Shakti 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat and Heer mourn for Nutan’s death

Shakti 8th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Heer shouting Nutan and comes running to her. She asks why she is not getting up and asks Nutan to get up. Shakti song plays…..Heer asks what happened with her, asks her to see that her only friend has come. She cries and recalls their friendship since childhood. Virat is also shocked and recalls Nutan making him pani puri with her hand, saving him from the angry neighbors and taking bullet on her chest to save him. He cries. Naseeba song plays…..Saya asks Chameli to take out her dupatta. Chameli opens her dupatta from her head. Saya covers Nutan’s dead body with her dupatta. She tells Preeto that Nutan used to fight with her for Heer and says today she has saved Heer and Virat’s life. Virat comes to Heer. Heer asks him to make Nutan get up and hugs him. Virat and Heer cry hugging each other. Preeto and Saya are shocked. Rohan wakes up and tells Soham that they shall go home, tells that he is not having his phone, don’t know the time. Soham tells that birthday party must have become mourning party.

Chameli comes to Saya and tells that Heer is crying badly. Saya says they were good childhood friends and tells that Heer will cry. She asks Chameli to get Nutan’s body kept in her house, thanks Virat for saving Heer and asks him to go home. Preeto tells Virat that it is good for everyone if he stays away from Heer and says I don’t think that I shall make you understand. Virat nods his head and says Heer has many enemies, take care of her. He says Nutan saved my life and I want to attend her funeral. Saya is shocked and tells Virat that you can’t attend our people’s funeral, as our last rites are done differently. She says if anyone dies in your community, then get their path and puja for the peace of the soul, but we thank our God to get rid of this body, as we hate our body and leaves with hatred. She says we try to do something that the dead kinnar soul gets shaken up, says you can’t see this and asks her to go. Heer comes out. Preeto says lets go home. Saya asks her to go home. Heer says she wants to be with Nutan. Virat asks her to go home with Preeto and Harak Singh and tells that Mallika ji said just now that community can’t attend the funeral of this community. He says Nutan belongs to this community and you belong to that community. Preeto and Harak Singh looks at him. Heer tells that she doesn’t want to go anywhere, she doesn’t know about this and that community and will attend the funeral as their world is same. Saya asks her to try to understand and tells that only kinnars can attend the kinnar’s funeral. Heer turns to her and asks her to think her as kinnar and let her attend the funeral. Virat hears shockingly and turns to Heer. Preeto slaps Heer and asks what did you say? She asks her to come home and takes her with her. Heer asks her to understand that Nutan was her only friend. Virat recalls Nutan’s words to save Heer and Preeto’s words to stay away from Heer.

Preeto and Harak Singh bring Heer back home. Shanno gets upset, starts acting and asks where was you? Soham and Rohan come home. Soham gets shocked seeing Heer back. Harak Singh asks them, where did they go? Soham tells that he had taken Rohan to drink wine with him. Preeto gets angry and hits them, tells that Heer was kidnapped. Rohan says where is my phone? Preeto says you are asking me? Heer hugs Rohan. Rohan asks are you fine? Heer tells that Nutan has given her life to save me. She cries and tells that Nutan died to save me. Preeto says come inside, I want to know how they came inside and kidnapped Heer. Heer cries and tells that she wants to go to Nutan for one last time.

Virat is shattered and recalls Nutan’s death while saving his life. He recalls Heer telling Saya that think of her as a kinnar and let her attend the funeral. He shouts and asks why is this happening with me? I can’t live or die, what to do. He sees the water barrels kept there and dips his face in it. He comes back home and thinks he will get Nutan’s murderers punished. Sant Baksh says you are fond of kinnars and asks if everything is fine. Virat says I don’t want to talk now. Parmeet asks him to talk to his dad. Sant Baksh says I had given birth to a son and asks why he is feeling connected with kinnars. Virat recalls Nutan’s death and tells that humanity, duty and responsibility shall be taken care of by your son, whom you made Inspector, but I am doing his duty so that your department don’t feel ashamed infront of kinnars. He says about fondness for kinnars, your son is standing alive here because of a kinnar, who had taken bullet on her chest to save my life. Parmeet and Sant Baksh are shocked. Shakti song plays….Virat goes to room. Parmeet says I can’t understand what is Heer’s relation with kinnars.

Virat calls Inspector Jasraj and asks him to meet him on highway in 15 mins. He thinks he will find out about Heer’s enemy.

Preeto asks everyone, how the kidnappers kidnapped her. Soham says everyone was enjoying during the party, he took Veer ji as they had planned to drink wine, else they would have taken Heer with them. Rohan says Kareena was Soumya Mami’s enemy and asks why she is after Heer. Heer asks Kareena has killed Nutan and asks Preeto to come with her and file the case against Kareena. She says even Virat could be shot. Preeto tells that Kareena is a Kinnar and tells that Police don’t take the kinnars case in hand. She asks her to go and prepare for exams and asks Rohan to take her. Heer says my friend is dead and you want me to study. She says I want to go to Police station and cries hugging Rohan. Shanno tells Soham that Preeto will not dare to take any action against Kareena, and if they do then Kareena will tell everyone that Heer is a kinnar. Soham says we have to pay the money to keep her mouth shut. He thinks kinnar Heer got saved because of Virat, before he becomes Heer’s shield, I have to kill him. Saam Daam Dand Bhed….plays….

Precap: Saya and Chameli catch Soham giving money to Kareena. Later Virat stops Heer from going to police station..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Alister La Frenais

    It is a true saying that a Apple does not fall too far from the tree. Soham is exactly like his loafer and good for nothing father. Soham is evil to the core and this evilness is being nurtured by that kinnar looking Shanno. Sorry to say this but this woman is one ugly mother.

    1. Amal


    2. Mona146

      yup soham’s father was hell annoying all the time. Shanno actually looks like a kinnar always to me.

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