Shani 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani, Hanuman reach Simhika’s palace!

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|| Trust is of utmost importance in everyone’s life. Shani teaches that with faith, anyone can face / overcome any situation. ||

Devraj says how Shani dare do that. He not just tried to attack Sanghya, he also broke her statue. If it wasn’t for Yami today then she would have surely died. Dev Vishwakarma is sure Shani never does anything without a reason. There must be a reason behind what he did. Devraj demands to know why he isn’t here then. Kakol points out that Hanuman and Mata Anjana are also missing.

Ketu has abducted Mata Anjana but Shani stops him using his powers. Mata Anjana gets free from Rahu’s grip. Shani rushes to hold her but Hanuman is already there. He places his mother safely on the ground. Shani’s words echo in his head again. He turns to Shani. Shani asks him if he came to catch him and take him to Surya Loka as he attacked Devi Sanghya. Hanuman looks at him.

Dev Vishwakarma says Shani dint kill Sanghya. She is alive. Devraj denies. It is because Yami saved her. Yami disagrees. She comes to real form. Surya Dev asks her about what happened just now. She begins to explain when Devi Sanghya begins to turn in a statue again. Dev Vishwakarma asks Yami to pour water on her once again. Yami uses her powers to make her fine. Dev Vishwakarma says she will complete the water element in Sanghya till the time she recovers. Surya Dev again asks her how she found this solution. Yami says it wasn’t me but Shani who told me this.

Shani says seems like it is time to tell you everything now. Kakol is also present there. Shani makes Ketu visible to everyone’s eyes. This is the problem about which I warned you. Hanuman says I knew it before you told me. Kakol is surprised. You knew? Everyone knows everything but no one trusts me so no one told me anything. Hanuman tells him not to be upset. When Shani warned me to protect mother at any cost, I understood the hidden meaning of his words. Right then, some invisible voice gave us that message which made me certain that I was thinking in the right direction. Hanuman shares that Devi Sanghya is his Guru Mata. I don’t love anyone more than my mother but it was my bigger duty to protect Guru Mata. Kakol says why all this is happening though. Shani points out that he knows one side of the story now. Hanuman is impressed with Shani’s solution. Shani tells him it isn’t over yet. We still have to free Mata. Hanuman shares his idea with which they can trap Simhika.

Simhika says no one can break my trap. Shani and Hanuman cannot ruin my plan! Rahu says this wouldn’t have happened if you had sent me in Ketu’s place. She says you dint do anything where you were sent to. Go and bring Makarasur here. Rahu again replies that he told him he will come whenever he will feel like. He can come from anywhere anytime. She tells him to be quiet. She turns and finds herself facing an Asura. She steps back in awe. Makarasur greets her. Rahu says lets see what he will do now. He is anyways half makar (crocodile), half Asura. How will he fulfil the task? Makarasur inches closer to him and twists his hand. Makarasur says you should think before insulting someone. Rahu breaks the stone thereby freeing his hand. You will realise my importance when I will hypnotise you. Simhika tells them to stop. You aren’t standing against each other but together to face a big problem. Makarasur confirms it that problem’s name is Shani. She nods. We have to attack at time. He says I am a crocodile. Who knows it better than me as to when I should attack to kill?

Shani, Kakol and Hanuman get ready to go inside the whirlpool. Simhika hears a drop sound and understands Shani is here. Shani tells her she has no control over his mother now. Free her. She reasons that he broke the pact between her. Why should I fulfil my promise when you dint kill Sanghya? Shani explains that he promised to break the statue and not kill her. She says Hanuman would have been in my control if you had brought Anjana to me. Promise would have been complete then. You broke the promise and now I will break mine. Shani asks her why she cries so much. You want Hanuman here then why do you need Mata Anjana. Hanuman too jumps in water. Simhika is taken aback to see him. Shani asks her if the pact is complete now or not. She asks him what if she still does not free Chhaya. Hanuman advises her to look behind him then. Ketu steps forward and is all tied up in hanuman’s tail. Hanuman points at his condition. Shall I free him? He twirls Ketu around while freeing him from the tie. Simhika instructs Rahu to free Ketu. Shani reminds Rahu that he cannot affect either him or Hanuman. Why waste time then? simhika gives up on Rahu. She steps forward to tackle them. Hanuman makes Simhika and Rahu chase him.

Simhika sits down tired. Hanuman asks her if she wont try again. He even gets hold of her weapon but then returns it to her. He kneels down next to her. You have the boon to control shadow which means you have to first catch it, right? This isn’t fun anymore. Let’s talk business. Free Mata Chhaya if you want to save half of your son. Rahu tries to object but she tells him to bring Chhaya here. Rahu complies. Shani says I never break my promise. He frees Ketu. Chhaya begins to walk towards him while Ketu heads towards his mother. Ketu crosses the boundary quickly whereas Chhaya and Shani look at each other emotionally as she takes small steps towards him. Simhika is determined to separate them. She calls out to Makarasur.

Precap: Makarasur kidnaps Chhaya. Simhika says you first fought with Mahadev for your mother’s life. Now you have to face Narayan. If you want Chhaya safe then you must bring Narayan’s Sudharshan Chakra to me.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Kamalanayani


    But nowadays… Many people are not commenting in this pages…
    I am missing Chaaya, Chandamaya & a lot more…

    1. Track is going interesting with lot is suspense. Don’t worry dear many people will comment here.

  2. shani Kya hamesha bacha rahenge,bada nahin Hoge Kya? shani ki elder avatar main colors ke bakul actor ya koi naya actor ko chance do

    1. Kamalanayani

      No… I also want Kartikey (young shani) to be for more time….

  3. shani Kya hamesha bacha rahenge,bada nahin Hoge Kya? shani ki elder avatar main colors ke bakul actor ya koi naya actor ko chance do.

  4. It would be good when they show adult Shani dev but I love small one the most. (Kartikey Malavia)

  5. app logon ko kartikeya se pyar Hain to ja Kar use mil lo bt it is very bad that the real truth story of God shani is being diverted from plot. Agar Avi nahin badlaoge to age duniya appko lakho sawal karega? jaise chandrakanta serial real chandrakanta kahani se divert karke trp ki chakar main faltu Chez add Kar rahen Hain aur yeh baat news paper per faila hua Hain. so ,trp chakar chodo aur shani ki elder avatar ko kahani ki anusar samne lao. bcz u have to show the life of God shani not childhood and loves of fans towards cuteness of child shani and trp .ok

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