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Shani apologizes to everyone present in the Sabha for coming late. Everyone had to wait because of me. Narad Muni expresses his happiness to see him in Sabha in time. You will have to vow thinking of Mahadev that you will represent Asuras’ in this meeting. Indra Dev stands there upset. Shani steps up to take vow when Dev Vishwakarma enters with Devi Sanghya. Indra Dev looks pointedly at her but she avoids his gaze. Chhaya is standing behind a pillar and watching it all. Shani takes vow to represent Asuras in the Sabha. I will do what is right as per my knowledge, my thoughts and my conscious. I will represent Asuras yet I wont discriminate. I will be away from the feelings of Gods and Asuras and give an unbiased decision. Shukracharya expresses his faith on his representative. We wont be given any unfair

treatment. Shani folds his hands as he prays. The energy chains him. Narad Muni tells him that his existence is attached to this motive now. You cannot back out from it till justice is done. He asks Surya Dev to take vow now. Surya Dev nods and takes a stand against Shani. Yam pushes his father’s hand away just in time before he could put it forward. He vows to represent Gods shocking everyone especially his mother. Yam says I am only following my putra-dharma. Surya Dev requests Narad Muni to free Yam from this. Narad Muni tells him it isn’t possible. Yam is chained by the vow now. Surya Dev reasons that he was the chosen one. Narad Muni says nothing can be done now. Yam has taken a vow. It isn’t in my hands to free him now. Surya Dev says he will have to be freed. This was supposed to happen between me and Shani. Narad Muni asks him to understand. Only the one who has created it can get Yam out of this – Narayan! Surya Dev asks him to think of Narayan. Shukracharya calls it impossible. Vow has been taken. Chains have come up. We all are a witness to it. as per rules, Yam chose it willingly. It cannot be changed now. Dev and Asuras get into a fight. Narad Muni tells everyone to calm down. This is a serious problem. Yam might have taken the vow but he was in Surya Dev’s contact at that time. I will have to think of Narayan so he appears here and gets us out of this problem. Dev and Asura go back to their original places.

Narad Muni meditates. Narayan appears there. Everyone greets him with folded hands. Narayan remarks that it must be important as Devrishi meditated on him. Narad Muni says he knows everything. Only you can solve this problem in which both Shani and Yam are stuck now. Who deserves to abide by the vow here? Surya Dev says I was the chosen one by Devraj. Yam is a kid. Please free him from this vow. Narayan reasons that Yam is going to be Dharmaraj in future. It is wrong to think that he did something unintentionally. Yam cannot be freed from the vow. Gods chose you as their representative. I can allow you to give logic on behalf of Dev’s. Remember that Yam is under your shield. Arrow might hurt a person but the shield gets attacked first. Yam only will have to bear the result of this discussion. You can start the discussion now. He disappears.

Narad Muni asks who should be given the first chance to present their opinion. Be it war or logic, first chance is really important and of most benefit. If first logic is proved right and true then the other person will have nothing to say. Who should be given the first chance then? Dev and Asuras vouch for their respective representative. Narad Muni calms everyone. Shani is younger to Surya Dev in age so he should get first chance. He nods at Surya Dev but Shani declines. Surya Dev should get the first chance. Chhaya gets tensed. Shukracharya says giving your chance to opponent isn’t right. Think of Devrishi’s words. Shani reasons that this isn’t war but a discussion of knowledge and logics. We must think of results before beginning in such case. One of the persons will be banished in the end of this discussion. Two lives are at risk from Gods’ behalf. This means Surya Dev has the right to begin. Narad Muni likes it. He tells Surya Dev to step forward and give his views. You got the first chance. Surya Dev takes his place.

There is no need to give any logic here. Dev and Asura’s are the kids of one father only but are different. It is because of their nature. Dev means positive energy, positive radiance and light. Such qualities are important for the upliftment of any clan. They are really important. Asuras, their thoughts, their outlooks and living place (Pataal Loka) is like them only – dark and negative! Would it be right for a new clan to have such qualities? Never! Tridev chose Gods for light. Tridev chose Gods for Panchbhuta’s. Dev create whereas Asuras destroy. There is no place for destruction in creation. Therefore, humans will be under the control of Gods. All Gods are pleased with his logics. They all cheer in his favour. Narad Muni tells Shani it is his chance now. Shani says I agree with Surya Dev (shocking both Dev and Asuras). I agree that humans should have the good qualities of Gods but I don’t agree with the fact that they should only be in control of Gods. I believe that humans should have qualities of both Gods and Asuras. Everyone is taken aback. Narad Muni asks Shani to explain what he means. Dev and Asuras can never stay together even though Tridev tried it many times. How is it possible for both of them to live together inside humans then? Shani gets thinking. Narad Muni asks him why he is quiet then. Explain your words or you will be banished on earth for forever. Shani looks at the chains in his hands. Smoke appears from them. Chhaya mentally coaxes Shani to answer. Chains begin to pull Shani towards the energy. Devi Sanghya, Indra Dev and Yam look pleased. Chhaya and Kakol get worried for Shani. Epi ends on Shani’s face.

Precap: Mahadev says it is time to create earth and humans. Indra Dev says we will rule over earth. Shani reasons that only justice will rule earth. There will be no rights of anyone on anyone. Shani and Yam are engaged in a fight. Story of creation of Yamraj will be shown.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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