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Indra Dev removes his crown and keeps it in Chhaya’s feet. She is taken aback and looks at him in puzzlement. Indra Dev apologizes to her. I lost my patience and got you attacked. Chhaya looks at him in shock. Indra Dev folds his hands. Shani says if culprit comes to apologize feeling repenting then Dharma says, he should be given another chance. Chhaya forgives Indra Dev.

Mahadev says this is complete justice. He blesses Shani.

Indra Dev is leaving when Shani calls out to him. You are forgetting something. Indra Dev turns. Shani shows him his crown. Indra Dev looks at Shani angrily and then wears his crown again. I forgot my crown but I will never forget this insult! You dint do the right thing! He steps back in shock as he gazes in Shani’s eyes. Shani says you did whatever you did.

You made a mistake. You apologized. I don’t do anything. I warn and give one chance. Indra Dev tries to retort but Shani warns Indra Dev to come back on the right path or he will have to do so.

Chhaya thanks Mahadev for giving Shani the strength to get out of such situation. Shani asks her what she is saying to Mahadev. She shares that she is thanking Mahadev. Shani says there was no problem. Truth had to come out. Culprit had to be punished. This is the law of nature. I am just the medium of justice. She says when you understand so much then why don’t you understand that I don’t want you to fall in any situation because of which you have to face challenges. Shani says if it is about my mother then I will face any challenge. Chhaya gives up. I am trying to explain the one who even won over Lord Brihaspati. Wind blows. They pick the flowers. Chhaya withdraws because of her hand. Shani is shocked to see her wound. It dint heal till now? Chhaya thinks of Dev Vishwakarma’s words. She lies that it is happening but he disagrees. She tells him not to worry about her. I will talk to father tomorrow. Shani says I will also come along. I will talk to Nana Shri on this matter. Chhaya worries Shani might find out the truth if he will accompany her to Vishwakarma palace. She tells her to go and sleep as it is too late. Shani begins to go but then stops. Don’t forget to take me with you tomorrow. He goes. Chhaya is very much tensed.

Lord Vishnu says every kid loves his mother. Shani’s relation with his mother is beyond all of it. Brahma Dev says this is my concern. God of justice has to be away from any emotions whereas Shani is only coming close to his mother. Mahadev says SHani took his first step to that today. this will take him away from his mother slowly too. It will also bring him closer to his goal because of the one who wants to keep him away from it – Devraj Indra!

Indra Dev remembers his insult. A kid made me look down! He insulted me in Devsabha! You mocked my position Shani. I will take revenge. I will hurt you at the point where you wont be even able to react. What is that weak point? There has to be something. He recalls Shani’s love for his mother. Dev Sandhya it is! He attacked Yam when he spoke against Shani’s mother. He even fought with the storm so protect his mother! I love my crown the most in the world. You love your mother. Now I will separate you from the one you love most – your mother!

Chhaya sings lullaby for Shani. She holds his hand and notices her blackened hand. A mother, who has a kid like you, gets proud of their relation. But your love has worried me to the extent. What will happen to you when I will go away? Give strength to my son, Mahadev. She resumes singing lullaby for him emotionally.

Surya Dev is angry thinking of what happened in Devsabha today. Shani’s words echo in his head. Heat emits from his hands (because of his boiling anger).

Chhaya looks at Shani before leaving from the room. She looks at the room emotionally. She notices Surya Dev heading towards Shani’s room. Why is he going to Shani’s room at this hour? She begins to follow him. Surya Dev sees Shani sleeping peacefully. Chhaya peeks from the door. Surya Dev creates a ball of energy and aims it at Shani. Chhaya runs to save Shani. She pushes him so as to stop him. Surya Dev looks taken aback. Chhaya asks him what he was going to do to her son. Surya Dev says I realised that Shani lost lot of energy while handling storm. I was giving him energy to he keeps well. Maybe God does not want things to get better between Shani and me. why did you stop me? Did you think I will harm him? She apologizes to him. I thought you were upset with Shani after whatever happened in Sabha today. Surya Dev says I was upset with him for he came in Sabha without my permission. But he did everything for your sake. he also stopped me from choosing the wrong path. Chhaya is surprised. You think Shani did the right thing? Surya Dev says his karma was right but the way he did it wasn’t right. He does not care about who is elder to him and is very rude but he is Surya Putra after all! Chhaya is touched by his words. Surya Dev says he will have to be disciplined. I will have to find a way to tame his behaviour. He leaves.

Chhaya thinks to leave before Shani wakes up. He shouldn’t find out my truth. Dev Vishwakarma wants the same. I should hurry. Daasi greets her. Chhaya asks for her slippers. I have done puja and have to leave now. Shani brings them for her.

Precap: Surya Dev tells Shani that Devraj brought a proposal for him. Indra Dev adds that he will have to go away from his home and mother for 6 months time. Chhaya asks Dev Vishwakarma how much time she has. Dev Vishwakarma tells her that she only has 30 days. Chhaya gets teary eyed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Shani is really awesome.. ???????

  2. Sanjukta Mukherjee

    Today’s episode is superb

  3. Sanjukta Mukherjee

    The episode is mind blowing because today Surya dev say Shanidev his son.

  4. nice episode feeling sad 4 chayya & shani but i loved the lohri part it was just superb & heart touching …………………………………………………………………….. how will shani survive without chayya?

  5. It was such a beautiful episode..I loved Lori’s part..I think something is fishy with Surya Dev..I dont think he have acccepte Shani..He is upto something..
    Well Thanks Pooja Di for ur update..

  6. Did Surya dev truly accepted Shani?? Or Is he just pretending?? Maybe He did accepted thinking that the whole world has accepted n plus by accepting him he can discipline him 😐

  7. Nice episode

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