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Shani 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Sometimes people fall in more problems while trying to get out of one. Shani teaches that the only solution to solve a problem is to face it. People surely succeed if they try this. ||

Shani and Chhaya extend their arms towards one another when Simhika shouts Makrasur’s name. The earth behind Chhaya breaks. Makrasur appears and kidnaps her shocking both Shani and Hanuman. She disappears in the blink of an eye. Simhika, Rahu and Ketu laugh seeing Shani on the floor.

Mahadev looks upset. Narayan asks him what will happen next. Makarasur took Devi Chhaya where it is almost impossible for anyone else to enter. Brahma Dev also asks him if they still shouldn’t intervene. Mahadev denies. Karamfaldata Shani is someone who can make the impossible possible. Simhika laughs at Shani. You came on your knees yet again! Let’s come to the point now. You fought once with Mahadev for your mother’s life. Now you will have to face Narayan. If you want Chhaya safe then you must bring Narayan’s Sudharshan Chakra to me. Hanuman and Shani look at her in shock. What did you think? You thought I will sit quietly after seeing you break Sanghya’s statue and not do anything when you will come to take Chhaya? I succeeded in my plan. Hanuman angrily holds his mace. My mace has a solution to your every tactic. Shani stands in his way and shakes his head at him. Simhika tells Shani he again proved himself to be smart but he made one mistake. You cheated me. Your punishment is this now. Force Vishnu to unite Rahu and Ketu into one and make him my Swarbhanu again. I also want his Sudarshan Chakra. When you will do so, I wish to use it once as per my desire.

Brahma Dev says Simhika has gotten worse. Narayan points out that her selfish reason behind it is much worse.

Rahu asks Shani if he heard what mother said. Shani says I heard what she just said. I also saw what you could not see. You think your mother is taking revenge for what happened to you? No! Simhika is doing all this so she can have a control over every power! But if you don’t stop getting everyone / everything under your control then one day you will be left with nothing. She thanks him for his suggestion. The more time you will take in completing my task, the more pain will be inflicted on your mother by Makarasur. Do you still want to give any lectures? Bring Sudarshan Chakra or you wont be able to see your mother ever again!

Narayan refuses to part with Sudarshan Chakra. It cannot be given to anyone, not even to Shani. Mahadev says he hasn’t asked for it till now. We must wait to see what solution he will find for this problem. Brahma Dev feels guilty for granting Simhika her wish. Mahadev nods. It is about a boon only. If a boon can make someone so powerful to destroy the world then a boon can also make someone so powerful that he will stop the world from getting destroyed. Brahma Dev asks him what he means. Mahadev advises him to wait. You will find out soon.

Hanuman blames himself. I shouldn’t have freed Ketu right away. Makarasur took Mata Chhaya because of me only. Shani tells him not to blame himself but Hanuman keeps saying the same. It was my plan. It failed so I only am at fault but I promise you I will rectify my mistake. I will find Mata Chhaya from wherever she is. I don’t know where he went to. Shukracharya says I know where he took Devi Chhaya to – talatal. Hanuman asks him where it is. Shukracharya explains that it is under Pataal Loka. Asura’s maya resides there. Everything there is just opposite to this world. Earth is in place of sky and vice versa. Water burns there while fire satiates the thirst. Shani requests him to guide him to talatal. Shukracharya points out that it is a Loka where only few Asuras can enter. No one else can enter there. This is the reason why Makarasur took your mother there. Hanuman says I can go. Brahma Dev blessed me that I will be able to go wherever I would wish to. No one would be able to stop me. Shani asks Acharya if he can also go with Hanuman. Shukracharya declines. You are needed here more. Simhika is gaining control over Asuras and powers day by day. She can attack Dev Loka and Surya Loka anytime. Only you can defeat them as their leader Rahu cannot affect just you! Hanuman says it is decided then. Shani will go to Surya Loka and I will go to Talatal to bring Mata Chhaya. Shani is hesitant but Hanuman assures him he wont make any mistake this time. Gods need you here. Shani nods. Take care of yourself. Hanuman tells him to make sure Simhika is unable to gain control over Dev Loka.

Indra Dev says I am sure Shani has abducted Hanuman. Yami declines. Hanuman is equally strong than Shani. If Shani is doing something then there must be a reason behind it. Mother is safe today because of him only. Devraj asks her why they were tied then. He does not let Mata Anjana speak as Gods are talking to each other right now. I swear I will find out Shani from wherever he is. Shani says swear lose their meaning / importance if you swear every second. I have to tell you something before you will say anything. Take it as my warning but come what may, whatever will happen outside, you (Surya Dev) or anyone else wont step out of this palace. You wont let Devi Sanghya get away from you. Devraj claps. You just created a ruckus here but are ordering us now instead of giving us an explanation. Shani replies that people who make mistakes give explanations. Just understand that it will be good for everyone to abide by my words. Devraj looks at Surya Dev who stands there quietly. Shani walks up to him. Hope you understand that I am not lying. Surya Dev says I am also able to figure out that you are hiding something from all of us. Tell us what is it that you are hiding. Mata Anjana asks about Hanuman. Shani tells her that Hanuman went to do what’s important for him at the moment. You all should do what I am saying. Don’t step out of this palace.

Kakol asks Shani why he dint tell everyone. Shani points out that sometimes it is best to be unaware. If I tell everyone about Simhika then they would get ready to fight her. This is exactly what she wants. She wants all the powers to come near her so she can use everyone’s shadow to control them. I don’t want it which is why I kept quiet. Kakol justifies his logic. What will you do now? Shani says this is something which no one has done before. Come Kakol. We have to bring Sudarshan Chakra from Narayan.

Narayan looks at Mahadev. Brahma Dev again asks if they still shouldn’t intervene. Shani is coming to take Sudarshan Chakra from Narayan. Mahadev says I know. Shani has left for Kailash while Hanuman is headed to Pataal. Two great creations with the same motive! We have to see the path they will choose.

Hanuman reaches Talatal and realises Shukracharya was right. The world is upside down. It was good that Acharya informed me already or I would have been dizzy. This is a strange place but I will find Mata Chhaya. I must think turn my thoughts upside own first.

Shani and Kakol are at the bottom of Kailash. Shani says I am coming again to protect my mother, Mahadev. Shani starts his journey.

Surya Dev remarks that Shani surely crossed his limits this time. Yami says you are mistaking Shani again. If he isn’t telling us something then it is surely for our good. He only told me how to revive mother. Whatever he is doing right now is to protect us only. Mata Anjana seconds Yami. I have faith that he will do everything for good only.

Hanuman and Shani keep walking ahead in their paths.

Simhika shouts out Surya Dev’s name. Second part of game begins now. Neither Shani nor Hanuman is here to stop me.

Hanuman notices Mata Chhaya and calls out to her. She turns to look at him. Makarasur laughs.

Shani keeps climbing the stairs one by one. Narayan looks at Mahadev.


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