which is going wrong. She calls it a task to be taken care of Gods who made the world. He says world is too big. Gods have other responsibilities too. She says Mahadev is there. He understands his responsibilities well. He replies that maybe MAhadev is waiting for us to realise our responsibilities. Maybe he wants us to take charge and use our powers. She asks him why he wants to take that chance. he says I dint choose it myself. Chance has chosen me. I have chosen to help the one who needs help. I will bring the wrong / sinners on the right path. A mother always worries for her kids’ safety but I am sure my mother will be proud of my choice. Sun has risen. It is time for your prayers. He goes. Chhaya stands there bit shocked by his words. She thinks to leave now.

Surya Dev is surprised to see Indra Dev so early. Indra Dev says I was eager to come last night itself but dint want to intervene. Surya Dev says what happened. Indra Dev replies that Gods had to be defeated for the first time by Gods too. My two servants tried to bring a tree to Swarg Loka but a kid in your Loka attacked them.

Shani looks at the stone as he sits alone. Someone is keeping an eye on him. He notices some movements in the bushes. Who is it? The same kid steps out smiling at him. Shani asks him why he dint leave. Kid says where I could go. I told you I was thrown out of the house. Please keep me here with you. Shani looks at him pointedly. Kid says I will walk around with you a little. Shani says I love peace / silence. Kid says silence makes you think too much. One must have a friend who. Shani reasons that friends hinder our decisions. They come as our power but make us weak instead. I don’t need any friend.

Surya Dev is in thoughts. Indra Dev says it happened in your Loka so I had to come to ask you only for a clear idea. Surya Dev says it is my turn to ask for a clarification. I cannot believe it that Indra Loka’s people have begun to steal things from Surya Loka. Isn’t it called stealing? Indra Dev agrees. My people have been punished too. But my question is who that kid who could attack my Gandharvas was? It can surely not be any ordinary kid.

Precap: Surya Dev gives last warning to Chhaya. Keep him in control or I will let loose my anger. Yam hears them. what are my parents hiding from me? I must find out. Indra Dev too has heard it. They are indeed hiding something but they are forgetting that no one can escape from Indra’s eyes. Guru Shukracharya demands to get that kid anyhow. Chhaya and Shani are together. Yam and Yami come to their house in jungle.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    TffWU Pooja..?

    superbbbbbbbb episode …..??
    amazing VFX effect..??

    i think dammasur ko shukracharya firse zindaa karega. kyoun ki, wo SANJIVINI VIDHYA ka vardaan paaya hai shive ji se…

    1. Nandhini

      Ohh yeah santhosh?…i got the same doubt how could dammasur die so soon because in promo they showed shani dev killing him using his powerful weapon created by vishwakarma…so shukracharya will get to know about dammasur’s demise and will revive him again…

      1. SANTHOSH

        hmmmm, ☺☺
        good observation NANDHINI..??

        jaha tak main jaan tha hoo SHANI kisi ka khoon i mean VADH nahi kiya hai. yeh toh logo ki karam ke anusaar apna roop dikha tha hai chaye woh boora ho ya accha…☺.
        he is not killer only judge of bad r good qualities…

    2. Pooja

      you’re most welcome 😀

  2. First of all Thank you so much Pooja Di for your super fast updates..I was not able to watch Today’s episode because I am having Exams….Indra Dev is tooo much here…Waiting for tmrw’s episode…
    I hope today also I will be the first one to comment..


      ?I hope today also I will be the first one to comment….
      ▶???… yes ur also first PRAKRITI.. ☺☺ hum dono ne cmt ko ek hi time pe kiya hain ..10:10 & 10:10

      also yeh 10:10 time bhi special hain becoz, father of clock?? is “TEN – TEN”…..

    2. Pooja

      Anytime sweetie 🙂 And best of luck for your exams. Do well 🙂

  3. I was not able. to watch today’s episode…Thank you so much Pooja Di for your update.. BTW Happy Children’ Guys… Let’s remember our childhood…Oops, I m child only…Hehehe…You all remember your childhood and I will enjoy my childhood…

    I hope today also I will be the first one to comment..

    1. Nandhini

      Happy childrens day to you too dear!? And all the very best for ur exams! Do perform well!??

      1. Awww…Thank you so much for your wishes Di…Can we be friends??


      best of luck PRAKRITI…
      exams mein acchi mark’s lelo…

  4. Hai Guys coming 2 the episode kid was so funny shani dev’s close eye shot was superb chhayas & shani ‘s lullaby bgm & their sweet conversation really touched my heart i also saw the new promo where indra dev sends his eyes 2 know wat is happening in suryalok waiting 4 nxt

    1. Nandhini

      Yes nayana..indradev’s close up eye shot was superb.?

      1. SANTHOSH

        totally VFX ???…

        i like more & more..

  5. Nandhini

    I am waiting for the scene where yam and yami will get to meet their younger brother shani dev! Wanna see all of their reactions!?


      in promo yama is jealous….???

  6. wow looking lord shani from a different angle

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