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Epi begins with Shani saying either you are hiding something from me or you are hiding me from someone! Chhaya gets tensed. Shani asks her who she is hiding him from. Chhaya recalls everything that happened till now since Devi Sandhya left. How do I tell my son I am hiding him from his father only, that he renounced you because of your colour and that I am responsible for it as I am a shadow of Devi Sandhya. She tells her son what he is thinking. Who will I hide you from? He asks her why she does not let him go out of jungle then. She tells him to stop. You have a question for my every answer. I am your mother, not Brahma. Why do you pain me by asking such questions which I don’t have answers of. Shani says I never asked you those questions which you don’t want to answer. I don’t ask

why you keep me alone. I don’t ask why you pray all day behind that curtain only. I don’t ask why you tell me to sleep instead of saying wake up when you wake me up in the morning. I don’t ask you right? I know you will be pained to answer these questions. Chhaya is pained. She wipes her tears. You know the meaning of your name son? He nods. Shani that walks slowly. She replies that this is the answer to his question. Problems end slowly. Surya Dev ends darkness slowly. Time moves slowly too. You too will get answer to your questions slowly. Shanay-Shanay, at the right time. He asks her if his loneliness will also go slowly. She wipes his tears and gives him a stone. Close your eyes and hold this stone whenever you will find yourself alone. You will feel me near you. He wonders how he will be able to see her with closed eyes. She replies that light limits our vision but the darkness inside our closed eyes gives us power of imagination. When one has power then he is never alone. Hold this stone and imagine that it your mother’s finger in your hand; that she is with you. You will never feel alone then. He nods. She caresses his face and gesture him to smile. She kisses his forehead.

The guys are standing before Indra Dev. He cannot believe their story. Where is that kid? One of the guys replies that that kid is in the jungle of Surya Loka. Indra Dev smiles. The one I was looking for in the world is blossoming in Sun’s shade. I will have to go meet Surya Dev tomorrow morning only.

Guru Shukracharya’s messenger was flying outside Indra Dev’s palace in the form of a butterfly. He goes and informs Guru Shukracharya about the same. Asuras are eating like rogues but sit down in their places seeing Guru Shukracharya coming there. Guru Shukracharya decides to ascertain that power tonight itself. He tells one of the Asura to go. Asura asks him if he can finish his dinner first. Guru Shukracharya tells him against it. Asura leaves his food unfinished. Guru Shukracharya tells him that his task is only to find that kid and inform him. Be quick as Indra will also be there as soon as sun rises.

Chhaya sings lullaby for Shani and puts him to sleep. They both fall asleep. Earth shakes because of which the stone given by his mother falls down. Shani’s sleep gets broken. He whispers that there is some movement outside. He notices his mother sleeping peacefully; picks up the stone and goes out. He spots giant footsteps on his way. Asura is tempted seeing a bird. I was really angry when Guru Shukracharya stopped me from eating my food in Pataal. But I know understands that Guru’s every decision is for the best of disciples. I will get to eat delicious, tasty birds in Surya Loka. He holds a bird in his hand. He turns into human form and screams for help. You have hung a kid upside down! What kind of an Asura are you? You stink! Are you guys banned to not brush your teeth or something? Leave me. Asura lets go of him. The kid falls and shouts in pain. Shani follows the sound. He waits as for it he will have to go out of jungle. He mentally apologises to his mother. I can hear someone screaming for justice. I will have to step out of jungle once again. The stone falls down as he crosses the boundary. Chhaya wakes up shouting Shani’s name. She looks around but cannot find him anywhere.

The kid says it was good there was only dirt here. I enjoyed being hung upside down in air. Please excuse me now. Asura blocks his way. You are my food. The kid points out that he eats birds whereas he is a kid. Asura blocks his way once again. The kid is highly scared. Asura leans down to gulp him. Kid shouts for help. Shani comes there. Asura looks at Shani. The kid also looks at Shani in surprise / confusion.

Asura questions Shani as to who he is to block his way. Where have you come from? Shani tells him to go away from the kid. Shani challenges Asura. Come on the right path or I will have to do so to keep you in your limit. He walks up to the Asura. Asura backs down a bit. Today is a great day! I will get Maha-bhoj today. I will get to eat two kids. He notices the other kid trying to walk away. Where are you off to? The kid fumbles. Mother says kids don’t talk when two elders are talking. Asura asks him if his mother dint tell him kids must not step out of their house alone at night. He tries to get hold of that kid but he turns into his bird avatar again and flies away. Asura goes after him telling Shani he will see him later.

Chhaya shouts for Shani. Where are you son?

Shani hears the kid screaming for help. Asura is chasing the bird. Shani sees them from far. He begins to walk toward them.

Chhaya finds the stone in the outskirts of jungle. Hey Mahadev, Shani stepped out of the shade of jungle. Sun is about to rise. Please save him. She shouts Shani.

Asura is heating the kid / bird on fire. He is happy to see Shani. It is good that you are here too. Shani tells him to let go of the kid. Asura says I will do that but I will send him to my stomach. Should I eat you first? Shani hits his leg hard on the floor. Earth breaks a little. Asura asks him if he is challenging him. Shani picks up a ball of ice. Asura mocks him. You think you can kill me with this? Shani hits the ball of ice on beehive. It falls on his hand. Asura asks him if he thinks this way he will hurt him. Shani replies that he only got food for him. Eat it and calm your hunger. This is your last chance! Asura holds the beehive. The kid asks Shani to think about him too. I am tied to this stick. Help me friend. Shani advises him to try himself before seeking help. It might be that you don’t need any help. The kid says what I can do. I can only move. Shani tells him to go ahead.

Asura throws the beehive on the ground. I kill for fun and not for calming my hunger. Shani says those who kill for fun lose out to death real soon. Come on the right path or I will have to do so. Asura says it seems you have lost your mind. He kneels down to attack Shani. Do you have any answer to this? He blows cold wind at Shani but he stands unaffected. Shani asks him if he understood the answer. What you do with a wrong intention, be it some work or attack, can never be successful. Asura holds him in his hand. You are talking more than your height. Should I not decrease your height? He throws / pushes Shani deep in the ground. The kid shouts.

Chhaya continues to look for Shani.

Asura laughs as he tries to pull his hand out but he gets pulled inside instead. Shani comes out from another side of the earth. The kid manages to free himself. He is relieved to see Shani fine.

Precap: Sun rises. Bird flies (maybe covering Shani). Surya Dev gives last warning to Chhaya. Keep him in control or I will let loose my anger. Yam hears them. what are my parents hiding from me? I must find out. Indra Dev too has heard it. They are indeed hiding something but they are forgetting that no one can escape from Indra’s eyes. Guru Shukracharya demands to get that kid anyhow. Chhaya and Shani are together. Yam and Yami come to their house in jungle.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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