Shakti 9th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Soumya’s letter surprises Heer

Shakti 9th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parmeet asking Preeto to call Heer, says first shuddhikaran will happen and then other things. Preeto asks her to sanitized herself and pandit ji first. Parmeet says we have sanitized our hands after stepping down the car. Preeto asks her to do the shuddhikaran puja, but don’t tell her about Soumya’s truth, says she will not bear it. Heer comes down and touched Parmeet’s feet. Parmeet asks her to sit and asks Pandit ji to do the ritual. Heer gets happy and thinks first vidhi of my marriage started. A fb is shown when Soumya’s shuddhikaran happened by kinnar community’s Gurumaa.

Naseeba song plays….Heer sits on the sofa while Parmeet brings the aarti plate. Soham asks Rohan about this puja. Rohan thinks he can’t tell him the truth about Soumya and says may be it is their beliefs and customs. Soham says I don’t want to see this. Preeto recalls her behavior with Soumya. Pandit ji does the shuddhikaran and says it is completed. Parmeet says we will make a move, I have to make the arrangements of marriage. Preeto thinks and says we have done a big mistake by separating Heer from Soumya. Raavi says you made her far from Heer and everyone. If she would have been here then this wouldn’t have been happen. Soumya is seen coming in the car to Harak Singh’s house and it stops outside their house. Shakti Song plays….

Heer looks at the dress and talks to Soumya’s pic. She tells that the family members have kept her away from internet. She says she felt that Soumya knows about her from internet, but she was wrong as if she (Soumya) had known then she would have come here hearing her marriage news. Soumya steps down from the car and enters the house. Shanno is sitting in the hall. Soumya hides from her sight.

Shanno feels someone is hiding behind the curtain and comes near there, she takes the plate kept there and feels someone might have left the aarti plate there fearing corona virus. She goes from there. Heer says today I came to know that you don’t love me or care for me, but I love you and care for you, that’s why I will wear these clothes and will look beautiful like you. She says I miss you Gulabo and goes to changing room to change her dress. Soumya comes to Heer’s room and applies kajal mark on Heer’s childhood pic and kisses it too. She keeps the chocolate milk, letter and earrings for her. Heer comes back and sees the photo with kajal mark and lipstick. She then finds the chocolate milk and Soumya’s earrings kept there. She gets surprised. She then reads the letter written by Soumya, that she is leaving the earrings as gift as she used to ask in the childhood. She takes the photo frame, letter and earrings and runs out calling Gulabo. Soumya hides from her and comes out, sits in the car and leaves. Shanno comes and asks what happened? Heer tells that just now Gulabo came to my room.

Harak Singh, Preeto and others get shocked. Rohan looks out and asks if you are dreaming. Heer shows the kajal mark and lipstick mark on the photo frame, and tells that she had kept chocolate milk and earrings in her room. She calls Soumya. Saya comes infront of Soumya’s car and asks the driver to take them to jagrani office. Heer reads the letter left by Soumya, which reads don’t get married, this is not the right time, I will come to you when the right time comes. Heer asks Preeto, how can this happen, says you know how much I love Virat then how can I choose between Gulabo and Virat. Harak Singh asks her not to marry for Gulabo. Soham asks what is the proof that this letter is not written by Maa. Preeto says he is right, nobody saw her. Heer says nobody knew except her that I liked her earrings. Soham says if she had come then why she didn’t meet any of us. Heer says yes, you are right. Preeto says you know well, what we wants and you know what your Gulabo wants. She says I don’t want you to eat poison again. Shanno thinks if she is Soumya then all the plan will fail. Soham says Soumya Maa’s idea is not good. Rohan says I know that she wants just our betterment and nothing else. Heer thinks how can you say this Gulabo.

Precap: Heer hugs Virat. Virat and Heer search Soumya. Preeto informs Virat that Heer is a kinnar. Virat gets angry and throws Sindoor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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